8th Grade All-Star Games coming February 22 to Ben L. Smith High School

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2014 at 4:00 pm under Amateur, Audio, Video | 27 Comments to Read

The 8th Grade/Middle School All-Star Girls and Boys Basketball Games are coming up on Saturday February 22, at Ben L. Smith High School….The girl’s game will be at 5pm and the boy’s game will follow at 7pm….The Games are sponsored by the Veritas Sports Academy…Last year we saw Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford), Campbell Kargo(Page), Brion Seagraves(Dudley), Hendon Hooker(Dudley), David Funderburg(Page), Jordan Perkins(Greensboro Day) and many other kids that playing and starting on our high school teams here in Guiford County….I sure there are some names that I am leaving our from last year, but you can add them….Not sure if J.J. Watson, now of Smith was in that game, but somebody else will know….Add-in Kameron Langley (SWG), Jalen Spicer (NWG), Reggie Davis (NWG) and I was just thinking about Spicer last night and thinking he may have been there and he was…Gonna be a lot of fun for these kids….

Many more future stars are coming on and we look forward to seeing what they can do/what they can bring to the table/court on February 22…Hope to see you there and I know we will see many of you at this game…They will have East and West teams, with the selection process coming from the Middle School coaches…..

Check out the video below from the Alan Hooker team/films and enjoy and then get ready for the 2nd Annual 8th Grade All-Star Games on February 22, at Ben L. Smith High School….


*****They have requested that the Middle School coaches nominate the players that had the most impact against them and not to nominate their own players.*****

  • Girls Coach said,

    Who can the coaches contact to nominate players?? Can private school girls be considered?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Comtact this E-mail address….

    Alan Hooker at:


  • Public Schools said,

    This is for Guilford County Public Schools, private school kids get to play enough games in there season. Why not just do a private school all-star game .

  • For all 8th graders said,

    It shouldn’t just be for guilford county and I coach in guilford county. It’s an 8th grade all star game. Not public school 8th grade all star game. They’re are plenty of 8th graders in private and public and the best should make it. Reclassed 8th graders shouldn’t however tjough. But if they’re are 8th grade girls and boys that aren’t reclassed at public schools then they deserve a shot. They are 8th graders. Not high schoolers yet. Let them get their moment

  • Public Schools said,

    Private school kids have there moment with being able to play more games in a season and being able to play a conferance tournament. Public middle school players get 12 games and no conferance tournament so let them have there time in there Guilford County Public School All-Star game.

  • For all 8th graders said,

    But you are wrong. We get to play 14 games in guilford county. It is an 8th grade all star game. Not just a guilford county one. The game had players from private schools last year. It should again this year. If you are worried about your child or player not making the cut then they should keep working on their game. Like I said, reclassed 8th graders shouldn’t be allowed. But all non reclassed 8th graders at public or private should be considered.

  • Public Schools said,

    I’m not worried about my child making it and she will make it and she will continue to keep working hard. Her school played a private school this year and the game wasn’t much of game. If private schools played last year then they should let them play this year….no worries.

  • Many More said,

    Kameron Langley (SWG), Jalen Spicer (NWG), Reggie Davis (NWG)

  • For all 8th graders said,

    You should know how the game works before you claim your daughter will make it. But just to pick your brain some, which private school team didn’t provide much of a game? Most private middle school girls teams in the area are weak outside of st pius. And who is your daughter? Maybe I’ll reccomend her. But if she’s already gonna make it like you stated maybe I shouldn’t. I’ve seen just about all the 8th grade girls In the area and there is only 2-3 that really stood out. The 7th grade class overall is much stronger.

  • wow! said,

    Wow! I want to thank the team of people trying to host this event first of all. An event like this takes time and it is appreciated. My daughter plays for a public school team. I don’t know the rules on whom can get nominated, the more I think about it, I don’t care. My daughter has many 8th friends public and private that are very talented. They all work very hard on and off the court. Some people are trying to take the fun out of this. Regardless if my daughter makes this selected team or not, she will continue to work hard on and off the court. First priority academics, then basketball. An All Star team nomination won’t define her. Her sportsman ship, her attitude, her willingness to be the best team player she can be, will define her. And who cares if the 8th grade private school kids that are re-classed get nominated. They didn’t get an opportunity to get selected when they were in 7th grade. Maybe they were not re-classed, maybe they started school at a different age than ours. I personally know some current freshman 9th grade girls that are great ball players, that did not get nominated last year. Yes they had hurt feelings, but they took that emotion and poured it onto the court over the summer and fall. These girls have had a great freshman season and I am proud of them-most playing varsity as well. Some current 8th graders girls and boys will get upset this season that they don’t get nominated and will do nothing about it. Then you have the others that will use it as fuel to develop their game. Currently out of the 8th grade girls we know, 4 of my daughters friends that attend different public schools have verbal and or written interest communication with D1 and D2 level college coaches. We know 1 private school young lady. I am not mentioning the current school they attend since some families do not like their personal business exposed. Based on that I personally know more than 2-3 that stand out… And yes the 7th grade pool is very strong. Very hard working young ladies and they will continue to grow and they will have their All Star moment next year. Attention anyone reading this: quit the craziness and support all of the wonderful young ladies and gentleman in this area. Guilford County public and private have so much talent and we as parents and or coaches should be supportive off all of them.

  • For all 8th graders said,

    It’s funny, you just said your daughter was going to make the team? Now you are saying it’s about academics and you don’t care if she does. You were the one who started the thread saying private schoolers shouldn’t be allowed and now you are changing your mind once somebody asks why a private school kid can’t play? Confusing. Best of luck to you and your daughter

  • wow! said,

    I am a different parent, with a different point of view than that whom wrote the other comments…Just irritated by all the comments by both “For all 8th graders” and “Public Schools”

    Don’t forget, this is a public website, more than 2 people read it and the children read it as well.

