Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Page-SWG split, Pirate girls fall for first time and NEG splits with HPC/Ragsdale boys and girls top WG/SEG stops SG girls/EG boys winners

Posted by Andy Durham on December 11, 2013 at 9:17 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Boys:Eastern Guilford 68, Graham 57

Girls:Southeast Guilford 58, Southern Guilford 36….SEG:Kara Shutt – 20, Jasmin Martin – 14, Kayla Phifer – 13

Ragsdale boys 56, Western Guilford 47..See game reports…Girls:Ragsdale 69, Western Guilford 46….

High Point Central boys 46, Northeast Guilford 43…Kolby Martin with 11 and Todd Withers with 10 for NEG…Michal Seals with 14 and Ahmad Langhad 10 paced HP Central….NEG girls 47, HP Central 15….Valerie Henderson had 9 points, while Jasmine Jackson and Cameron Martin had 8 each for NEG Lady Rams…

The Page girls lost for the first time this season…
Southwest Guilford girls 46
Page 37
Emily Casper from Page suffered a head injury in the 3rd Quarter and she had to miss the rest of the game…Hope she is doing better soon…She means a lot to the Pirates….I thought Monk made a big difference tonight for SWG…#2 Monk was very strong in the backcourt for the Cowgirls…Lots of help too from Burgins and Porter….More totals coming on the game reports…

Page remains unbeaten…
Page 87
SWG 67…
The Page girls lost for the first time this season…
Southwest Guilford girls 46
Page 37

Boys Varsity
North Forsyth – 70
Ledford – 81

Boys JV
Glenn – 74
RJReynolds – 68

More on the Boys:
Page remains unbeaten…
Page 87
SWG 67…
Unofficial Page numbers and we will have more from the book in ‘The Game Report’, from Coach Vlaz….Page:Harris 25…Harris was right there at Triple-Double #’s with points, rebounds and blocks for the Pirates…18 points for Ty Graves…16 points for Diandre Overton…14 points for Cedric Banks….9 points for Anthony Eaves….6 points for Seegars…

Cowboys unofficial numbers:Ben Ferguson with 14 points, DJ Chamblee with 11, Mitchell 7, Patel 6, KJ Langley 6, Brister 5, Bullock 4, Cameron Langley 4, Smith 3, Zente 2 and Morgan 2…

More details to follow real soon on the Game Reports…

  • Mike E. said,

    Ragsdale 56
    Western Guilford 47

    Ragsdale was at home and avenged their lone defeat by knocking off Western Guilford. Ragsdale was up 36 – 19 at the half and expanded the lead to 52 – 36 after three. They then went into a delay and substituted as they only scored 4 points in the 4th while Western got hot and scored 21 in the final eight minutes.

    Ragsdale was led by James Stepp with 22 points, 18 of them coming in the first half. Daniel Kanakanui had 17 poinrs and 10 rebounds.
    Western was led byCarmoni Marks wit 13 points and Tarvon Machen with 12.

    Ragsdale 69
    Western Guilford 46

    Ragsdale was up by 8 at the half then blew the game open in the third outscorong the Hornets 21 – 5. The Tigers had 5 players in double figures. Destiny McCullough 15, Zaria Rawlinson 12, mikayla Pettyjohn 11, Godwin Dooley 10 and Jordan Quick 10.
    Western was led by Ivana Davis with 13.

  • Xpress Parent said,

    Congrats SWG girls!!!! Burgins, Porter, Monk, Hackney and Morehead all play for Lady Phnx Xpress. They are coached by Kenny Carter. This is how you do it ladies!!! If y’all want some, come join Phnx xpress in the spring.

    BTW Andy, #2 LaShonda Monk is only a freshman 🙂

  • fan said,

    Didn’t the Xpress team get killed by Delaney’s elite team???

  • Andy Durham said,

    I remember LaShonda Monk from the Middle School All-Star Game last year and I believe she is LaShaurn Monk’s sister and that is a very athletic family…

  • All in the family said,

    It’s all the same family of teams working to get into college via basketball so it’s all good. Delaney had 2 “elite” teams 10th and 11th grade but what does that have to do with a high school team.

  • Officials said,

    The refs was horrible at the Page/SW game. They called everything for Page girls. I felt sorry for #2 from SW everytime she would breathe on someone she got called for a foul.

  • Wait said,

    Wait a minute.. Are you saying the ref’s were against SW, for Page but SW still beat Page by 10 pts? So, are you saying that SW could have beat Page by 15 or 20 pts. It looks like SW did the smart thing by letting Kea get her and prevent any other players from hurting them.

  • Officials said,


    The two black ref’s was for Page and the White ref was trying to keep it fair. It was very obvious. The short bald headed ref tried to give page the ball on every situation. Once the ref’s finally got Page in the 1 and 1. They just called foul after foul to keep page in the game.
    The foul count was 9-2. So the ref’s saved page. It was about to be a blowout.