Northeast Guilford 4×400 Relay Team ranked 4th in the entire Nation!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 23, 2013 at 10:02 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

The Northeast Guilford Rams are on the run, and they are headed in the right direction….

The Northeast Guilford Rams, coached by David Blue, are ranked 4th in the US in the 4×400 meter relay.

They placed 3rd behind Knightdale and SE Raleigh, from North Carolina….

Their time was 3:26.88 which is over 3 seconds faster than what they ran last February when they won the state championship at 1A/2A/3A Indoor finals.

The 2 NC teams that beat Northeast Guilford are 1-2 in the Nation. Hoover from Alabama is 3rd. You can find all of this on

Also, individually in the 500 meters the McGill brothers are also Nationally Ranked. LeAndre is 8th and DeAndre is 12th.

Joining the McGills on the Rams’ rela teamy are Javien Carter and LeDante Berry. Berry is a junior and the other 3 are seniors.

The Northeast Guilford Rams are on the run, and they are headed in the right direction….

  • Coach Blue said,

    Thanks for posting Andy. My guys will appreciate it.
    BTW–Your headline says 4×100 instead of 4×400. The 4×100 is not even run indoors.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got you posted and updated/corrected…

    We have a lot of numbers on the brain here….With Track, Swimming and ETC…..Lots of numbers to account for….

    A total of 1600 meters instead of 400 total…Each kid doing a 400 leg then….I remember being the anchor man for my mile relay team back in the day and that must comparable to what we are listing here….

    Sure would be nice to be able to turn a lap in 53-55 seconds these days and your top guys are probably going in just under 49…..

    Good stuff….

    I still remember the day I hit/turned in a 4:38 total running downhill on West Market Street going from the old YMCA(Now part of Greensboro College) to the Governemental Plaza downtown…That is what the clock man said that Labor Day Monday back in the mid-80’s and I will take that mile/1600 meter time with to my grave, even if the clockkeeper was off…

    I still like that 4:38….

  • Coach Blue said,

    We used to do a mostly downhill timed mile for a workout late in cross country season back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
    It was a great confidence booster going into either regionals or state.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes sir and I still remember the year I beat Mike Wirth from Northeast Guilford in the Mid-South 10K or maybe it was a 5K…I also edged out the #1 female runner of the race that day and she was from Duke and I think she made the Olympic team or somenthing like that….One of my few claims to fame in my Walter Mitty-type sports life….

    I’m lucky if I gat in 30-35 miles a week these days…

  • SG Supporter said,

    I really appreciate Track & Field getting some much needed love. Coach Blue is one of the best in the area. Those guys are something special too, just wish they were still in our conference to make the competition better. Again congrats!

  • Coach Blue said,

    Thanks for the kind words SG supporter.
    Y’all have a track program to be proud of.
    Coach Ratliffe, Coach Hillinbrand, Coach Willis and before she got out of it Coach Lewis-Nelson are/were excellent coaches and great people to work with when Southern hosted meets.

  • jstreeter said,

    Coach Blue, this is Coach Streeter. Good job on your team. I hope you got some Penn Staters this year.

  • Coach Blue said,

    Great to see you on here Coach Streeter.
    State penners won’t run for me.

  • jstreeter said,

    Yeah, those State Penners are about as useful as “football bats”.