Will Graves(Dudley HS/UNC) back in Chapel Hill and back in trouble again, but William is going to have to deal with it

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Have known William since back when he was in the 7th grade and you hope one day he will get things in order…Hasn’t happened yet, and this time he was renting a home from UNC coach Roy Williams and working part-time as a videographer for the Tar Heel basketball team and he has been charged for possessing drugs in Roy Williams’ home…..Time to get his(Will’s) house in order before he is sent away to live in place where he won’t have a chance to leave….He would be locked up and there is no key, and that would not be a good thing….

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

Chapel Hill, N.C. — Former University of North Carolina basketball player Will Graves was cited last Friday and charged with marijuana possession at a house owned by Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams.

Records show that Graves was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession at 1016 Pinehurst Drive in Chapel Hill, which is a home owned by Williams, according to property tax records. Graves was found to be in possession of 4.4 grams of marijuana, three full blunts, two “burnt marijuana blunts,” eight marijuana seeds and a grinder, police said.

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Here is what Will Graves is quoted as saying on a Tar Heel blog and this your way, by of www.news-record.com:

“I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Coach Williams, his family, and the University of North Carolina as well as my own family and friends for the negative attention I have brought upon them.

“I can blame only myself for my own stupid actions. Coach Williams has stood up for me on numerous occasions and it causes me great turmoil to let him down in this way.

“He gave me an opportunity to finish my degree this semester and I have successfully achieved that goal, which was a lifelong dream for my family and me.

“Unfortunately, I have no urge to celebrate that accomplishment because of the situation I brought upon myself. I understand my actions were wrong and I take full and complete responsibility for them and am extremely remorseful for that.

“ I plan on continuing to pursue my career as a professional basketball player and again wish to send my most sincere apologies to Coach Williams, the Carolina family and my family, as well.”

  • Where does it end said,

    This unfortunately leads to more questions. How does a student on an income of a asst. video coordinator afford the rent on a house with a published tax value of $633,000 ? Local rent rates put that house in the rental range of 3,000/month. Huge coin for a student.

    How did the police know to search the house? Report is the meter reader thought the house was vacant and called the police. Graves was off the team for rules violations and experienced some academic difficulties. So how was he back on school? Now being reported that players gathered there.

    Need to remember that while Roy was coaching at Kansas they got two years probation and one of the violations was ole Roy provided former players with illegal benefits. Was Graves even paying rent and if so, was it market rate or did Roy cut a deal? Unc does a good job taking care of players kicked off the team. Just think what they do for kids on the team.

    The dope he was caught with was very, very minor. Graves should beat this rap. This is nothing like PJ’s problems. Hopefully Graves can get that African American Studies degree and mve on with his life.

  • smh said,

    Graves has played professionally the last two years in the International League the last two years, so just stop with the crap about “how can a video coordinator afford to rent a house?”
    ABC’ers want to find something negative in this. How about congratulating the guy for going back to school and finishing his degree? That’s a big accomplishment.
    How about recognizing Roy Williams for continuing to support and encourage a player he had to kick off the team? He’s continuing to help him as a person, just like Dean taught him to do. How many big time coaches would do that? Very few.
    As for the marijuana charge, it’s disappointing. However, the world is changing on that. If he were in Colorado, there would be no story.

  • Double standard said,

    Hey Andy,
    Where’s your story on Sidney Lowe, former State player and head coach, who just this week pled guilty to tax evasion while he was State’s head coach? Quick to throw the troubles of a Carolina guy up there, though. By the way, the charges aren’t even close between the two situations.

  • Where does it end said,

    What Lowe did was Lowe did not file state taxes for 3 years.he has to pay back taxes of 79k and some community service. Lowe also did not involve the school or his employer.

    What Lowe did not do is pay players, run a money program from agents through the school tutor program, did not have no show classes for athletes, did not change over 500 grades, did not run an academic major to keep kids eligible, did not have tutors pay over 1300.00 in parking tickets for Greg Little, did not provide players cars through a convicted felon named Fats, and did not bring an NCAA investigation, SBI investigation, Secretary of State investigation, and an Orange County indictment down on the school leading to 5 arrests so far. What were you saying SMH?

    What Graves appears to have done is not very serious. Just another situation in a long line of unc corruption. I am confident Graves will be able to provide proof he himself paid far market rate for the home rental. I would not worry a bit that Roy put Kansas on probation for this very situation.

  • Poor State babies said,

    Why does it have to be a double standard? Sidney is old new and out of the spotlight locally while working in Utah. PJ’s or Will’s situation is as local as you can get for a site called “greensborosports.com”. This just shows that State people can’t wait for something to go wrong at Carolina to feel better about life. Poor State babies.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Covering William because he is from Greensboro and I hate it for him and his family…Hope he can get it all corrected and I do not want to take anything away from
    the Dudley football team and their efforts going for the Title today…

    Lowe is more of a Raliegh story now and has former ACC bearing, but William is from Greensboro and we have tracked him forever…

    Again I hope he gets everything sorted out….I think a lot of William, his mom and his dad…Very good people and the only family members from the Graves family that I know…

  • Smh said,

    Where does it end,
    A little loose with your info there. SBI and Secretary of State investigations were for a professor who scammed the school and the state, and for an agent in Georgia and the people he was using to give money to athletes. None of that was investigations inti the university.
    You appear to be declaring that the university coordinated all of that, which is laughable.
    Roy Williams did not get Kansas put on probation. The Kansas compliance dept gave the ok for graduating senior basketball players to receive a graduation gift of a suit of clothes – after they were through playing. That was a gesture that the school approved of, but the NCAA later determined it wasn’t allowed. And your summation is “Roy Williams put Kansas on probation for this very situation.” Driving a former player to graduate and okaying a graduation present of a suit for no longer eligible players. The horror.
    You are pitiful.

  • Where does it end said,

    SMH, read the Associated Press report from DougTucker on the Kansas probation then come back here.

    Agents admit to passing money to university employees and tutors to be given to the players. The tutor also admits to paying the 1300 in parking tickets. The university set up the AFAM program and emails prove the university funneled athletes into those classes. All of that is now out in the public and indictments are out as well. Coaches took money from agents, Blake. Players took illegal benefits. Players accepting rental cars for months at a time from alumni and dental school,funds. Over x500 grades were changed by university employees. And btw SMH, this all started on Dean’s watch as well as Swofford. They have proof of grade changes going back to 1997.

    If you want to keep your head buried in the sand that is your business. I might do the same if my school had committed the worst violations in college sports since SMU. When all this is out it may surpass SMU. In the meantime the ABCer’s are tired of the embarrassment unc has brought on our education system and our state. What started out as ribbing among rivals has become a national embarrassment.

    As to Will Graves, I think everyone hopes he gets the help he needs. There is a troubling pattern here. It is good he is completing his degree.

  • Where does it end said,

    The good news in this is Graves can put all this behind him, graduate, and have a great life. This situation is very small. He can put this behind him. Hopefully he will. I don’t think anyone revels in this issue with Graves. It is the constant turmoil out of unc that is getting old. Will has a chance to put this behind him and years from now it will be totally forgotten. Every one of us has made a mistake and recovered. I hope the same for Graves.