Great day for Outdoor Basketball on a Sunday afternoon:Flat ball and Frozen nets!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 8, 2013 at 6:45 pm under Amateur | Read the First Comment

Had not seen the nets frozen up in a few years, but as it turned out, my basketball had been sitting in the back seat of my car for a couple of days and it was almost flat, but as the say in the world of lifetime sports and outdoor basketball is for sure one of the major lifetime sports, “Baby, the show must go on”……

“The Show Must Go On”, and it did today on the outdoor court at Jefferson School….You almost feel like a kid in candy shop, when you start popping hoops on a goal with a frozen net, but as long as there is a small hole in the side of that nylon net, the ball is coming back your way, when you send it as a bullseye through that net….

It also helps out when you have three goals to choose from, ’cause when you have two with frozen solid nets, at least the third is going to treat you right and send the ball back to you, after you drop it straight through the nylon covering…..

Great day to be outside and it makes you appreciate and the respect the game, because it can be played under any conditions and a day like today takes you back to when you were a kid and shooting on a goal with a frozen net, in your parent’s backyard…..

Numb hands and all, this iw what it is all abuot….

They say let the game come to you, but sometimes you have to go get it and today was one of those days….

Got to get in your Sunday afternoon Outdoor Basketball fix and you can’t fix it or work on your game, unless you get out there and get Outdoors and that was what this day was all about….

Super day and you gotta play, so let it roll and RIP when your time comes…..

*****Lots of snow in the NFL today and that made for some crazy games and lots of folks were just getting back from Charlotte and the ACC Football Championship Game, as the sun was trying to come up this morning…

Carolina Panthers playing indoors tonight and that ought to be a ‘good thing’ for them, but I will stick to the out-of doors, where the deer and the antelope play…..*****

  • chuckyd said,

    that was the same ball you had last year-it was a good day to be in by the firplace-go by sheetz and get some air that ball