Mike Raybon Invitational – First Round and Quarterfinal Results – Boys Wrestling

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Mike Raybon Invitational – First Round Results

138 Lbs:
Luke Bean, High Point Central BYE
Justin Johnson, TW Andrews FALL Gabriel Hairston, Northeast Guilford fall :45
Alan Miller, Northwest Guilford BYE
Omar Hernandez, Page BYE
Alex Illescas, Ragsdale BYE
Tristan Hollaman, Eastern Guilford BYE
Korey Cureton, Ben L Smith BYE
Pierson Fields, Southeast Guilford BYE

145 Lbs:
Caleb Stanley, Eastern Guilford BYE
Cory Antin, Grimsley DEC Drew Polischak, Page 4-0
Robert Boudlin III, Ben L Smith BYE
Jose Rosero, Northwest Guilford BYE
Robby Glaccum, Southeast Guilford BYE
TaKoda Locklear, Northeast Guilford FALL Manuel Gonzalez, TW Andrews fall 2:42
Austin Van Rheen, Southern Guilford DEC Ladarius Maas, High Point Central 3-1
Brandon Harris, Ragsdale BYE

152 Lbs:
Drake Patrum, Southern Guilford BYE
Danny Ochoa, Eastern Guilford MAJOR Dillion Zomparelli, Ragsdale 11-3
Jesse Briggs, Grimsley BYE
Stefon Stevenson, Northeast Guilford BYE
Peter Becher, Southwest Guilford BYE
Jacob Freeman, High Point Central DEC Kalfani Thomas, Ben L Smith 10-7
Isaac Roberts, Southeast Guilford FALL Zach Tyler, Northwest Guilford fall 1:30
Saconney Hill, TW Andrews BYE

170 Lbs:
Ryne Stanley, Southeast Guilford BYE
Jesus Ruiz, Eastern Guilford FALL Jarius Thorpe, Ben L Smith fall 1:16
Nathan Cole, Northwest Guilford BYE
Will Clontz, Grimsley BYE
Rowdy Harman, Page BYE
Trevor Nuttle, Southwest Guilford BYE
Dillon Goedeck, Northeast Guilford BYE
Bryce Walker, Ragsdale BYE

285 Lbs:
Adam Olsen, High Point Central BYE
Breighton Pierce, TW Andrews FALL Josh Pardue, Northeast Guilford fall 2:45
Kelvin Johnson, Ragsdale BYE
Corbin Revels, Eastern Guilford BYE
Michael Branch, Southeast Guilford BYE
Will Hardin, Page BYE
Randon Lee, Northwest Guilford FALL Jake Moore, Northern Guilford fall 1:15
Jaycoa Silva, Grimsley BYE

Mike Raybon Invitational – Results for Quarterfinals

106 Lbs:
Josh Hedrick, Northwest Guilford BYE
Connor Sutphin, High Point Central DEC Tristen Drake, Southeast Guilford 10-6
Tristen Zobro, Eastern Guilford FALL Tanner Young, Northern Guilford fall 1:51
Darrian Bell, Ragsdale BYE

113 Lbs:
Adam Moye, Southwest Guilford BYE
Hunter Elliott, Northern Guilford FALL Malyic Veale, Eastern Guilford fall 2:23
Dalton Loftis, Northeast Guilford FALL Essah Moo, Page fall 3:05
Devon Harrison, Southern Guilford TF Wesley Hairtston, High Point Central 18-1

120 Lbs:
Quan Le, TW Andrews FALL Jake Farley, Northern Guilford fall :27
Daniel Hinshaw, Southeast Guilford FALL Kobey Loman-Badeau, Northeast Guilford fall 3:25
Andrew Crutchfield, Page MAJOR Noah Sabo, Southwest Guilford 15-3
Tristan Dean, Northwest Guilford FALL Mark Hairston, High Point Central fall 1:07