  • Truth said,

    How old are the girls on St. Pius?

  • For all 8th graders said,

    St pius girls are all 13-14 years old. Regular 8th grade age. None of them to my knowledge are reclassed. You shouldn’t be irritated by any comments. One said they thought private school players shouldn’t play and one said they should. Nothing on here that is bad for parents or kids to read I wouldn’t think.

  • Public Schools said,

    @for all 8th graders….please don’t get me confused with other parents or coaches……I do know the game and I know how it works. And there are way more than 3 8th graders that stand out in Guilford County. Southwest has 1 of the top girls in 8th grade. Northern has 2 out standing 8th graders. Ferndale has the top 8th grader in the State. Northeast has another, Kernodle has a couple and I could go on and on. The talent pool in 7th grade is good you are right about that matter fact the 2 best girls on my daughters team are 7th graders .Another thing you are right about is St Pius is probably the best middle school team private and public. I have had the opportunity to work with 4 of the St Pius school girls for a couple years ,and they are very well coached at St Pius and can put 6 girls on a all-star team. Not only are they good basketball players but they are overall good girls.
    I don’t know where you coach but I hope all the girls you want to make the all-star team make it. Maybe we should lobby for a all-star game with the public schools vs the private schools and you could see there are more than 3 girls that stand out in Guilford County Public schools.

  • Truth said,

    I find it hard to believe the girls on St. Pius didn’t reclassify or start school late. They are more physically mature than every team they play against. They are very talented girls, but it appears they should be playing high school basketball. I believe playing against younger kids is over kill at some point.

  • For all 8th graders said,

    I don’t follow the girls as much. I don’t really care who makes the all star team because I don’t coach any of the girls. I bet kernodle middle school could give St pius a really good game. Along with Northern Middle. I hope all of your daughters make the team. I’m not interested in a private vs public school game like most of you people are. Why not put the best we have on two teams, split them up and have a fun game and recognize both the girls and boys for the hard work they put in?

  • WHAT A SHAME said,


  • MS Parents said,

    MS Parents always have some garbage going on. This is why I don’t like ms all star games. It turns into a mess. Let ms kids play the game in peace. We already know who the best 8th grade girls player is in Guilford county. She is the new Paris Kea.

  • Andy Durham said,

    For those that didn’t make to the game, last year’s event was a fun game….For those that don’t get to see much Middle School ball during the year, it gives you a chance to see who we might be watching next season on the high school level…

    I guess we will know when we go and I’m glad I took the time to get out to the game last year….

    It is good for the kids, as they seem to have a good time and again, I didn’t know who hardly any of those kids were until I saw them at the All-Star games….

    The way the high school schedule is running this year, not much time to get out to the Middle School games…

    Don’t rain on the kid’s parade…Good to see the kids get their names out there…Better to get the names out there and here instead of some of the other places they could end up….

    Look forward to seeing the 8th grade All-Stars….Have really no idea who they will be…Those of us not in the Middle Schoo circles/loop will look forward to a learning opportunity like this one….

    That Cameron Langley kid(SWG) from last year’s game has had a real big season on varsity this year and so has Spicer(NWG) and others….It is pretty neat to get to know who these kids are while they are still in Middle School and then see them move up and do good on the Varsity level…

    That is supposed to be the plan….Kids keep moving up and keep getting better and they have to have a way to get their names out there….Most of you don’t even realize how fast those high school years are going to go…You have to get it going while you have the chance and those four years fly by and if you have not done your work, it is over and you have missed your chance…

    I haven’t even seen any Middle School kids names on here this year, so we con’t really have any idea who to be watching yet…

    Hoping for a good game on the 22nd.

  • let the games begin said,

    I agree Andy. I went last year to watch and it was a lot of fun for the kids. So it was cool to see the 8th graders honored and a moment to show off a bit. The boys game was very entertaining! Trust me, if you dont hear their names now, you will be hearing them in their stats next season on their high school teams…and letters from college coaches might boost the kids heads too. But if they are true well grounded focused on getting to the next level players-they will continue to thrive and be the best teammates and best players they can be! These kids work hard and deserve any blessings God sends their way!

  • @ MS PARENTS said,

    Who’s the new Paris Kea…????

  • Best players said,

    Who are the top 10 ms 8th grade girls in Guilford county?

  • Information said,

    I followed the St. Pius girls and they did play northern and had a game set up with Kernodle. Kernodle cancelled on them without giving reason. St.Pius begged to play them but they wouldn’t do it. And St.Pius girls do NOT reclass. St.Pius doesn’t reclass children. They may be a little more physically mature but they actually start school a week before public schools. Please can we all stop bashing our wonderful athletes of Guilford county and just support them? @Truth and @For all 8th graders

  • Title Niner said,

    I think it’s GREAT that there is so much controversy and emotion around GIRLS basketball. There was a time not so long ago when nobody cared. There are many talented class of ’18 Greensboro girls and they all will be better because of the competition and support. I hope these girls inspire lots more young girls.

  • Dont ask for best players said,

    As soon as you leave somebody out there will be debates. Id say the best team is st pius, but only one of those girls will make an impact on the varsity level as a freshman. Northern has a good girl. Kernodle has a few. Ferndale has one. Greensboro day has a 2 on the varsity team I think as middle schoolers who are making an impact as 8th graders, Northwest has one. Weslyan has a middle schooler on varisty that is starting i think.

  • William Blakely said,

    Is this just for Guilford County middle schoolers? My daughter plays in Forsyth County, we are new to this school district and I was not aware that this type of thing exsisted.