Some of the High School Basketball Boys and Girls Numbers from Friday night games

Posted by Andy Durham on December 21, 2013 at 10:50 am under High School | 26 Comments to Read

Boys cutoff for today at 15 points and for the girls we will go with 10 points…Numbers coming from Friday night games….If you see where we need to add-on, let us know….

33:Anthomy Eaves(Page)
27:Daniel Kanakanui(Ragsdale)
26:JJ Watson(Smith)
25:Kanayo Obi-Rapu(New Garden Friends School)
25:Chris Eaton(High Point Andrews)
24:Joey McLean(High Point Christian Academy)
22:Terrell Pickett(Eastern Guilford)
22:Peter Agba(Greensboro Day School)
21:Ty Graves(Page)
21:Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)
17:Anfernee Ellis(Northeast Guilford)
17:Nick Powell(Northwest Guilford)
17:Colson Everett(Northwest Guilford)
17:Todd Withers(Northeast Guilford)
16:Donnie Sellers(Westchester Country Day)
16:Kevin Bennett(Westchester Country Day)
15:Bryan Rouse(Greensboro Day School)
15:Xavier Davis(High Point Andrews)

24:Shaylen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
19:Campbell Kargo(Page)
17:Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford)
16:Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford)
16:Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford)
13:Imani Atkinson(Greensboro Day School)
12:Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
10:Sami Furlough(Northern Guilford0
10:Caroline Spurr(Greensboro Day School)
10:Kasey Johnson(Northern Guilford)
10:Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School)

  • BigBuck said,

    Anthony was on FIRE last night. I know DC isn’t that great but he and Ty were draining treys. This list doesn’t show it but we got big games out of Jalen Seegars and Xavier Hill-Mayes too. Diondre Overton was a little quieter than usual, but coach Abel was trying to work Jalen Gavin back into the lineup after a lengthy hiatus. Gavin got a couple of really neat assists and that is his strong suit; he’s too quick to ignore and his passing ability is phenomenal.

    Near the end of the game there were three alley-oops, one by Dio and two by Jeremy. Seegars and Ty both had one on fast breaks, Anthony rimmed one and Xavier got called for a foul while jamming his in.

  • Page Pirate said,

    The Pirates boys and girls have the best show going!

  • SA said,

    Don’t worry Metro Conference we are here to stay with Burnett all the way! 7-0! We know you all know whom should be selected in your little poll that you put up!

  • Talk is Cheap said,

    Who should be selected in the “little” poll? It is funny how “SA” and some “Page Pirate” supporter are always on this site trying to convince anyone that will listen how good they are on the court. Talk is always cheap until reality hits you in the face. We will found out over the next couple of weeks and month who has the juice.

  • @Talk is cheap said,

    7-0 is the reality, no need to try to convince anyone.

  • Panther Pride said,

    We play a major schedule over here at Dudley! Page you can bet your bottom dollar that our girls are out for a “BIG TIME SMACK DOWN”! Get ready!

    Rouse, Kennedy and company!

  • page question said,

    Paris Kea not listed in box score for Page. Did she get hurt?

  • Time will tell said,

    That is the point Southern Alamance nation. Let your record for itself. Why is that someone from Page and Soutern Alamance must always speak up for their record instead of the record speaking for itself. Time will tell all.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Paris sat out last night’s game with a bad knee..Hopes to be ready next week for TIMCO…

  • Jim Black said,

    Sounds like we should expect strong showings from Page and Ragsdale boys in the TIMCO. Publics still have a ways to go before closing the gap with the privates in basketball. Good thing football hasn’t caught on with the privates around here they way basketball has.

  • BigBuck said,


    Page is ranked #5 in the state and they’ll likely pass that if they go undefeated through January, with a game against Fayetteville Trinity

  • Public and Private said,

    The #5 ranking in the public state does not necessarily carry the weight that you think. In NC, the private basketball school are significantly ahead of the public schools with only a few exceptions. Schools such as WES, GDS, HPC, Christ School, United Faith, Northside Christian, Trinity, etc have been kicking the butts of the top public schools hands down. Page is without question an excellent team but if they played WES, GDS and HPC 10 times, they may win 2 or 3 of those games. Many of the public schools rely to heavily on 1 or 2 players and playing a style similar to AAU or street ball. I do however believe this is the year to get GDS if ever. GDS is very young. Page better get GDS this year or it will not happen over the next 3 years as the young guns take their place. Trust me – there is a huge difference in public vs private in the classroom and on the court.

