Pat Neal named football coach at Grimsley High School

Posted by Press Release on December 20, 2013 at 10:25 am under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Courtesy of Press Release from Grimsley High School Athletics:

Grimsley High School is proud to announce that Coach Pat Neal will be our football coach for the upcoming season and many more to come.

The Whirlies completed their football banquet last evening and at the end of the banquet, administration announced that Pat Neal’s interim title has been removed and Coach Neal will officially be the Whirlie football coach.

Coach Pat and his staff along with a core group of parents, and supporters have brought back the Grimsley tradition of excellence, academics, athletics and pride through a character based program that focuses on education based athletics. We are dedicated to teach student athletes character through athletics as reflected in our mission statement and there is no better coach than to lead our young athletes on this endeavor.

We are proud and excited for the next season and hope Coach Pat will continue his excellence on and off the field for many years to come.

Lewis Newman, CAA
Grimsley High School
Athletic Director

  • Juss Sayin said,

    Wonder if the administration at Grimsley will let this guy run the program or will they step in everytime a parent gets upset. If they will back off this guy could have some success.

  • Gfan said,

    I think it is up to the administration and AD to insulate the coaches from the crazy parents. At least they need to support the coaches when they are trying to do what is right for the team. No matter how much money they give to support the program or how much they complain. Parents are crazy. I know…I am one.

    I think this coaching move is a very good one by the way.

  • Purple sweater said,

    I haven’t heard parents complain about the coaches. I’ve heard plenty complain about the administration and AD. Oh well. New day coming. Lots of new faces. Congrats to coach Pat. Well deserved. Should’ve gotten the job 5 years ago.