May not see another game like this one for a while, but you never know with four teams at (5-2) in Girls Metro

Posted by Andy Durham on February 5, 2014 at 11:04 pm under High School | 29 Comments to Read

Page 62
Southern Alamance 60
One of the better games you will see this year, girls or boys and that was a thriller in the ‘House that Mac Built’ tonight/Wednesday…..

There are now four teams at (5-2) in the Metro girls race with:
Southern Alamance(5-2)
Southeast Guilford(5-2)
Alphabetical order….

Game tonight/Wednesday was SA 17-11 end of one quarter, 28-24 at the half SA, 37-35 SA at the end of three periods and then Page with 62-60 final for the win….

Paris Kea and Shaylen Burnett are two very special players and we have been lucky to have to opportunity to watch them play over the past years in the Metro 4-A….

Paris with 38 tonight and Shay with 29 and Emily Casper was clutch for Page at the foul line late in the contest and Vivian Polite came up with two big 4th quarter baskets…

Shay came to play and she almost willed here team to a win….April Kelly was big and she had to miss some key minutes when her ankle gave her trouble, but she had that hook shot working tonight…..

The threes by Paris Kea in the second half were unreal…She was knocking them down right and left and it seemed like the left side was her best spot..

Great game and here goes the Metro 4-A into the stretch run…..

Super job by both teams and thanks for the memories that we will have from this ballgame….

Here’s those totals again from this evening’s showcase contest and close, man was it close and tight down the home stretch….Kargo gave Kea some strong support and as somebody said one time before, Paris has the Kea that makes the Kargo….You also have to give a solid A-1 job turned in by Alexus McGaugh and Kelsey Durham tonight….There were tough for the Patriots…..Pats and Pirates, some kind of matchups, when they get together…Last year at Page, it was OT and Page pulled it out…This a one possesion game in regulation…Hard to put this one down and let it go…..Whale of a night and good fuel for the future meetings…..

Page (14-6, 5-2)
Kea, Paris – 38
Kargo, Campbell – 15
Casper, Emily – 4
Polite, Vivian – 4
Sherman, Tiana – 1

Southern Alamance (18-2, 5-2)
Burnett, Shaylen – 29
Kelly, April – 11
Durham, Kelsey – 7
McGaugh, Alexus – 6
Smith, Kelby – 2
Haugie, Jenna – 2
Rose, Mariah – 2
Roseboro, Makayla – 1

  • Metro 4A said,

    The metro 4A is crazy this year. It will be interesting to see who wins it all. You have 4 great teams right there and they are all very deserving. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Bobby said,

    I wouldn’t use the word “Great” too losely. The best average team may win.

  • Metro said,

    The four top teams will do well in the state playoffs. Still over all it is the best 4a conference in the state. Nothing “lose” about that, it’s fact.
    Go look at Alexander Central’s schedule on Maxpreps, no way that they could hang in the metro. Yet the are highly ranked. I guess we will see how it all shakes out shortly.

  • @metro said,

    Seems that I heard only the top 3 teams make the state palyoffs this year in the Metro?which would mean one of those teams wont make it. Gonna come down to the wire!!!

  • Page Pirate said,

    Well we know that one of those teams will be us “PAGE” because we have the right set of “KEAS”! Now the rest will have to figure out where they fit in!

  • Metro said,

    I am hearing that it is possible that the #4 team could get a wild card spot in the tournament. Wouldn’t that be cool if the #4 team got in and won the state!

  • Andy Durham said,

    One thing is for certian, Paris Kea and Shay Burnett have done a very good job of helping to put girls/womens basketball on the map in Guilford and Alamance counties….Rouse, Currie, Shutt, Grinage, Burgins, Spurr, Chandler and many other seniors too, but Kea and Burnett, they have left and stamp and it has been one of positive reinforcement for girls basketball…

    Interest is growing….

  • Metro said,

    I agree Andy – interest is growing. I hope the good female players do not transfer to the private schools like many of the good male players do.

  • matt, said,

    hey Pirate, Page has to go s.a. on senior for for shay. Good luck with that….

  • observer said,

    Burnett and Kea HAVE left a positive stamp on this conference (and they both seem like really good kids in general) but their fans sadly have not. 2 very different style of players so the comparisons are ignorant. They both are going to great schools that they CHOSE. If the 4-A metro wants to be respected in the State then be respectable. AAU rivalry has no place in the high school discussion.

  • Pirate said,


    The fans for girl’s basketball at Page are rabid. It isn’t just for SA games either. I guarantee that will last around here for a while, and it helps that schools like Dudley and Page are attracting talent OVER private schools.

    I don’t remember which player went to GDS from Page but I bet she regrets leaving.

  • Tim said,

    It’s not called luck it’s called talent

  • Lady Phoenix said,


    There are comparisons in all sports. One player just happens to be better than the other. SEC and Southern Conference are not the same.

  • PatAttack said,

    @ Observer- You are absolutely correct in the above statements. I will try not to stoop down to Tim’s (coach that is) level and just enjoy watching the lady patriots complete the mission.

  • observer said,

    without even realizing it….you have all just proved my point.

  • Page Pirate said,

    Paris Kea is better than any private or public school girls basketball player in the area. The gap is so wide that second place is whomever any one wants to throw in there just to fill in some blanks.

  • SARAH said,


    We are quite sure all the girls that play are nice so that is a blanket statement. We are talking about basketball and one just happens to be better and her name is Paris Kea.

  • Tim said,

    Pat attack : observer just called you a sad fan and you agreed , that’s priceless my number one true SA fan. Keep it up makes me want to move SnowCamp more every day

  • observer said,

    ANY private or public school players? WOW….In the whole wide world? UCONN must have been upset!

  • SEG said,


    Why would a team be banking on the #4 spot. Whom do you think the 3 will be with out any hesitations?

  • PatAttack said,

    @Ignorant Lady Phoenix- Ms Burnett could have played in the ACC, Your SEC, Big East, Big 10. She has been recruited by almost every conference in the land. I do know this, she CHOSE Elon and was extremely excited about it. By the way, its not the SoCon It’s the CAA she will be playing in.



    No it is not!



  • Lady Phoenix said,

    Sure patattack! sure!

  • Tim said,

    Patattack mad now. He’s throwing all out there now. Somebody give him a shovel before he falls in it

  • Ed said,


    What was the hold up for signing recently this week when National signing day was back in November?

  • G-Man said,

    @Patattack you need to stick with HS Basketballonly bc Elon is in the SoCon. Must be at SnowCamp education.

  • High Point said,

    There are two teams who will not bow down to Paris. Southwest and Andrews guards have no respect for no other guards. Greensboro people just think they are better than burlington, winston, and high point people. That is why southern alamance wants respect. Paris doesnt want it with Imani Watkins.

  • SWG rocks said,

    SWG is the team to watch in the playoffs

  • PatAttack said,

    The signings took place in november, press release was last week and Elon moves to the CAA with Shay next season. Now who knows what?