St. Pius says try us, but it is going to be tough to get by us:These girls have a pretty darn good team!

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Unique is a term that gets thrown/tossed around a lot these days, but when you take a look and study the St. Pius girls basketball team, unique is a word that fits like a Converse basketball shoe on Chuck Taylor….

This St. Pius squad is unique and if the ball could speak, she/he would tell you that these young ladies have put their time in, going all the way back to when the school bell was barely ringing and that takes you back to kindergarten….

Kristin Shelton has some of these kids playing like Raymond Felton and the opponents have been meltin’, when it comes time to try to get in front, and stop St. Pius…

Elizabeth Heard was nice enough to send us a nice prospectus on this year’s St. Pius team/squad:

The St. Pius Varsity Girls, coached by Kristin Shelton, are 10-0 so far this season, after finishing 33-0 last season. In most games the girls have scored over 50 points and held their opponents to less than 20, with several teams scoring less than 10. Besides most of the Catholic Schools (they haven’t played St. Leo’s yet), the girls have beaten Northern Guilford and Rockingham County, both outstanding teams.

This team started when the 8th graders were in kindergarten and promised Coach Shelton they would play for her. So there are 11 that begged their parents to let them play year-round. That’s a lot—St. Pius only has about 50 girls in the 7th and 8th grades combined. Most middle school girls coaches would do a happy dance in the street if they had 11 girls who could dribble, pass, and knew the rules. Coach Shelton is very disciplined and gets the girls to do what she wants them to – no small feat for a middle school coach. The bench is deep and talented and the starters know they can be replaced and the bench knows a starting spot is within reach.

Stay tuned – St. Pius hosts Greensboro Day School on Thursday at 4:30 and three 8th grade girls who play on the varsity high school team are playing down for the St. Pius game.

  • NGHS said,

    St.pius has not played Northern Guilford varsity.

  • Ballin said,

    obviously they’re a middle school team, not a highschool team

  • chillll said,

    ohhh killem

  • Buckets said,

    Kernodle Middle School would love to try St. Pius……don’t sing just bring it……Kernodle matches up with St. Pious at every position.

  • Ballin said,

    In reply to “Buckets” they had one set up in the beginning of the year with Kernodle that the Pius coached begged for but the Kernodle coach randomly canceled it.

  • Ballon said,

    Correction the coach didn’t cancel it just never worked out.