Friday Night Scoring Desk – November 8, 2013 – End of Regular Season

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Update # 15 – 10:45 PM

Listen to our Replay of the Dudley vs Southeast Game with Andy Durham and Dennis White at GreensboroSports Radio. The Game is followed by a Replay of Football In Focus from Thursday night (Interviews with Dudley players).

Dudley (10-0) – 42
Southeast Guilford (9-2) – 11

East Forsyth (9-2) – 27
Northwest Guilford (10-1) – 42

Southern Alamance (6-5) – 20
Page (6-5) – 52

Grimsley (5-6) – 28
Smith (3-8) – 15

Ragsdale (4-7) – 28
Glenn (4-7) – 24

High Point Central (8-3) – 35
Southwest Guilford (2-9) – 15

Northern Guilford (9-2) – 49
Morehead (4-7) – 6

4th Qtr
Rockingham County (2-8) – 13
Eastern Guilford (6-4) – 28

Eastern Alamance (8-3) – 35
Northeast Guilford (3-8) – 13

Southwestern Randolph (1-10) – 14
Western Guilford (3-8) – 49

Trinity (4-7) – 14
High Point Andrews (9-1) – 73

Matthews Butler (8-3) – 43
Charlotte Independence (7-4) – 42

North Davidson (9-2) – 14
West Forsyth (10-1) – 17

Asheboro – 27
Central Davidson – 10

Western Alamance – 31
McMichael – 0

Cummings – 7
Jordan-Matthews – 29

3rd Qtr.
Reidsville – 35
Carrboro – 0

Eastern Randolph – 35
Wheatmore – 20

Randleman – 37
Providence Grove – 14

Bishop McGuinness – 42
North Stokes – 0

Thomasville – 21
Lexington – 7

Ledford – 29
North Forsyth – 28

Off This Week
Southern Guilford, Williams, High Point Christian

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  • John said,

    First Q

    Page 7
    So. Alamance 0

    8;14 left

  • John said,

    1 q 5:43 left

    Page 14
    So. Alamance 0

  • John said,

    1 Q
    3:08 left

    Page 14
    So. Alamance 6

  • John said,

    2nd Q 7;00
    Page 21
    So Alamance 6

  • John said,


    Page 28
    So Alamance 6

  • EAfan said,

    EA 16
    NE 7

  • KG said,

    Went to the NE game, they record should be better than what it is. Alot of talent on their team. Defense is good but seem like the offense run the same play all game smh

  • John said,

    3Q 10;56 left
    Page 35
    So. Alamance 6

  • John said,

    3q 9;06 left
    Page 42
    So. Alamance 6

  • Triads Best said,

    Dudley and Northern show why the are the areas best. 2 letters. DF….. Both will take them a long way… SE you got to admit. You ain’t seen nothing like this DF tonight……

  • John said,


    Page 52
    Southern Alamance 20

    Page finishes 3-2 in conference. A season of ups and downs. Playoffs next. Congrats Page Pirates and the coaching staff.

  • NWGHS parent fan said,

    Not sure what all the fuss was about regarding EF. NW kicked the crap out of them. A great win for NW.

  • Tim said,

    What happens with Ragsdales win tonight

  • not sure said,

    John not sure the Pirates are definitely in. They drew 4th in the event of a 3 way tie (which we had) I think they will need a wild card bid.

  • Grimsley Dad said,

    Congrats to Dudley and coach Steve Davis on the Metro crown. It’s always fun to play Dudley (even when the beat your ass) because they are hard nosed and disciplined.

  • se parent said,

    seg needs a new offense or they will continue to get the same result every year

  • Gfan said,

    Great season for my Whirlies!

    I know we poke at each other throughout the year but I hope all the area teams do very well in the playoffs.

    Hats off to Dudley as the dominant program in the Metro this year. They no doubt should make a run for the State. They have a quality, well coached program with great athletes.

    Page and SEG…also have programs. 🙂 Good luck to all representing the Metro this year.

  • We drew 3rd said,

    @ not sure…..the Pirates drew 3rd! All they had to do was beat southern alamance last night and they were In!

  • MIM said,

    Attended the Smith – Grimsley game. We got our money’s worth. Grimsley got in a whole early when they couldn’t contain Smith’s freshman QB on the edges. Smith has the foundation of a solid read-option system with him.

    Grimsley didn’t flinch and made adjustments in the 2nd half and ground-and-pounded Smith with ball control. It could have been a real blow out. But Grimsley had some mental errors that will need to get cleaned up if they want to make some noise in the playoffs.

    Random thoughts: Grimsley has a decent passing game. Wondered why they did mix that in some more. They road #10 (QB) rushing to victory but it looks like he got nicked up in the process. Not questioning the coaching, just observing.

    The people that keep the stats and run the clock in the announcers both are usually volunteers. But Smith needs to get someone a little more in tune to the game to run the clock. It had the appearance of not stopping when it should have when Smith was up early in the game. This improved as the game went on. Always grateful for volunteers.

    Finally: Grimsley fan, gentleman in his 30s, purple hat, sitting right under scoreboard: Dude… you REALLY need to stop screaming the entire game and get some anger management. You’re not supposed to insult your own team. They are kids. You self-professed “I can scream like this now because my kid isn’t on the team yet”. Well there will be a time when your kid will be on the team and if you want other fans to support him, pay your dues now! Plus not healthy… you got quiet and looked to have a monster headache at the end of the game. Channel that passion into positive.

  • MIM said,

    oops “hole” not “whole”. Stupid auto-correct.

  • John said,

    Grimsley finished up well this year. Maybe they can avoid getting blown out in the first half in the Page game and actually make it interesting next year.

  • Grey said,

    Since no one has said much about it, just wanted to say how well NW played last night. Their offense is built around a great offensive line, and they really got off the ball well last night. Harding ran really well, as did Dix, who runs hard every time he touches the ball. The defense bent (mainly because of the great offensive weapons EF has), but didnt break. In my mind the player of the game was DB #12 for NW. He played lock down D, and allowed the rest of the defense to focus on EF’s other weapons. Not sure how far they will go, but they have had a great season so far. Hats off to the seniors especially…a great group of kids that have grown up together on and off the field.

  • Paws4thecause said,

    Great season Metro……..good luck to all in the playoffs….

    Just a curious random thought: Why wasn’t the SE/Dudley game played at Dudley this year instead of at SE? I mean not that it made any difference in the final result from last year but 2 straight years of getting the home field advantage…..just curious…..

  • Tiger said,

    Ragsdale finished up well last night! Offense looked great at times when they ran 3 and 4 receiver sets. Think they’ll be one of top teams in area next year as everyone is back on offense and 7 back on defense. Way to finish strong Tigers!!

  • STOP IT said,

    Please stop with I hope all the teams do well in the playoffs. That is the most untrue statement in competitive sports that has been thrown around here. The real deal is that everyone wants their personal school of choice to do well. That’s not what folks want to here but it’s the truth, if folks are being honest with themselves.

  • Realignment said,

    Paws With WG leaving the Metro last year the schedule had to be reworked. The Home/Away will fall into place next year.

  • Gfan said,

    We played SEG at home two years in a row. Thanks WG all those students moving from WG to Grimsley helped us beat SEG for the last two years.