Summary on 2013 TIMCO Invitational Tournament plus All-Tournament Team and who would be on your All-Tournament Team?

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Relive all of Saturday’s Court 1 Games at GreensboroSports Radio.

December 28/Championship Saturday Results
Court 1
Greensboro Day 48, Northern Guilford 47 – Women’s Third-Place Game
Northwest Guilford 72, Northern Guilford 52– Men’s Third-Place Game
Page 54, Northwest Guilford 40– Women’s Championship Game
Greensboro Day 53, Page 51 (OT) – Men’s Championship Game

Court 2
Northeast Guilford 60, Grimsley 48 – Women’s Seventh-Place Game
Smith 58, Northeast Guilford 56 – Men’s Seventh-Place Game
Ragsdale 43, Smith 36 – Women’s Fifth-Place Game
Ragsdale 54, Grimsley 45 – Men’s Fifth-Place Game

Women’s All-Tournament Team
Hayley Barber- NW Guilford
Morgan Pointer- NW Guilford
Toni Tucker- NW Guilford
Campbell Kargo- Page
Vivian Polite- Page

*****First 3-Time MVP in Tournament History- Paris Kea (Page)*****
Jim Pritchett Sportsmanship Award- Caroline Spurr- Greensboro Day School

Men’s All-Tournament Team
Diondre Overton – Page
Ty Graves – Page
Anthony Eaves – Page
Peter Agba – Greensboro Day
Bryan Rouse – Greensboro Day

MVP – Darius Moore – Greensboro Day
Jim Pritchett Sportsmanship Award – Marcus Curry – Northern Guilford

I would like to see them add a Second-Team All-Tournament Team so we could get some of the players from the Third and Fourth place teams some pub too…..Those four sophomores from Northwest Guilford are really going to be something special in a couple of years with Pointer, Barber and Tucker and you can add Neas in their too and Hunter Newman is only a junior at NWG….What about a few girls players like Caroline Spurr, Aliyah Grinage, Sydney Wilson, Tamera Thorpe or Imani Atkinson on the Second Team???

On the boys end you could have a Second Team with Colson Everett or Nick Powell, or Jalen Gore or Jalen Spicer from Northwest Guilford and even a kid like Tim Kipatrick might be up for debate….As far as a player really coming along, Spicer is starting to look a lot like Ty Graves did last year for Page, but Spicer may have even a quicker first step at this stage than Graves did……Harris for Page also put up some numbers for the Pirates in the tournament that most fans don’t really take the time to look at….Blocks, steals, distrupting the entry passes inbounds, into the lane and across half-court……

Am very happy that Caroline Spurr got the girls Sportsmanship Award, but Vivian Polite fits that role pretty too, if you need a backup….With Polite, you have a nice kid and her last name says it all….POLITE…Caroline you have done great things on the court and off of the court….

Marshall Macheledt from Greensboro Day is a kid that displays complete Sportsmanship, at least from what I have seen….Where I come from, we didn’t really know a lot about Sportsmanship, but I am starting to see more how it works in my later years…….

Very good tournament and they had some very good games and it hard to beat an Overtime finish, for you Championship Game…..Just a few thoughts and as some of you make some, I will make some more…..Tiana Sherman had a very large and important game for the Lady Pirates of Page today….Go back and look at her totals, she gave her team a real boost, and the same can be said for Chadrae Carter for the Page women on defense….

Will Dillard did not score a bundle for the GDS boys, but his length was a real plus and the same can be said for Trevor Mayo for the Bengals…..Coach Johnson and Coach Abell were locked up in real dual in the Special Events Center this evening….Kind of like the ‘old pro’ and one of the new ‘young pros’ fighting it out…..

Foul call late in the GDS-NG girls game really had a lot of people talking, but you have to deal with the circumstances and Thorpe hit the key free throw and missed the last of three, or we be talking OT for that game today too…..Out-of-bounds call up be the NG late in the game, got some long hard looks too….

Just a few early observations…..

First-Round Games (Dec. 26)
Men’s First Round
#2 Greensboro Day School 59, #7 Ragsdale 36
#3 Northwest Guilford 50, #6 Smith 49
#5 Northern Guilford 51, #4 Northeast Guilford 46
#1 Page 66, #8 Grimsley 36

Women’s First Round
#2 Greensboro Day School 68, #7 Northeast Guilford 40
#3 Northwest Guilford 60, #6 Smith 47
#4 Northern Guilford 55, #5 Ragsdale 33
#1 Page 52, #8 Grimsley 42

Dec. 27
Women’s Semifinals
Northwest Guilford 57, Greensboro Day 51
Page 56, Northern Guilford 45
Men’s Semfinals
Greensboro Day 63, Northwest Guilford 46
Page 83, Northern Guilford 58

Women’s Consolation
Smith 69, Northeast Guilford 53
Ragsdale 44, Grimsley 31
Men’s Consolation
Ragsdale 70, Smith 65 (OT)
Grimsley 50, Northeast Guilford 48

  • Fan of the game said,

    I’m still confused to why all of the schools in the county aren’t involved in the tournament… have 14 or 15 High Schools plus GCS. You could have a gold and silver bracket and showcase all the talent in Guilford county…..and not a select few….since they are hand picked…..It’s just shame money dictates who can play, meaning what schools can sale their allotment of tickets. Then we could choose a true all county team, the right way, on the court.