  • Page Red said,


    Please stop with that young stuff!That is always an excuse so that if a team win or lose you can win either way with your argument.

  • BigBuck said,


    In the classroom? Have you ever been to GDS, Wesleyan, or HPC? Their teachers may be better but their students aren’t challenged near the level Page students are. At GDS their valedictorian is taking 3 AP classes. At Page their valedictorian is taking a full 6 AP class schedule.

    And for basketball, Page is young too. They have three top 50 players in the 2016 class, two in 2015 and one in the current senior class. They have five players being recruited by large division one schools.

  • Public vs Private said,

    As you said “Big Buck”, there is no excuse and the GDS boys will not use an excuse. I simply pointed out the obvious which is that the GDS boys are very young. Page is young but not nearly as young as GDS. Half of the GDS boys team is in the 8th or 9th grade and only 2 seniors. If Page or any other public school is going to beat GDS, you better get it done this year because the next 2-3 years GDS will only get stronger.

    I thought “valedictorian” were chosen at the end of the year and not the beginning. Also, how would you know the number of AP classes a kid at GDS or Page is taken. I seriously doubt if you would know such things. However when you stated “students aren’t challenged near the level Page students are” – that completely proved that you have zero idea what you are talking about. There is not a public school in this entire state that is even beginning to offer the level of education kids at GDS are getting. I don’t need to cover for GDS on this site or any other because the results in high school (i.e. ACT and SAT), the end results while their are in college (i.e. performance in the classroom and getting great degrees) and their place in society. I know Page has great players and an excellent educational record. While the Page team may get GDS this year, don’t fool yourself about is happening in the classroom – their is no equal to GDS in this city when comparing public vs private.

  • page said,

    My child went to Page and her Honors English teacher was someone they pulled out of retirement and she was so old she could barely stay awake in class and the biology teacher I had to report to the principal because she told me she could not call me after 5 o’clock because she was busy and she would “try” to catch me between classes. She worked between two schools so she didn’t really have a planning period. I had to run her down to talk with her. So, Page is not all that you are saying and I know that as a FACT!

  • appy said,

    First of all there is no need to get in a cat fight about the two schools. They are very different in their academic approach. It is hard to argue the numbers and the numbers say almost 100% of GDS students over the past 5 years have enrolled in 4 year colleges.

    Where there is some untrue comments is on the youth of GDS. They are not as young as Page. They start a senior and 4 juniors. And off the bench they have a senior, a junior, a sophomore, and an 8th grader. That is primarily their top 9. Now they do have several 9th/8th graders on the roster. And their JV team has some really good talent, but Page is younger and probably more talented. Page should be REALLY good the next 3 years. Will be interesting to see what GDS can do with Page if they even get to Page. GDS not good enough to say they are a sealed deal for the TIMCO finals. But it sure would be fun to see Page/GDS in finals. I know that is what the TIMCO committee would love to see. That would bring the best crowd on Saturday night.

  • That's just crazy said,

    Of course 100% of students go to college from gds. They have super small graduating classes? They aren’t holding 400 seniors a year like page. To say education at gds is better then page is just illogical. My question to you is, have you ever sat in both classes at both schools and know from experience? Or are you just listening to what people tell you? Numbers don’t support the arguement because of the population in the graduating classes. How is gds boys team young? They have reclassed players at every position? Plus they play 40 games a year so all of those players get a lot more game experience then any public school. Average 4 year public school seasons equal 100 games max. And that’s with runs in the playoffs. Darius Moore plays 100 games in 2 and a half seasons at gds. So the experience arguement isn’t fair. Also watch out for northwest guilford at timco. Just FYI

  • Facts said,


    I’m a student at Page and I am friends with many GDS students; of all the public schools in Greensboro, Page and GDS are two to the most closely knit. Most of the GDS students that live in Greensboro would go to Page if they weren’t private schoolers.

