Jerry Eaves’ Middle School Game of the Week

Posted by Guest Columnist on December 12, 2013 at 10:19 am under Amateur | 15 Comments to Read

Courtesy of Coach Jerry Eaves, former head men’s basketball coach at North Carolina A&T State University….

Kernodle Middle School’s Coach Friedman has his team off to an excellent start, with a 3-0 record! With the leadership of Tre’ Turner and the full court press, Kernodle jumped out to a 16 point lead late in the 1st Qtr. Allen Middle School battled back in the 2nd Qtr with back-to-back 3-pointers from Allen and Bigelow, and their 1-3-1 defense slowed down Kernodle’s high power offense! The half-time score was 27-15 Kernodle.

Allen Middle School’s Coach Clark encouraged his team to start the 2nd half quickly. Aaron Clark came in off the bench with 7 points in the 3rd Qtr cutting Kernodle’s lead to 33-25. Coach Friedman of Kernodle called time out to stop Allen’s momentum! Coach Friedman was not upset with Allen’s run because he said “the game is nothing but runs, but the game is won in the last 4 minutes of the 4th Qtr”.

With Turner and Jeremiah Wilson scoring 20 and 17 points respectively, Kernodle Middle School was in good hands! Coach Clark believes that Turner is a special player and will start on his high school team in the 9th grade! Allen Bigelow had 20 and Trotman 17 points respectfully! In the end Allen lost 57-48!!!

Coach Jerry Eaves

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Kernodle feeds. Northwest & Western. Mark my word! Tre Turner will end up at Dudley.

  • InTheKnow said,

    FYI…Kernodle feeds into Northwest, Northern, and Western. His mother lives 5 minutes from Northwest and his father lives in Dudley’s school district. So to clarify he has the option. However,Tre Turner will be attending Northwest Guilford High School.He is academically gifted as well and his parents have already decided that his district school is his best option academically. Everything does not revolve around basketball contrary to popular belief. Mark my word!

  • MIM said,

    Kernodle also feeds Grimsley.

  • How do you know said,

    Not sure how any of you know unless you are his mom or dad.

  • InTheKnow said,

    Or his uncle…that would be me!

  • Eye on the prize said,

    This Tre kid may be better served going to play for Keith at WES. The private schools would provide a better fit for his game and level of competition. Many of the kids similar to Tre are already at schools like WES, GDS and HPC. Other than Page, Dudley and SW, the competition is not heavy in local public high schools for Guilford Co.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    So his half brother P.J. went to Dudley, and we know how that turned out. Maybe NW would be a better choice.

  • I coach tre said,

    I coach him. He’s going to northwest. It’s not a question. He’s a great football player to so any private school is out the question. He will be a Viking under coach Revis next year.

  • ron said,

    77 Hornet why would NW be a better choice than say a Dudley or Page? Im curious to know. Last I checked Dudley has put out quite a few D-1 athletes that were eligible to play right away. So whatever PJ did at Dudley sounds more like a PJ problem than a Dudley problem. All we do is win baby.

  • No offense said,

    No offense but NW and NG education far supercedes Dudley’s.

  • What is best for the kid said,

    PJ left Dudley for Hargrave to get his books together which tells me that Dudley (like a lot school) lets too many players play even when their grades are in the toilet. I doubt this happens as often at NW and I am sure it rarely (if ever) happens at a WES, GDS or HPC. with PJ, it did hurt that he was in a 6’4″ or 5″ body and could shoot once he passed half court and built like a man early. Tre is a good shooter and decent ball handler but he is not extremely quick. He may need to grow another 3 or 4″ to play at PJ’s level. NW is not know to have or keep great basketball players in its district. Most move on to private schools. If Tre went to a WES or GDS, he could still play football at NW when his school does not offer the sport. Kids should follow the best opportunity for their personal growth.

  • ron said,

    NW education supercedes Dudley’s hmmm. That may be true if you are espoused to only one type of education. Ill let you all read between the lines on that one. Not sure if the NW GDS,or HPC education is right for Tre, PJ or whoever. And making a dumb statement like that is truly a discredit to all those students at Dudley who work hard everyday and excel in the class room as well as on the field. Here again all the athletes that I have coached that went to Dudley were eligible to play right away when they signed their letters of intent. So that would mean by NCAA standards that Dudley was doing something right. And you won’t find a better group of young men and women in this county. Now who in the heck told you that Dudley allowed PJ to play with subpar grades? I have been around Dudley since 1987 and I don’t know one coach that has allowed someone to play with bad grades. That would be these other schools that lure kids with goodies and this school has better “academics.” Parents beware of the better “academics” carrot. And besides if the student is strong academically he will do well anywhere. Academics starts before you get to Dudley or wherever so lets not ever use Dudley as a scapegoat.

  • Paws4thecause said,

    For every PJ, you can probably name 10 more Dudley athletes who took care of business in the classroom. Kenny Okoro, Demario Pressley, Brennan Wyatt, David Amerson, Keith Lee are just a few. Plus, in light of PJ attending Hargrave it’s obvious that environment did nothing for him with his offcourt issues that Andy loves to bring to everyone’s attention. Similar situation for James Summers who went to Page.

  • No offense said,


    Nope. I have been EXPOSED(must be that Dudley education) to many area high schools including Dudley. But being eligible to play and getting quality education are two different things. Didnt Brennan get most of his education at A&T and not on Dudley campus? But thats not the point. The point is NG AND NW far supercedes and the test scores prove it.

  • ron said,

    Here again if you are espoused and not (exposed) to that way of thinking then you are correct that their test scores are higher, but if you are current on research then you also know that test scores don’t determine how successful you will be in college and in life. There is more than one type of education. I wouldn’t go around tooting my horn about an educational system that hasn’t changed in 200 years. When talking to me you are talking to and educator and not just some talking head. So if you want to believe that one schools education is better than another’s have at it. I have seen just as many successful graduates from Dudley than I have at any other school especially if you are talking about African-Americans. Good Day Sir.