Timco Invitational Game Report – Northwest Guilford vs Greensboro Day Girls

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Northwest Guilford vs Greensboro Day
12/27/13 3:00 pm at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Ctr.
At Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Ctr.


NORTHWEST GUILFORD (6-6): Toni Tucker 3-10 11-14 17; Morgan Pointer 5-8 2-5 13; Savannah Neas 3-6 2-2 9; Leah Wallace 3-4 1-2 7; Hunter Newman 2-6 1-2 5; Hayley Barber 0-9 4-6 4; Catherine Moore 0-5 2-2 2; Katelyn Shropshire 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 16-48 23-33 57.

GREENSBORO DAY (14-2): Caroline Spurr 7-17 2-2 17; Tamera Thorpe 4-10 2-2 12; Caroline Sherwood 2-5 2-3 6; Imani Atkinson 3-13 0-3 6; Myra Henderson 1-1 3-4 6; Gloria Smith-Bunch 1-2 0-0 2; Roxanne Pfenning 0-0 2-2 2; Brandi McLean 0-0 0-0 0;
Ellie Baldwin 0-0 0-0 0; Christianna Hairston 0-1 0-1 0. Totals 18-49 11-17 51.

   Northwest Guilford............   12   13   13   19  -   57
   Greensboro Day................   19    7   14   11  -   51

3-point goals–Northwest Guilford 2-7 (Morgan Pointer 1-1; Savannah Neas 1-2; Hayley Barber 0-2; Catherine Moore 0-2), Greensboro Day 4-11 (Tamera Thorpe 2-3; Myra Henderson 1-1; Caroline Spurr 1-5; Gloria Smith-Bunch 0-1; Imani Atkinson 0-1).
Fouled out–Northwest Guilford-Savannah Neas, Greensboro Day-Tamera Thorpe.
Rebounds–Northwest Guilford 48 (Morgan Pointer 12), Greensboro Day 23 (Imani Atkinson 8).
Assists–Northwest Guilford 9 (Hayley Barber 6), Greensboro Day 8 (Caroline Spurr 5).
Total fouls–Northwest Guilford 17, Greensboro Day 24.
Technical fouls–Northwest Guilford-None, Greensboro Day-Caroline Sherwood.

2013 TIMCO Invitational – Women’s Semifinal #1
Northwest Guilford advances to Saturday’s championship game at 4 pm

  • Can't Be said,

    Can’t be…score HAS to be wrong. GDS is the greatest thing since the invention of the sport. Please correct the score!

  • Oh Well said,

    Guess GDS won’t get a shot at Page again this year. Back to playing Upward church teams for the rest of the year.

  • CantBeWrong said,

    I’m just glad GDS fans can now zip it up and realistically think about the nobody’s they call teams they play. Time to sit down for a couple of years.

    Those sophomores ladies at NWG are no joke! Don’t underestimate them.

  • simmer said,

    Please get all of your GDS hating out. GDS LOST TO NW!!! Yes! Congrats to NW. GDS only lost by 6 considering NW girls MADE more FREE THROWS then GDS took in the whole game. NW Totals 16-48 23-33 57, GDS 18-49 11-17 51. So for all the non-basketball people who are on here HATING that would be NW made 23 FT out of 33 and GDS made 11 out of 17. That is a huge disparity. Box scores should have NW wing by 20+, but we all know NW had alot of help with the officiating. With that being said, NW outrebounded GDS 48-23, GDS #1 scorer fouls out in the 3rd and NW had all those free throws and only win by 6. The box score says to me that you need not hate or talk too much. GDS did not dodge Page and looking at the game Page wasn’t much to dodge. GDS girls have played just as many public schools as it has private schools. However, Since GDS plays so many “upward church schools”, does Page Boys have Wesleyan, High Point Christian, New Garden Friends or Northside Christian on their schedule (just a few of those upward church schools that private schools play)? And how many NEW players does Page have on the boys squad and uhm do they play on the same AAU team? Until then, you keep playing those weak public schools since all the talent is in private. So get all of your hating out….we will take it. We LOVE IT because if people NOT HATING then your not doing something right. So HATE ON HATERS!!!!

