Timco Invitational Game Report – Greensboro Day vs Page Boys

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Greensboro Day vs Page
12/28/13 6:00 at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Ctr
At Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Ctr

PAGE – 51

GREENSBORO DAY (14-2): Darius Moore 5-12 4-4 16; Peter Agba 5-9 2-2 12; Bryan Rouse 4-16 1-2 9; Marquelle McIntyre 2-4 1-2 7; Trevor Mayo 2-7 1-3 5; Marshall Macheledt 1-1 1-2 3; Will Dillard 0-2 1-2 1; James Millner 0-0 0-0 0; Paul Sprick 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 19-51 11-17 53.

PAGE (11-1): Jeremy Harris 5-10 2-2 13; Ty Graves 5-14 1-2 12; Diondre Overton 5-8 1-1 11; Anthony Eaves 3-9 0-1 7; Xavier Hill-Mais 1-6 3-3 5; Jalen Seegars 1-4 1-2 3; Cedric Banks 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 20-51 8-11 51.

   Greensboro Day................    8   11   17    7   10  -   53
   Page..........................    6   11   13   13    8  -   51

3-point goals–Greensboro Day 4-11 (Darius Moore 2-5; Marquelle McIntyre 2-3; Bryan Rouse 0-3), Page 3-13 (Anthony Eaves 1-4; Ty Graves 1-4; Jeremy Harris 1-3; Jalen Seegars 0-2).
Fouled out–Greensboro Day-Peter Agba, Page-None.
Rebounds–Greensboro Day 35 (Peter Agba 12), Page 30 (Jeremy Harris 10).
Assists–Greensboro Day 8 (Darius Moore 3), Page 5 (Jeremy Harris 2).
Total fouls–Greensboro Day 16, Page 16.
Technical fouls–Greensboro Day-None, Page-None.

2013 TIMCO Invitational – Men’s Championship Game

All-Tournament Team
Diondre Overton – Page
Ty Graves – Page
Anthony Eaves – Page
Peter Agba – GDS
Bryan Rouse – GDS
MVP – Darius Moore –GDS

Jim Pritchett Sportsmanship Award – Marcus Curry – Northern Guilford

  • Congrats said,

    Congrats to the GDS Boys for winning their 3rd Timco Championship. You won fair and square. Considering everyone feels that private schools play weak competition and I guess we still haven’t played anyone!! HA HA HA Live by the 3…die by the 3. No 3’s tonight Pirates! GDS plays defense. Oh, this feels so good.

  • KIR said,

    Darius was the difference. He controlled the game and hit all the big shots and free throws. If X man could finish for Page, they would have won. Page missed a lot of shots in the paint and Eaves was cold as ice. Give credit to GDS D as they forced Pirates to put it on the floor and make 2’s instead of 3’s. Page has more talent but Coach Freddy is the best. And someone tell me Pete Agba is 25 years old.

  • BigBuck said,

    If you think GDS was the better team you’re kidding yourself. Several lucky foul breaks for GDS and Page just couldn’t really make a three. They’ve only been off once before and they won that game. GDS didn’t do much to challenge the three, Page just couldn’t sink them.

  • SmallBucks said,

    @BigBuck, you’re right, other than picking up Page’s guards right after they crossed halfcourt and not letting Eaves or Graves get off an uncontested 3, GDS didn’t do much to challenge the 3. What game were you watching?

  • @Big Bucks said,

    Big Bucks just take the L. It was an L and almost all of Greensboro was in the gym and saw the game. Take it like a big strong gnarly Pirate why don’t ya…AARGH!!!! Y’all let those GDS kids beat y’all and they don’t play nobody in these weak private school conferences…lol Take it BigBuck… take it like the staunch Pirate supporter you are. Show some class.

  • Tom said,

    GDS will always be in the game because of the defense they play. Great team defense gives everybody trouble. They are always the most fundamentally sound team in the area and that is due to their coach. He does it year in and year out. They beat a lot of teams that have more talent than them, but they are the better team.

  • Pirates said,

    Page missed Jalen Gavin tonight. He could have handled the pressure and ran the offense! Then Graves and Eaves would of only had to worry about getting open for their shot! They had to many TO’s tonite and took some shots to early in their offense! And way to much dribbling! Give credit to GDS, they new that without Gavin at the point they could put more pressure on the ball.

  • The Game is Bigger than Me said,

    Don’t tell me that coach does not matter. Freddy has forgotten more basketball than most of us will ever learn. Teaching players floor spacing, defensive stop points, angles of attack and especially what is a good shot for you is simply above the rim coaching unmatched in this market. Too bad we don’t have enough coaches in the middle school and AAU levels teaching kids his style of basketball which is not “me first” basketball. The Page players were not me first players but I truly believe the GDS players have clearly brought into the system.