  • Fouls said,

    Andy. I can make a second all tournament team that would beat the first team hands down. Grinage, Wilson, Spurr, Atkinson and Thorpe would beat your first team all-day. You can sub any of the 5 at least 2-3 on the first team because they are way better players. TIMCO needs to re-evaluate how they make their selections.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Have to take a long look at logistics if the expanded to 14-15 teams….For sure the schools would see a drop in money for the athletic funds…

  • Fouls said,

    How about the other school who don’t receive any money from the tournament. Again, is it fair for the 8 who are selected compared to the 8 who are not selected….I’m sure I know 3 or 4 GCS school that could sell there allotment of tickets, but will never be given the opportunity……always a case of the HAVE’s and the HAVE not’s…….

  • Follow the Money said,

    The only way that you will ever get this tournament to change who it allows into the tournament or to expand it would be the following – call each of their sponsors and ask why are they not supporting adding your specific school to the tournament. Talk about how you support their service and/or products/store today but you are considering their competition if they don’t get behind supporting the idea of inviting all county schools in some format. This same issue comes up each year and it will not change without those that want in put some form of pressure on the companies that provide the sponsorship dollars.

  • Game Information said,

    Andy who all did not post the game breakdown or your thoughts for several of the games today. There were 8 games today with 4 of them you carried on the radio.

  • Deserve Better said,

    It is ridiculous that the County AD serves on the council and then he doesn’t propose a plan where all Guilford County Schools can participate in the tournament. Congratulations to Page girls but what if you had the top teams in Guilford County like SW Guilford, Dudley, SE Guilford, and HP Andrews. It would be a better tournament and you wouldn’t be cheating those girls out of the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event. Shame on you, AD

  • A Plan said,

    Invite the top 4 teams from previous year’s tournament. That would create interest in the loser bracket games.

    Then let the bottom four and everyone else who wants in the Tournament have a playin game around Thanksgiving. This would create some very important early season games and everyone would have the opportunity to participate.

  • Can't blame refs said,

    During the GDS-NG girls game, yes the refs made crucial incorrect calls. The out of bounds call was clearly off the GDS player and they gave the ball to GDS with less than 30 seconds left. Then the foul call with 1.1 seconds left was shameful and I hope it’s reported. But we can’t blame the refs. There were a lot of mistakes made by both teams to get them in that position. At the end of the day, it was a GREAT game.

  • great fight said,

    I saw great fight in two teams that needed alot of character to play in the game. NG had a chance to advance as they had control of their game with Page most of the way. Grinage was the best player on the court. GDS suffering a heartbreaking loss to NW. GDS being the best team in the tournament had to really gather themselves to play for 3rd/4th place.

  • MIM said,

    Expanding this tournament would be at the expense of other tournaments. And there’s no guarantee other teams would come since there’s tradition and rivalries at the other holiday tournaments.

    I’m sure you’d get several that would be willing to switch but I don’t know you’d get enough for a 16-team tournament.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I will try and do some more summary work on the games in the next few days and right now I am just trying to get caught up here…..

  • Frank said,

    I watched the GDS/NG girls game. After catching a few games of GDS this year, I became an instant fan. I have heard that NG girls didn’t have anybody and were weak. I just knew GDS was gonna blow em out by 30. However I have a new found respect for Northern girls. Those girls are good! Not sure on a individual basis but they worked well as a team. I hope they shut up a lot of nay-sayers. They shut me up! Congratulations to both GDS teams.

  • Truth said,

    GREAT FIGHT, Grinage is an awesome player. Take nothing from her.
    But Kea was the best player on that floor in my opinion. She ran the offense and we also noticed the change once they put her on Grinage on defense. Which is when Page took control of the game. But there again, Grinage is an awesome player. Love her game. Really was a good fight. And GDS ALSO BEAT NG! The proof in the puddin!,

  • chuckyd said,

    the timco tournament has turned into the best of any in the area-every year attendance has been a full house at almost every game -page gds ovetime game one of the best games ever for the finals=if it aint broke why fix it?

  • Coaching on display said,

    When you consider all of the games, players and situations that occurred. The most consistent point that was made clear game after game whether it was the boys or girls games – coaching makes a significant difference in how your team performs and how far you can go. The talent on the floor was good for both the boys and girls this year. Coaching without a doubt was on display this weekend when you consider the results.

