High School Basketball Polls are on a roll and we will be adjusting on through the ‘Weekend Fly’

Posted by Andy Durham on December 19, 2013 at 2:16 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

We have been looking up all of the teams this morning and will be loading them up this afternoon…Will adjust as necessary…

Boys Public School Top Ten:
1) Page(8-0)
2) Northwest Guilford(9-0)
3) Ragsdale(7-2)
4) Northeast Guilford/(6-3)/Northern Guilford(5-4)
6) High Point Central(5-2)
7) Grimsley(5-4)
8) Southwest Guilford(5-2)
9) Smith(4-4)
10) Eastern Guilford(5-3)/Western Guilford(5-3)

Looking to get in:High Point Andrews(2-3)…Dudley(1-4)…Southeast Guilford(1-7)…Southern Guilford(1-9)….Dudley boys will be making a MOVE very soon….

Girls Public School Top Ten:
1) Southeast Guilford(8-2)
2) Northern Guilford(7-2)
3) Ragsdale(6-2)/Southwest Guilford(6-2)
5) Page(5-4)
6) Dudley(2-3)
7) High Point Andrews(3-3)
8) Eastern Guilford(3-4)
9) Northeast Guilford(4-3)
10) Southern Guilford(4-5)

Looking to get in the girl’s poll:Northwest Guilford(3-6) and much better than this record shows…Smith(2-4)…Grimsley(1-6)…Western Guilford(0-6)…High Point Central(0-6)….Southern Alamance(6-0)…Patriots outside our area, but still looking to get in…

Private School Boys Top Ten:
1 )Wesleyan(9-1)
2) High Point Christian Academy(9-1)
3) Greensboro Day School(9-2)
4) Bishop McGuinness(9-1)
5) Forsyth Country Day(10-1)
6) New Garden Friends School(5-2)
7) Westchester Country Day(4-5)
8) Caldwell Academy(5-6)
9) New Hope Christian Academy(3-6)
10) Vandalia Christian School(5-4)

Private School Girls Top Ten:
1) New Hope Christian Academy(10-0)
2) Greensboro Day School(11-1)
3) Bisohp McGuinness(8-0)
4) Wesleyan(6-3)
5) New Garden Friends(3-2)
6) Caldwell Academy(4-5)
7) Vandalia Christian(2-6)
8) Forsyth Country Day(3-7)
9) High Point Christian(1-3)
10) Westchester Country Day(TBD/0-0)

Boys Combined Top Ten Public and Private School Poll:
1) Page(8-0)
2) Wesleyan(9-1)
3) Northwest Guilford(9-0)
4) High Point Christian Academy(9-1)
5) Greensboro Day School(9-2)
6) Bishop McGuinness(9-1)
7) Forsyth Cuontry Day(10-1)
8) Ragsdale(7-2)
9/10) Northeast Guilford/(5-4)/Northern Guilford(5-4)
*****Surface shows that WES has pure DI talent within their Top Three players, but Page is deeper overall than WES…*****

  • Excited said,

    Southwest beat Page, Andrews, and SE. Dudley lost to 3 powerhouse programs Potters House, SE Raleigh, and Bishop. Dudley beat the two best teams in Winston-Salem Reynolds and Prep. That is all I have to say.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We have those girls teams bunched together pretty there at the top and we may see some change as we go toward the Weekend…

    Stay tuned….

    In some ways as SEG coach Shawyn Newton told us back on Tuesday night, there is no dominant girls team right….

    Southern Alamance is the only public school unbeaten in our area at (6-0)….

    Stay tuned….

  • Records said,

    Westchester boys are 4-5 with losses to Wesleyan, high point Christian, and Forsyth country day

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got WCD added in and let’s get/hear some more thoughts on the polls that we posted….

    Give them a rip….

  • appy said,

    No way Wesleyan isn’t the best team in the area. They have 3 division 1 players that are seniors. So they are seasoned, battle tested, and talented. I believe in Page, but I don’t think they have been through it yet. So Wesleyan would have my vote. But it can be played out on the court. Trying to figure out how Ragsdale got a 7 seed in the TIMCO. I haven’t seen them, but they must be better than their seed. We will see how good they are next week when they play GDS, who by the way is getting better every game. Not sure if they will make the finals of the TIMCO but I would love to see them play Page. Two young teams going at it for bragging rights.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Daily updates are underway….Stay with us for futher changes….We will be on the fly later on tonight…

  • Pollster said,

    Private School Boys Top Ten:
    1 )Wesleyan(9-1)Overall TOP TEAM even without Giles
    2) High Point Christian Academy(9-1)
    3) Greensboro Day School(9-2)
    4) Bishop McGuinness(9-1)Too High here due to strength of schedule #6 looks right
    5) Forsyth Country Day(10-1)#4 and in consideration for #3
    6) New Garden Friends School(5-2)#5
    7) Westchester Country Day(4-5)
    8) Caldwell Academy(5-6)
    9) New Hope Christian Academy(3-6)
    10) Vandalia Christian School(5-4)

  • B. Holmes said,

    Saw the jamboree at Ricky Proehl’s place. Hard to make an argument for Page over HPCA after seeing them play each other. It got ugly for the young Pirates.

  • THE TRUTH said,


    2.Southeast Guilford
    3.Northern Guilford
    4.Northwest Guilford
    5.Southern Guilford
    8.Eastern Guilford
    9.Southern Guilford
    11.Greensboro Day

  • Lying about the The Truth said,

    What would someone titled “The Truth” list the Girls poll from Page #1 to GDS #11. You listed Andrews #6, Dudley #7 and not even rank Southwest. The top 5 is clear but the order is up for debate. Here is the top teams in no specific order – Southwest, Greensboro Day, Dudley, Andrews, Southeast and Page.

    Southwest has already beaten Page by 10+ pts. Northwest has only won 4 out of 10 games, Andrews only lost to Southwest. Greensboro Day beat Smith by 50+ pts. Southeast beat Northwest by 20+ pts. Neither Northern nor Northwest could be Dudley, Andrews, Southwest, Southeast or Page. In fact, they may not be able to beat Smith which just beat Charlotte Olypic. The TIMCO will shine a light on some of these truths and the conference play will take care of the rest.