  • Vikingmama said,

    Vvery proud of the young Lady Vikings. Super group of kids played hard and pulled off the upset. Looking forward to watching them grow and mature both on the court and off.

  • Don't Matter said,

    Don’t matter who won da game. Either one will be playin’ for second cuz ain’t no team in this tournament takin’ down Paris and the Pirates!

  • page won said,

    Lord, the Page Pirates are back on again. They were missing when they went on an almost 4 game losing streak. Northern lost but Aaliyah Grinage was the best player in this tournament. Too bad she can’t get MVP with the lost but she deserves it. When Page thought they weren’t going to win all you heard was this player hurt, that player hurtn(concussions, ankles, knees, chapped lips, arthritis, lol you name it, they had it….). I bet they will all crip walk in warm ups tomorrow thinking the game is on lock. Gotta love the Lady Pirates! You always know when they are winning by the chatter and the crickets when they lose. 4A Metro…be ready!

  • BigBuck said,

    @page won

    Page really was missing several key (unintentional pun) players. Paris was injured, our PG was out with a concussion, two off-the-bench players were out, and the best shooter on the team, aside from Paris, has been out for the season and won’t make an appearance until next year.

    Yeah they should have won at least one of those four games, but any team that loses three starters and two backups is going to have trouble.

  • Terrible GDS Coaching said,

    I spoke with a few of the GDS parents and players after the game. Based on what I saw during that game, the biggest problem with the GDS girls team is the coaching. The way that coach allowed that player to foul out at the end of the 3rd quarter was terrible coaching. GDS played in your face defense the entire game while mounting up fouls on all of their best players. NW had not made but maybe 1 outside shoot all day. GDS play calling was terrible. When the Thorpe kid fouled out the rest of the team could not score. The PG was making a lot of turnovers and would not pass back out to the shooters. I can understand how players can get off their game when your best player is out but there is no excuse for coaches not keeping their head in the game and getting the players on the right track. GDS has had the best talent on the floor for 2 or 3 years yet they have never played in the championship game – that is the result of poor coaching. If Fred Johnson was coaching this team, they would have been the defending champs going for their 3rd or 4th championship this year. I feel bad for my parent and player friends at GDS dealing with that coach.

  • Speak the truth said,

    Amen !!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Carty at GDS cares about his players and you have to respect him for that….He was ready to break down today, Saturday at the TIMCO, when we asked about his girls, and he has a huge place in his heart for his seniors….He puts the veterans first and he should…This Bengal team is very good team and I much rather have a coach like Coach Carty running the show, instead of a coach who just wants to go for Titles…

    This man cares about his players and should be the type of leader that you want watching over your troops….He will live and die for his team and his team will keep on growing and the process/road may seem long….

    Hang with it and be thankful for a coach that has your kids best interests at heart, whether it be athletiically or academically…..

    Good win on Saturday and that wasn’t easy either, but that is still all part of the master plan and need to support our coaches, if you choose to let your kids play for them….

  • Winning starts with coaching said,

    Just for the record, all coaches care about their teams and players. Teams with the type of players that GDS has had since this coach has been in place win tournaments and championships. Expectations are one thing but results can be the polar opposite. I believe this coach simply panics on the sideline and it shows on the score board. It is one thing to beat a nobody team by 30 but what about winning against a team with equally good players. Winning and losing starts with the coach against good or better teams (refer to Freddy Johnson if you don’t believe this point).

  • Andy Durham said,

    There are a limited number of the Freddy Johnsons out there and until the past 3-4 years, I don’t even remember the GDS girls even being on the map….All you heard about was the GDS boys and they deserved the recognition that they received, but now people are talking about the girls too….This program is coming along, but like everything else it still takes time….

    Three key offensive players, with Thorpe, Atkinson and Spurr…Henderson is an excellent defensive player, but Bengals will need to get offense from other sources than just the top three….

    Gonna take some glue and they will all have to stick together…..Have a very good team, and now they have to set their sights on a State Title…..And if you don’t get it, keep shooting…..