High School Football Numbers from the Friday night games

Posted by Andy Durham on November 10, 2013 at 3:24 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

291:Malik Stimpson(Grimsley) with 291 yards rushing and 2 TD’s on the ground and 1 one through the air/passing…
222:Anthony Harding(Northwest Guilford) with 222 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
196:Myles White(Smith) with 125 yards passing and 71 yards rushing(196 total), plus one rushing TD…
191:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 100 yards passing and 91 yards rushing for 191 total and 3 TD’s running the ball…
167:Dominic Britt(Page) with 117 yards passing and 50 yards rushing for 167 total yards, along with 1 TD passing and 2 TD’s running…
151:Rontei Wilkes(High Point Andrews) with 151 yards rushing and 2 TD’s..
142:Christian Dix(Northwest Guilford) with 142 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
140:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 81 rushing yards and 59 receiving yards for the 140 total and 1 rushing TD….
132:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 132 yards rushing and 5 TD’s…
110:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford with 110 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
100:Jalen Gavin(Page0 with 100 yards rushing and 2 TD’s…
Darius Graves(Dudley) with 4 TD’s and one two-point conversion run…Two TD’s running and two TD’s receiving, plus a 46-yard punt return that set up a Panther TD and several steady kickoff returns…Big night for the Dudley junior.
Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) with two TD’s passing and one TD running…..
Rashad Bovian(Western Guilford) with two TD’s rushing..
Kevin Gehsman(Western Guilford) with two TD’s rushing..
Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford) with two TD’s..

  • Dudley Panther said,

    Darius Graves is a junior, not a senior

  • Andy Durham said,

    That makes it even more impressive…


  • Ad4deacs said,

    Malik Stimpson is a sophomore.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sounds good. I think we have hime listed unaffiliated…

  • redskin10 said,

    About Malik Stimpson . . . . .what does “unafiliated mean or come into play? The kid is quite talented and you all need to remember his “NAME”,he’s gonna be pretty doggone good !

  • twa said,

    Marquell Cartwright goes to Andrews, not Central.

  • NW Football said,

    Shout out to the NW Guilford O-line. NW ran the ball for 424 yards and 5 Rushing TD’s against the AP #6 team in the State!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, we work fast and then look back.

  • fhvgh said,

    He said marquell cartwright (high point andrews ) not high point central. Read next time before you comment

  • Andy Durham said,

    So we are all on the same page. Did say HP Central earlier for Cartwright, had to an edit to HP Andrews….They do go through here quickly and sometimes you can’t see them all, they go so fast….

    On to the next phase/page…