Graham Sporting Goods New Guilford County/Area High School Basketball Polls

Posted by Andy Durham on January 16, 2014 at 10:24 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

Boys Public School Top Ten:
1) Page(13-1)
2) Southwest Guilford(12-3)
3) Ragsdale(11-3)
4) Northwest Guilford(13-2)
5) High Point Central(9-4)
6) Smith(8-6)
7) Western Guilford(9-6)
8) Northern Guilford(9-7)
9) Eastern Guilford(9-6)
10) Mprtheast Guilford(7-7)

Girls Public School Top Ten:
1)Southwest Guilford(11-2)
2) Page(11-4)
3) Dudley(7-6)
4) Northern Guilford(12-4)
5) Southeast Guilford(11-4)
6) Northwest Guilford(8-7)
7) Ragsdale(9-5)
8) Eastern Guilford(8-6)
9) High Point Andrews(6-5))
10) Southern Guilford(8-7)
Around the area, Southern Alamance(13-1)…..

Private School Boys Top Ten:
1 Greensboro Day School(20-2)
2) High Point Christian Academy(14-3)
3) Wesleyan(13-6)
4) Bishop McGuinness(14-3)
5) Forsyth Country Day(18-6)
6) New Hope Christian Academy(15-6)…*****Got an updated record from Coach Mike Shaw at New Hope today and time to move them on up…*****
7) New Garden Friends School(12-4)
8) Caldwell Academy(8-10)
9) Westchester Country Day(8-8)
10) Vandalia Christian School(6-7)

Private School Girls Top Ten:
1) New Hope Christian Academy(19-0)
2) Bishop McGuinness(12-2)
3) Greensboro Day School(20-2)
4) Wesleyan(10-9)
5) Guilford Home Educators(17-0)
6) New Garden Friends(4-5)
7) Caldwell Academy(7-7)
8) Vandalia Christian(4-8)
9) Forsyth Country Day(6-12)
10) High Point Christian(1-5)

Boys Combined Top Ten Public and Private School Poll:
1) Greensboro Day School(20-2)
2) High Point Christian Academy(14-3)/Page(13-1)
4) Wesleyan(13-6)
5) Bishop McGuinness(14-3)
6) Southwest Guilford/(12-3)
7) Ragsdale(11-3)
8) Northwest Guilford(13-2)
9) Forsyth Country Day(18-6)
10) High Point Central(9-4)

  • Mr. parity said,

    In girls public schools seems to be like mens college this year. Lotta teams that on any given night could beat anyone. At least more so than last year.

  • McFly said,

    I think you missed Page in the Boys combined.

  • Eagle Dad said,

    Caldwell Boys just defeated Westchester 63-50 this week. How is WCD still ranked above them?

  • Andy Durham said,

    If we had a Guilford County Schools Girl’s Tournament with the Top Ten Teams, on a given night/day any team could be your winner….SWG, Page, SEG, Dudley, Northern, EG, NWG, Ragsdale, HP Andrews, Southern and if you throw in GDS and Southern Alamance, you would have yourself one whale of a tournament…The Metro and Piedmont Triad 4-A Tourneys ought to be real good ones this year…

    One night this year I saw SWG beat EG on a last second shot, also NWG beat Ragsdale last week, Page got past SEG, SEG beat NWG, Page beat SEG, SWG beat Page, HP Andrews was right there with Dudley in the 4th Quarter, Dudley just beat SA, and you could go on and on, but the girls are pretty close/even in the County….

    Makes for some interesting basketball….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Page tied with HPCA in the boys combined for #2 right behind GDS boys…

    I will go back and adjust the Caldwell spot, had that on one of my sheets, but did not make that adjustment this morning…Am with you on the 63-50, from earlier this week….Point on that one is how they are currently playing and that is a current 13-point difference….

    We will adjust that one….

    Lost to write down and lots to study with head-to-head, overall record and how are they playing now all to be taken into account….

    One of this mornings key studies was on the boys side with WG, NG and EG…It was like EG beat WG, but WG beat NG and NG beat EG, but WG is playing better at this current time…Lots to take into account….

  • SA said,

    Why are you all trying to act like Sothern Alamance girls 13-1 record does not exist? We are not just in the area. We are in the Metro Conference with the best player in Shayla Burnett.

  • Observer said,

    With all due respect SA the best player in that conference plays for Page and that’s Paris Kea.

  • Poll Adjustment said,

    Also feel the New Hope boys should be ranked ahead of New Garden, NH has beaten NG twice and the strength of schedule has to account for somthing. Max Preps has New Hope as #37 in NC..

  • Tim said,

    Each poll I c has a word in it. That word is school , why does I name from another county keep coming up? Does SA have a team or just 1 player?

  • Excited said,

    They Paris vs Shay debate. This is going to be funny.I dont know which to pick so I’m going to go with Kennedy Currie from Dudley.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We will do some more study work on the New Hope boys…I may be time for them to make a more….NGFS at (12-4) in 16 games, New Hope at (8-8) and I want to go back and look more at the head-to-head and also see if NGFS has any thoughts on their schedule vs. the Hew Hope schedule…

    The time is now to lay it on the table….

    Southern Alamance girls headed toward Page on January 28 and it has the makings for a real good one…I think last year’s game with Page and SA went into OT at Page and it was one of our area’s top games of the year…Two solid teams and the game will be one week from this coming Tuesday….

  • Tim said,

    I sure hope SA shows up with more than 1 player

  • Another Observer said,

    I think geographically that the Metro would be better off with Northwest Guilford and drop SA. Let SA go back to 3a and play in a conference in Alamance and Randolph Counties which is closer to them. I see Northern joining the Metro shortly if they keep growing.

  • Dexter said,

    Another Observer

    Northern was in the Metro but they kept getting whoop like they stole something!

  • Wrong said,

    Northern has never been in the metro. They have always been 3-A.

  • Page said,


  • coming soon to 4A said,

    It is funny how people love to make up information on this site. To say that Northern was in the Metro which is all 4A when Northern has never been more than 3A with its student #s. They will obviously be 4A with the next round of conference changes. Northern has 4A players and programs in a 3A conference.

  • Sports fan said,

    Hey just new to the area but the young grimsley team although up and down is very dangerous and can finish second in that conference should they get it together. They have beat NE, SW, and HP Central and they probably should be In that top 10…

  • FYI said,

    To @coming soon to 4A and others
    Dudley has always been in the Metro even when they were 3AA until these past few years, so saying that Northern could not be in the Metro would not be far fetched.

  • PatAttack said,

    @Page- The Lady Patriots are focused on achieving their team goals, unfortunately you guys are a stepping stone that’s about to be stepped on. April, Alexus,Jenna, Kelsie, Metro POY and crew are coming!

  • Dale Fulton said,

    LOL. Really Bishop ahead of FCD in private’s poll and ahead of SWG among others in the combined?

    I think we have a credibility factor looming.

  • Excited said,


    Leave Andy alone…lol I enjoy Andy’s polls and basketball coverage. He is doing a great job. His list is better then the news and record poll earlier this week. As always the news and record selects Bishop. How many newspapers do they get in kernersville?