High School Wrestling Results – 19th Annual Leigh Hebbard/Wildcat Invitational

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19th Annual Leigh Hebbard/Wildcat Invitational
December 7, 2013
at Eastern Guilford High School

Results for Championship Finals (1st/2nd)
106 Lbs: CJ Tolbert, Southeast Guilford FALL Tristen Zobro, Eastern Guilford fall 1:27
113 Lbs: Adam Moye, Southwest Guilford FALL Dalton Loftis, Northeast Guilford fall 2:34
120 Lbs: Daniel Hinshaw, Southeast Guilford FALL Noah Sabo, Southwest Guilford fall 3:32
126 Lbs: William Crumby, Southeast Guilford MAJOR Dakota Shiflett, Southwest Guilford 13-0
132 Lbs: David Crumby, Southeast Guilford DEC Jacob Glasgow, Ragsdale 8-4
138 Lbs: Pierson Fields, Southeast Guilford FALL Nick Hill, Western Alamance fall 1:57
145 Lbs: Caleb Stanley, Eastern Guilford DEC Robby Glaccum, Southeast Guilford 10-6
152 Lbs: Peter Becher, Southwest Guilford DEC Bryant Halsch, Southeast Guilford 2-1
160 Lbs: Tykil Florence, Southeast Guilford FALL Jacob Blanchard, Western Alamance fall :48
170 Lbs: Trevor Nuttle, Southwest Guilford DEC Devon Jacques, Ragsdale 4-3
182 Lbs: Michael Jones, Southern Guilford DEC Bryce Walker, Ragsdale 5-3
195 Lbs: Tim Johnson, Eastern Guilford TF Trevor Rivera, Southeast Guilford 20-5
220 Lbs: CJ McThay, Southeast Guilford FALL John Holder, Western Alamance fall 1:39
285 Lbs: Michael Branch, Southeast Guilford FALL Kelvin Johnson, Ragsdale fall 1:01

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Peter Becher, Southwest Guilford

Results for Consolation Finals (3rd/4th)
106 Lbs: Dylan Cook, Ragsdale FALL Blaine Brown, Western Alamance fall 2:45
113 Lbs: Froylan Sosa, Cummings FALL Ben Ham, Ragsdale fall 4:13
120 Lbs: Wade Lynch, Northeast Guilford DEC Kevin Diaz, Graham 7-6
126 Lbs: Clay Wright, Northeast Guilford DEC Hunter Whipple, Ragsdale 7-4
132 Lbs: Ryan Williams, Eastern Guilford FALL Bernardo Casas, Cummings fall 4:39
138 Lbs: Darius Malone, Southwest Guilford FALL Tristan Hollaman, Eastern Guilford fall 4:50
145 Lbs: Jack Snow, Graham DEC Korey Crisp, Cummings 11-7
152 Lbs: Korion Westbrooks, Western Alamance DEC Zack Kendrick, Ragsdale 3-1
160 Lbs: Danny Ochoa, Eastern Guilford FALL Carlos Rodriguez, Cummings fall 3:11
170 Lbs: Ryan Adam, Cummings DEC Aaron Mathews, Northeast Guilford 10-4
182 Lbs: Willie Bivens, Eastern Guilford MAJOR Kenneth Kirk, Southwest Guilford 11-3
195 Lbs: Tyjai Young, Southern Guilford FALL Jeff Wood, Graham fall :54
220 Lbs: Corbin Revels, Eastern Guilford FALL Camron warren, Graham fall 1:35
285 Lbs: Ricardo Guerrero, Cummings FALL Terrance Reed, Graham fall 3:54

Team Scores

   1.  Southeast Guilford     221.0
   2.  Southwest Guilford     116.0
   3.  Eastern Guilford       113.5
   4.  Ragsdale                95.5 
   5.  Cummings                64
   6.  Western Alamance        63
   7.  Northeast Guilford      44
   8.  Southern Guilford       31.5
   9.  Graham                  27.0

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