‘Richie Incognito Story’ a very deep one and there seems to be no turning back

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This has pretty much been the topic of the week in the world of professional sports and it does seem that we are hearing something about Richie Incognito, everywhere we go/turn…..On TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, all over the internet and the way this is going, there is NO way that Richie can remain Incognito any longer…..I found some good info on this one over at the Charlotte Observer.com site and before I read this, I had heard bits and pieces about this story and after reading the Observer post, it king of brings most of the whole story into the light….

This Richie Incognito Story is really very interesting, but you sure don’t want to be one of those that gets in this guy’s way, and be very careful you don’t get on his bad side….

This young man takes anger management issues to a whole new level/extreme…

To get a more detailed feeling for what is going on with Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins read below and then hit the link a little further down for the full post from the Charlotte Observer….Very much worth your time if you read this….

from www.charlotteobserver.com:

MIAMI Richie Incognito was a chubby boy with a cherubic face. He was an easy target for the cruel kids.

One schoolmate, who was small for his age, tormented Incognito relentlessly, calling him fat and stupid. Incognito’s father told his son to retaliate and teach the bully a lesson.

“Richie was a nice, quiet kid and he resisted because he didn’t really have it in him to fight this punk,” recalled Seth Bendian, who coached both 10-year-olds in baseball. “When Richie finally snapped, he beat the kid up pretty good, but he found it very upsetting, and he ran home crying.”

In the ensuing years, Incognito grew into his enormous frame, converted fat to muscle and became a star football player whom no one dared tease. But during the transformation, Incognito went from bullied to bully, and his trip-wire temper led to fistfights, the label of “Dirtiest Player” in the NFL and ugly endings with his college and pro teams.

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*****A very good/interesting read.*****
+++++In a quick summary, this dude seems to be hooked on/addicted to anger/meaness.+++++

  • Andy Durham said,

    Jonathan Martni’s old high school coach talking to ESPN.COM:(http://www.espn.com)

    Martin’s high school coach, Vic Eumont, said Martin’s personality did not fit in with the Dolphins crowd, according to the Palm Beach Post. Eumont was Martin’s coach at Harvard-Westlake School, a private high school in Studio City, Calif. Both of Martin’s parents went to Harvard and Martin passed up on a chance to go to Harvard so he could play football at Stanford.

    “Before he wasn’t around Nebraska, LSU kind of guys,” Eumont, a former Tulane offensive guard, told the Palm Beach Post. “He’s always been around Stanford, Duke, Rice kind of players.”

  • jstreeter said,

    Martin’s state of mind is not at issue. Jim Fassell, as stated on a radio show, said that Incognito should have never been signed by the Dolphins. He is a head case.