  • Lesson learned said,

    The GDS pressure was not turning Ty or Ant over. GDS probably had more turnovers than Page. GDS simply made sure that Ty and Ant had someone in their face if the ball was within 3 ft of their reach. My guess is that Page rarely plays teams that can match up with them on the floor in terms of speed and basketball IQ. GDS made them earn every second of this game. I would bet Freddy would love to have any of those Page players at GDS. I thought both Ty and Ant played a great game but they were just forced to play at a different tempo and level tonight than the run and gun style that other teams allow most night. Page will be better for the experience as they get into conference play and try to make a deep run in the playoffs. This team is good enough to win the 4A states against Charlotte Olympic.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Lesson learned made a good point….For most of the game, GDS dictated the tempo of the game and then Page changed the tempo when they made their runs….

    The game fit the GDS patern perfectly, a game in the 50’s…..They run a lot more these days than ever before, but still do it with control…..

  • Pirate said,

    Yes, GDS ball pressure did hurt Graves and Eaves tonite…..It had them by the end of the game with no legs,hurrying shots and when I say TO’s I mean turnovers when they come down and don’t pass the ball and just shoot an air ball and GDS gets the rebound for a dunk or page comes down doesn’t pass the ball again and shoots a 3 hits front rim and GDS gets the rebound and its a 3! So yes I do hope Page takes this as leason learned all the way around!

  • Great game said,

    Enjoyed a great defensive battle tonight both teams played hard gds does have tough competition in January playing Wesleyan high point Christian and Forsyth country day. Page will be fine they were cold but gds played great defense against them. This page team will grow up going into these next two months because conference play is about to start. They’ve got to take care of business in the metro and I think it’ll be smooth sailing for the pirates.

  • New to the area said,

    I was impressed with both the GDS coaching & how hard their kids play. I think Page has a very talented team and will have a good season. It was a lot of fun to watch these two teams match up.

  • appy said,

    First of all the Bengals just find a way to win. All this talk about this is the year to get GDS and knock them off the top. No question their are more D-1 prospects for Page. But what was evident last night is the inability of Page to run any type of offense. I am not sure they did anything other than straight isolation or two man game the whole night. I watched the first two games and their offense was created when the D helped on penetration. GDS never gave Eaves a look in the half court set and they never really allowed consistent penetration that required double teams. The Harris kid was able to take advantage of his size advantage but other than that there was very little for Page. As you would expect, GDS had a plan and they followed that plan. Coach Johnson has a way to keep those guys on task. I think the difference is Page has been winning with Eaves and Graves scoring. Eaves has been insane the last few weeks. He only got 9 shots. Only 4 3’s. That doesn’t just happen. He took that many 3’s in the first quarter of the previous two games. Great win for a great program. Just goes to show you that you can’t sleep on GDS. This might be the highlight of their season. They have Wesleyan and HP Christian in their league and both of those teams are really really good.

  • Coaching was the difference said,

    GDS proved the value of having pick and roll, back door cuts and running your shooters off picks. If you don’t have those basic plays within your playbook, then you will have a long night. GDS plays a lot more high level individual players each year than schools like Page will ever face. GDS’s experience in handling those players and getting their act together prior to this game was priceless. Page uses too much isolation for Eaves and Graves. They are great individual players but you must get the rest of the team involved in the cuts and pick through moves when going against a GDS team unless you are going to shoot 20-30 foot shots all night. Coaching and preparation was the difference last night (period).

  • What game were you watching? said,

    Gds didn’t run any shooters off any picks? Not a lot of back doors either. Page was in a zone until the second half of the fourth quarter. Gds forced page to go man by holding the ball. You can’t run shooters off picks or have back door cuts against a zone. Gds used good ball movement, penetration and smart shots to beat page. Look if you wanna give credit to Freddy that’s fine but do it in the right way. Nobody ran off picks for gds, they didn’t back door either. They ran “push down” looking for a back door in the stall offense against man but it wasn’t there. They started throwing a couple players at Darius to force the action, he split and fed the open man. Congrats to GDS. If you post about X’s and O’s then know what you’re talking about. If you post to congratulate, say congratulations

  • coaching was the difference said,

    I was actually trying to make the point that Page (not GDS) should have had these weapons in their attack with pick/rolls, back doors, etc.. You will not beat a team like GDS with 1on1 ball handling. Page did not do enough to create spacing off the ball. You must space out against GDS and create confusion opposite the ball. Page just tried to beat GDS off the dribble. Page should have posted GDS over and over but they must trust their post players to finish the play or kick it back out to the shooters.

  • Fear said,

    “He” cant coach.. “He” did it for years at his previous school. “He” can not win big games. “He” is too cool for the pressure. They’re a train wreck waiting to happen. So don’t complain when “He” does not lead them to the promise land. “He” only cares about his image and not about his players development.

  • fearing what said,

    @Fear Who you are referring to? What coach won somewhere else but is in a different location and winning now?

  • Sammy said,

    This was a great championship game. The GDS staff had their kids ready & prepared to play. They were able to overcome the size / length that Page had on them. GDS seemed to be in total control of the game from the tip. Hopefully, Page can win the State 4A championship this year as it has been awhile for the area.