More ‘Shoutouts’ coming in for the Dudley Panthers football team:This one goes out to Khalil Vance!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 17, 2013 at 9:42 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

If you have a personal shoutout, send it our way and we will be more than happy to print it for you…This one comes in this morning for the Dudley Panthers and one of their top defensive players, Khalil Vance….It begins…

Hey Andy,
Despite the fact that Dudley won the 4-A Championship (I am a Grimsley Whirlie alumnus), I want to give a shoutout to a player on their team named Khalil Vance. He played basketball for me at Warnersville Center back in 2003-04.

As the Dudley Panthers won their NCHSAA 4-A Championship today(Saturday), and being a Grimsley Whirlie alumnus, I reluctantly want to wish them congratulations only on one condition: For a former basketball player that I used to coach at Warnersville Center during the 2003-04 season, named Khalil Vance. He played forward for me that season as we went 6-3 and also won the Tournament Championship that season.

Congrats Khalil, and your Dudley teammates, as you actually won a real Championship. Not to say that the one we won in 2004 actually didn’t mean anything, but it meant something to me, as well. I also wish you and your mates good luck in your future endeavours, whether you all play basketball or football.


Antonio Graham (aka Coach Tee)
Greensboro, NC

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