  • @truth said,

    Ms. Grinage was the better player on the court. Sorry, NG didn’t lose because of Ms. Kea’s defense. They lost because Ms. Grinage just couldn’t give another 2-3 more minutes.

  • Deserve Better Knowledge said,

    I believe this event is an invitational tournament sponsored by private funds. Why do you feel all the schools in GCS should be invited? I think if you take a look back over the years you will see that many of the schools you listed have been invited in the past. They probably opted out. I know Dudley did when they thought they were too good for this tourney. Now they want back in.

  • Perspective said,

    I am really curious to see how Paris does playing against teams like LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, SC to name a few every game. High school competition is not a great measuring stick for how good a player really is. Most girls she will play against will have played against each other on USA team’s since they were in 9th grade. Paris didn’t hit the National spotlight until this summer. Arguing over Grinage being the best player on the court is iirrelevent in the big scheme of these. When you have to play against junkyard dogs like Grinage and the Atkinson kids but at 6′ 2 and 6′ 3 that might wear a player down. Junkyard dog is a term that I use for players that a team has to have. They are your aggression, intensity, the heartbeat of teams because they are fearless. They have the ability to play 1-5 and can guard 1-5. Very versatile players. Impact game w/out scoring or can give you 15-20 pts. Dealing with those players every game will be interesting considering they won’t have the respect of her like the Triad does. Page wins some games because teams give Ms. Kea too much respect. Some quit when Page make a run but if they keep going like Northern should have Page can, HAS and will be beat.

  • Excited said,


    You are very correct in your assessment. Coaches just quit vs Paris. I dont like to talk about bad coaching but the coaching decisions killed northern guilford. How can North Davidson , Southwest, and Greensboro Home school beat them and the other area schools cant beat them. Those schools showed Paris no respect. If your coach is not willing to put it on the line to win. How are the players suppose to believe they can win. I dont see Dudley, Southern Alamance or Southeast making these same mistakes.

  • Coaching Decision said,

    I agree with NG’s coaching decision. I think they should have stuck with their regular rotation. Those girls were dying out there playing the whole game. It was effective at first but in the 4th quarter, they had nothing. They did better in the game against GDS but if they played the players in that game against Page, I believe they would have been in the championship.

  • Truth said,

    Let me clarify, not saying just bc kea played defense on Grinace Page won, however when a more mature defender played her it helped bc she was having a field day on the girls until the switch. And one could say the same about the time. They all had the same amount of time! Again, take nothing from Grinage, love her game

    Kea played top players playing with Phoenix- actually the top 3 in the country! If you haven’t seen her play at that level, then this conversation is one sided because you wouldn’t know the caliber player Kea is. Do your homework. Better yet, watch her play with palyer at that level she love playing with and against.

  • Stella said,

    Has Paris 3 Timco MVP just made her the greatest girl player in the 2000’s to ever lace them up in this area and state?

  • insecure said,

    90% question if she can take the physical pounding of high major D1. She has a small build and has had quite a few injuries. That level of play is PHYSICAL and aggressive.

  • The Real Deal said,

    I have seen Paris play against the #1 player in the nation who’s team included top #100 players in the nation. A team called All Ohio Black. Their game may still be on as that was their highlight game of the summer. Let’s just say she hit for 30pts and over 10 assist that game. I seen that game live and in person, Paris will be just fine at D1

  • @truth said,

    I am sure she will do well. Criticism (which this was not) comes with the territory. Maybe her immediate “camp” aren’t ready for the next level. Thick skin is required when you are in the spotlight. People praise and pick apart. Have to accept both.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The best guard on guard defense that I saw during the tournament was from #23 Chardae Carter from Page….She is relentless when she decides to matchup and play all out…If more kids played some ‘D’ like that, we would have more/different teams in contention…Carter still has to learn to do it all the time, but when she hits that ‘D’ button, look out….

    Only three seniors on the Page girls team…Kea, Polite and Carter, from what I saw on MaxPreps….Sherman is a junior and I thought she was a senior…..

  • Defense said,

    The best defense I saw were #21-GDS; #23 Page; #42 NG; #?? Smith. And maybe one more from GDS would make my defensive team

  • Andy Durham said,

    #24 Myra Henderson from GDS ver good defense also…That is what I will remember about her, her defense….

    #42 from Northern Guilford Lasha Seaton and #21 from GDS Tamera Thorpe and you have to give some defensive credit to Caroline Spurr from GDS too, that is a big part of her game, there is no telling how many steals she had….

  • Tom said,

    Lasha Seaton is a fundamentally sound tenacious defender. She can defend the 1 through the 4. Look for very good things from Lasha in the future.

  • Tashelle said,

    Thanks Tom & ‘Defense’. Lasha is a great defensive player and is still learning the game. Having played the 4,5 until high school, she is a diamond in the ruff in the 2,3 position. She comes from basketball family as she is the sister of NG alum Vontreece Hayes 🙂