126 Lbs:
Austin Comeford, Northwest Guilford BYE
William Crumby, Southeast Guilford FALL Clay Wright, Northeast Guilford fall 3:42
Wilson Reece, Northern Guilford DEC Miles Grier, Ben L Smith 5-4
Grant Edwards, Page MAJOR Hunter Whipple, Ragsdale 11-1

132 Lbs:
Nicauzi Mitchell, TW Andrews BYE
Ryan Williams, Eastern Guilford DEC Chris Stimpson, Northeast Guilford 3-0
David Crumby, Southeast Guilford FALL Caleb French, Northern Guilford fall 3:24
Kyle Rogers, High Point Central BYE

138 Lbs:
Luke Bean, High Point Central FALL Justin Johnson, TW Andrews fall 3:31
Omar Hernandez, Page DEC Alan Miller, Northwest Guilford 11-4
Alex Illescas, Ragsdale FALL Tristan Hollaman, Eastern Guilford fall 2:46
Pierson Fields, Southeast Guilford TF Korey Cureton, Ben L Smith 17-2

145 Lbs:
Caleb Stanley, Eastern Guilford TF Cory Antin, Grimsley 17-2
Robert Boudlin III, Ben L Smith DEC Jose Rosero, Northwest Guilford 8-5
Robby Glaccum, Southeast Guilford MAJOR TaKoda Locklear, Northeast Guilford 11-3
Brandon Harris, Ragsdale FALL Austin Van Rheen, Southern Guilford fall 2:51

152 Lbs:
Drake Patrum, Southern Guilford TF Danny Ochoa, Eastern Guilford 16-0
Stefon Stevenson, Northeast Guilford DEC Jesse Briggs, Grimsley 7-1
Peter Becher, Southwest Guilford FALL Jacob Freeman, High Point Central fall :31
Saconney Hill, TW Andrews FALL Isaac Roberts, Southeast Guilford fall 5:36

160 Lbs:
Aaron Reeves, Ragsdale BYE
Jonquin Elliot, High Point Central BYE
Alec Clausen, Northwest Guilford BYE
Tykil Florence, Southeast Guilford BYE

170 Lbs:
Ryne Stanley, Southeast Guilford FALL Jesus Ruiz, Eastern Guilford fall 1:12
Nathan Cole, Northwest Guilford FALL Will Clontz, Grimsley fall :53
Rowdy Harman, Page FALL Trevor Nuttle, Southwest Guilford fall 3:42
Bryce Walker, Ragsdale MAJOR Dillon Goedeck, Northeast Guilford 20-8

182 Lbs:
Willie Bivens, Eastern Guilford BYE
Kenneth Kirk, Southwest Guilford FALL Downey Richmond, Ben L Smith fall :38
Devon Jacques, Ragsdale FALL LaShawn Marshall, High Point Central fall 4:49
Garrett Church, Southeast Guilford BYE

195 Lbs:
Tim Johnson, Eastern Guilford BYE
Tyjai Young, Southern Guilford BYE
Josh Wilson, High Point Central BYE
Trevor Rivera, Southeast Guilford BYE

220 Lbs:
Cary Miller, Northwest Guilford FALL Xavier Lovette, TW Andrews fall 1:59
CJ McThay, Southeast Guilford FALL Devon Winnix, Page fall :56
Dontae Ingram, High Point Central FALL Alize Lewis, Grimsley fall 2:53
Roderick Porter, Eastern Guilford FALL Alex White, Northern Guilford fall 1:50

285 Lbs:
Adam Olsen, High Point Central FALL Breighton Pierce, TW Andrews fall 3:41
Kelvin Johnson, Ragsdale DEC Corbin Revels, Eastern Guilford 8-3
Michael Branch, Southeast Guilford FALL Will Hardin, Page fall 1:21
Jaycoa Silva, Grimsley FALL Randon Lee, Northwest Guilford fall 3:30

Submitted by Leigh G. Hebbard
Director of Activities, Athletics, and Drivers Education
Guilford County Schools

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