    For statistic’s sake, I’d like you to remember that ACT and SAT scores will be brought down by the students who actually go to Page. Students with higher socio-economic status tend to have better test grades and Page has a large population of poor to low middle-class students. GDS is nearly exclusively upper middle class or wealthy due to the near college-level tuition prices. I have no personal qualms with this but I just want you to know this fact if you didn’t already.

    BigBuck is right about GDS not challenging their students as much as Page. I’ve dated girls from GDS and I’ve met the best students. While they are extremely smart, that does not necessarily mean they are better than Page. The most intelligent senior from GDS, who wants to get into an Ivy League school, is only taking three AP classes, while the two Morehead candidates from Page are taking 5/6 AP(or IB in some cases) classes. There is no denying that GDS students have a lot more to work with at their school (they have tablets, high-tech labs, and much more) yet Page students make up for it. Page has no smart boards, they’re overcrowded, and they don’t have a study hall or forty minute lunch like GDS. I’m sorry to @page about the poor quality of a few teachers, but the majority of high-class-level teachers are very good.

    But let’s talk about Basketball. I personally know one of the GDS players VERY well – he is practically family – and he is saying that they are scared. I’ve read his scouting notes and I know that GDS is concerned they won’t be able to deal with Page’s athleticism. Even after Jeremy Harris graduates, they aren’t sure what they’ll do against David Funderberg, Xavier Hill-Mayes, Diondre Overton, and Jalen Seegars as inside threats.

    GDS is NOT that young. Most of their top players are re-classed upperclassmen. They’re being out recruited by their rival school Wesleyan and the men on the current team aren’t nearly as stellar as you would make them out to be.

    I just want to point out that Page is just as good if not better than the local private schools. But we will see that play out on the court I suppose.

  • Bring it said,

    Bring it on baby. Bring it on.

  • Sammy said,

    Isn’t Seegars suppose to be at Southern Guilford or Southeast Guilford? I’m not hating but it’s funny how how the majority of the Karolina Diamonds now play at Page!!! Just like Northern had some QUESTIONABLE players on their football roster. Good friend of mine said she knew one kid from Northern football moved homes and this street the home is on feeds another school but he walked one street over to catch the bus to Northern using his old address. Every public school AD should get a list of their kids on their teams and personally go to their homes, making for sure they live where they say they do.

  • Excited said,


    Sammy your a snitch and you know GCS AD’s and officials look at this website all the time. GCS knows everything that is going on with these athletic programs at every school. Nobody wants to lose their job over recruiting. GCS needs to just adopt the policy that FCS has. Submit a request to transfer and if you have your own transportation then you can go to the school of your choice and play. The reality is that some of these high school coaches are not very good or they just dont have the time to dedicate to the sport they coach. Especially at the middle school level. “Sammy” if you have a problem with Mr. Seegars or Mr. Graves about the issue please address them. GCS already have people in place to check addresses and make sure the kids come out the correct house in the morning. So “if” someone is lying then GCS already knows and it will be handled.

  • Sammy said,

    I’m not a snitch , I’m just stating the facts. Is what it is. I have no problem with Mr Graves at all. His organization is first class but GCS is a trip. But for you to use the word snitch, must be some truth somewhere. IM JUST SAYING

  • Sammy said,

    Games have to be played out on the court or on the field period. It’s crazy some of the things that go on in our public schools athletics. I hope Page does win a basketball championship this year. Those boys can flat out play but it’s the adults involved who screw it up.

  • Excited said,


    You called out the Seegers kid by name. I’m sorry Sammy I chose the wrong word. Informant Sammy would be better. This is just like you called crime stoppers and gave a tip. You want GCS will follow up on it.

  • Sammy said,

    @Excited, I’m out of here man. Say what you want, you wouldn’t be getting all defenseless if it wasn’t something to it. If it’s clean, then move on, nothing to worry about it. You keep on talking about it so move on..