TIMCO Tournament starts Thursday at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center

Posted by Andy Durham on December 25, 2013 at 12:29 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

It may be Christmas today, but the real holiday starts/begins tomorrow at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center, with the 38th Annual TIMCO High School Basketball Tournament…Greensboro Day School boys and Page girls are the defending Champions, who will win this year’s tournaments??

Girl’s/Women’s Lineup:(Court 2)
#2 Greensboro Day School vs. #7 Northeast Guilford 1:30pm
#3 Northwest Guilford vs. #6 Smith 3pm
#4 Northern Guilford vs. #5 Ragsdale 5pm
#1 Page vs. #8 Grimsley 6:30pm

Boy’s/Men’s Lineup:(Court 1)
#2 Greensboro Day School vs. #7 Ragsdale 3pm
#3 Northwest Guilford vs. #6 Smith 4:30pm
#4 Northeast Guilford vs. #5 Northern Guilford 6:30pm
#1 Page vs. #8 Grimsley

  • Upset anyone said,

    The top 2 seeds should advance to the finals but you never know. Boys upset could come from either Northwest or Northeast beating GDS or Page in the 2nd round. Girls upset could come from Northern over Page in the 2nd round or Northeast/Northwest/Smith winner against GDS. Northwest or Smith have made it to the championship game each year for the past couple of years with some other teams getting upset early.

  • Excited said,

    In the girls bracket I’m taking


    Ragsdale vs GDS in the Finals
    GDS Wins

    In the boys bracket I’m taking


    Page vs GDS in the Finals
    GDS wins(Page has no answer for Peter)

  • hmmm said,

    Going out on a limb here, Ragsdale upsets GDS.. hmmm

  • hmmm said,

    Scratch that notion..

    #2 GDS vs. #7 Ragsdale
    #3 NW Guilford vs. #6 Smith
    #4 NE Guilford vs. #5 N Guilford
    #1 Page vs. #8 Grimsley

    GDS v. NW Guilford
    Page v. NE Guilford

    Page v. NW Guilford

    Page wins TIMCO.

  • Bengals said,

    Lets try to be honest, I seen several teams around the area play and I have to say everyone is about equal. I would take Page to be the most talented and I would say the Day School is the best coached. Saying that talent usually prevails. The Day School has some really good players but this is a down year if they win the Timco it is because Freddy J outcoached all the the public school coaches. They are not real good and i could see them losing in 1st round which i know everyone would like to see. So I say Page wins it this year and if they dont sorry but next year GDS is loaded again!!!!

  • regap said,

    Page is very young and will be loaded next year as well.

  • Bengal said,

    The difference is who would you take the coaching staff at GDS or the coaching staff at Page? Freddy J can coach a little look at his players. I can recall five years ago there was a kid who came to GDS from NW and he played and started and could not even make a team at NW. Go figure. Page is talented and if they dont win the Little 4 this year those cats better do something bc no team in area should compete with them

  • Level the field said,

    Lets be honest. Freddy should be the best coach because he has unlimited access to his players and practice time. GDS is in the (insert tournament name here) because they sell a boatload of tickets.