One of the best game ending/game winning plays in College Football history:Now who gets Coach of the Year, Cutcliffe or Malzahn??

Posted by Andy Durham on November 30, 2013 at 8:55 pm under College | 4 Comments to Read

It was has to be one of the best game-ending/game-winning plays in college football history….And we are talking about the last play of the game in the Auburn-Alabama game, which Auburn wins, 34-28 over the Crimson Tide….

One heck of an unreal play and finish….

After a completed pass play where the Alabama receiver ends up going out of bounds with just a second left in the game, and Alabama made sure that they made that last second stand up, the Tide elect to go for a 57-yard field goal on their last play of the game…They bring in the red-shirt freshman kicker and he tries the long field goal and it goes wide right and Auburn has set a return man back there and then the return man, Chris Davis, hauls in the kick and takes it back all the way, 109 yards to be exact, up the left sideline and he hits the end zone and Auburn knocks off #1 Alabama and now Auburn is headed to the SEC Championship Game….

This has to be one of the biggest plays in College Football history, or least in recent College Football history…There was no way Auburn was going to win that game in regulation, with it all tied up at 28-28 and you had to think that Alabama would go for a long ‘Hail Mary’ pass to the end zone on the last play of the game, but Nick Saban decides to send in his young freshman kicker and the rest is College Football history….

Auburn burns Alabama 34-28 and now who wins the award for College Football Coach of the Year???

Will it be Auburn’s Gus Malzahn or will it be Duke’s David Cutcliffe?

Let the conversations begin…..

Cutcliffe or Malzahn??

This is going to be a real tough choice/decision……

  • Cutcliffe has my vote (if I had one) said,

    It should be Cutcliffe when you consider the history, where you started & the place that you are recruiting to. It should also help that the ACC showed that they belong in the conversation with the “big boy” across the league. I think the popular vote will go with Malzahn because nothing beats showing up in front everybody in the night cap headline game against the top dog with a play that will live in our minds for decades.

  • Andy Durham said,

    A couple of talking points from the site:

    Talking Points: Crown Cutcliffe as Coach of the Year Not being a Duke fan, but I have the utmost respect for Coach Cutcliffe. In my opinion he should be National Coach of the year. Harder to bring Duke up to a respectable fb program than Malzahn.
    – Posted by early exit Roy

    Malzahn’s Tigers put him in contention with two miracle game ending plays. Without them, at 9-3 he’s not in the conversation. Now, IMO, it’s a two man race between Cut and whichever coach (Malzahn or Mizzou’s Pinkel) wins the SEC title.
    – Posted by Ken D.

  • cutcliffe said,

    There was already loads of talent at Auburn when Malzahn got there. Cutcliffe started from the bottom and now he’s here

  • Bob said,

    It has to be Cutcliffe.