Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight for 2/5/14

Posted by Andy Durham on February 5, 2014 at 10:39 am under High School | 11 Comments to Read

Grimsley at Smith
Southern Alamance at Page with a huge girls game here…We will be there to broadcast the game on GreensboroSports Radio with the tip-off coming at 6pm and the boys game will follow with #1 Page(18-1) facing the Southern Alamance Patriots…
Davidson Day at Greensboro Day School(24-3)
High Point Andrews at Eastern Guilford

There may be more games coming up tonight, so let us know if your team is playing…We know that Dudley goes Mount Tabor on Thursday and Southwest Guilford, along with sevaral other teams are in action tomorrow night….

Was at the Southern Alamance-Dudley girls game last night and that was one heck of a game….Big battle with the Panthers and Patriots and this now moves Southern Alamance to (5-1) in the Metro, Dudley falls to (5-2), Southeast Guilford is (5-2) and Page is (4-2)….Still quite a war going with the ladies going on here, and still a number of key games to be played…SA at Page tonight, SEG at SA on Friday, Dudley at Page next Tuesday, just to name a few of the key games….Burnett and SA battled hard last night and Shay got some help in the 4th quarter and she had to have it to have a chance to beat Dudley…When the Patriots teammates starting to get involved, that is where the game turned…Dudley could double-up on Shay and she had to make a play and she started to hit those open teammates and they converted the buckets….SA got strong early, then Dudley took over with Rouse and Abraham leading the way and turned out to be an outstanding game….Dudley would have wanted a different end result, but there is still time….No need for any of the teams to hit the panic button yet….

Was also at the Western Gulford-North Forsyth boys game and the floor at that game was filled up with good athletes…Both teams were loaded with talent and they could get up-and-down the floor and Western is a very good ball team….The final was 63-62 North Forsyth and the Sean Vestal-coached Vikings are good, but the Western Guilford team, led by coach Jerrod Harris are not far behind…Western loses by one point last night and in overtime in their previous meeting with North Forsyth…Both teams have to be playoff-bound and who knows, they might meet again in the post-season…Kedrick Flomo was tough for North, but Western was right there at the basket with Dockery, Walton, Marks, Whitley and others….Again, a very good game with back-and-forth action all night long and Western moved ahead by up to 5-6 points in this game, but they could not put North Forsyth away and you just knew if you allow a team as good as North to stick around, it oould come back to bite you…WG had a couple of good looks at the end, but they would not go down and this was a hard-fought contest at Western Guilford last night and again, you may see these two facing each other again in the playoffs, you just never know….

  • eghs said,

    HPA @ Eastern Guilford

  • Kerry said,

    How bout those rankings? Oh, I forgot we don’t matter being from Alamance County! SAY WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  • Fear said,

    Page girls will handle business tonight at home. SA will be tired from last night. Then 4 teams will be 5-2 in the metro with 3 games to go. The metro girls is better than college or nba ball.

  • reality check said,

    2 bad teams playing good against each other does not measure up to better than college or nba ball. What makes a game such as this interest or fun is the crowd support for the players which is offer missing at game for local college girls game such as Wake Forest and UNCG. School’s such as A&T and WSSU often have good crowds because they often play back to back games with the guys.

  • NE said,

    NE hosts McMichael tonight

  • Radio said,

    The radio is broadcasting a replay. No live broadcasting of SA vs Page?

  • Matt said,

    Page wins by two.

  • Tim said,

    Sounds like someone found the back door to Kea’s house. Hope the GPS can find Snow Camp

  • Pirate said,

    It was a fun game to watch that’s for certain. Was very close until Paris went off.

  • jared, said,

    Hey, Tim hope your GPS works on your ten speed bicycle or moped…

  • Tim said,

    How did you know I had a 10 speed. That’s a Cadillac for those still using a banana seat bike . Pedal on. My second favorite true SA fan