High School Basketball Tonight with a full slate in and around Guilford County on 12/3/13:NWG-NG, EG-NEG, HPA-SEG, SA-SWG and Dudley girls at Bishop among the BIG ones plus there is more too!

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*****Courtesy of Coach Frank McNeil and his Dudley Panthers’ girls basketball schedule at MaxPreps.com…Dudley girls(1-0) at Bishop McGuinness(2-0)…This is always a great game….Dudley still has Currie(Kennedy), Rouse(Makala) and Abraham(Essence) and Bishop has the Nieters sisters(Cameron/Danielle), Olivia DeFrancesco, Julia Brown and more…Dudley has more too…When you get ready for one like this one, you just stop and say, “Just Bring It”…..*****
*****You give me Currie, Rouse, Kea, Burnette, Shutt, Watkins, Campbell, Grinage, Thorpe and one of the New Hope Christian Academy girls and I think we could beat most of the State-wide girls All-Star Teams….Most of my team is made up of seniors, I do think……Not totally sure about Thorpe and does anybody else want in….I could do the same thing with the boys and go all guards and run most teams off of the floor….Graves, Eaves, Gavin from Page, Nick Powell from NWG, I’ll take Pinson and Richmond from WES and Joey McLean from HPCA, plus James Stepp from Ragsdale and anybody named Langley from SWG and let me have Quayson Williams from Eastern and we will run and gun and it will be fun, cause we would get the job done, son….Give me Khalil Vance from Dudley and he will be in charge of getting nothing but loose balls and rebounds and most of you will be ready to donate gas money for our trip….And while we are at it, give me Kanayo Obi-Rapu from New Garden Friends School and he will be my designated shooter(three-pointers) when Ant Eaves gets tired…I got nothing but guards on both the boys and girls teams, with the exception of Vance and he is my garbage man and who else needs to be in line to join our friendly group??? Makes for some good discussion and let the “Dream Teams” begin in their efforts to prove they belong, for the ‘long haul’…..

You can call me crazy, but that won’t be the first time that this has happened….How ’bout my slots and the players that I have on there filling it up????? Come on, I put together a couple of pretty good teams, don’t you think?*****

We got off the main subject, but we still have all of the main games listed below and this will be a lot more than the ACC-Big Ten Challenge any day of the week….Duke already has two losses and North Carolina has been defeated 2 or 3 times and they may be calling me soon, asking that I send up some of my players in exchange for their players….

Most of these games will get started with the girls at 6 and the boys at 7:30pm…

Northern GUilford at Northwest Guilford…NWG boys (2-0) going in and NG at (2-2)…Girls game always a great battle and NG has Aliyah Grinage leading the way…

Ragsdale at Western Guilford….Ragsdale took two from Grimsley Monday and the Tigers will be looking to take two from WG tonight…Hornets need a couple of wins, here in the early season, but James Stepp has been stepping out for the Ragsdale boys and they are becoming very competitive behind him…

Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford …Saw EG at Page last week, and Quayson Williams for Wildcats can fill it up…Kolby Marttin from NEG can light it uo from outside the arc…

Page at Winston-Salem Prep….WS Prep defeated Dudley at UNCG back on Saturday, 67-39…Dudley and Grimsley are both off this evening…Page scoring leaders so far have been Eaves and Graves for the boys and Kea at around 24 ppg for the Pirate girls…

Southern Alamance at Southwest Guilford….We all know SA has an outstanding girls team lead by Shaylan Burnett, April Kelly and others…

High Point Andrews at Southeast Guilford….Super matchup for the girls….Should a very good battle with two solid squads…Andrews brings in Imani Watkins, October Campbell and crew and SEG has Shutt and the Bees…

Southern Guilford at High Point Central
WS Reagan at Smith
Greensboro Day at Providence Grove
High Point Christian Academy at Ravenscroft

Village Christian at Wesleyan Christian Academy 7:45pm…Langston Wertz Jr. of the Charlotte Observer has tabbed WES’s Theo Pinson, as the top boys HS basketball in the state….Says he is way improved over last year/season….Village Christian lost to HPCA, but they defeated Greensboro Day….

Vandalia Christian at Union Grove

New Hope Christian Academy girls in action at 6pm, first home game of the season and MaxPrep has opponoent listed at TBA…6pm start on Watson Street, at the Baptist Boys and Girls home in Thomasville….New Hope ranked #16 in the nation by MaxPreps..

Going back to Monday night:
Davidson Day boys 66
Caldwell Academy 44

This is all we have for now, but this looks like a pretty good start to me…..Go ahead and start sending in those Christmas gifts/presents……

  • BigBuck said,

    Hope to see some Page fans at WSP tonight. I know the crowd probably won’t travel too well this week, but it should be a fun two games to watch.

  • EG Fan said,

    Its NEG at EG tonight with a triple header, no jv girls

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got the EG flip and I was doing a lot of MaxpPreps reading this morning and you have to read them close, it is there, but you have to read it close….

    EG girls would be favored heavily and if the EG boys play like they did at Page last Tuesday night, they will win too…

    Not knocking other teams, but you get a few inclinations about the teams, after a few games….Withers could be real big for NEG if he is on his game early, but EG can run and Williams can wheel and deal….Andrew Robinson played a smooth and smart game for EG over at Page also….

    ‘Wildcat Crazies’ were over at Page and there should be more of them at EG tonight….That pre-Thanksgiving Tuesday brought out a lot of fans to the Mac Morris Gym last Tuesday night….

  • NE Fan said,

    NE girls loose to EG by 13 while the boys game was a good one with NE on top. Should be another good matchup for both teams when they meet again at NE.