WFMY News 2 Sports features the girls basketball team from New Hope Christian Academy

Posted by Andy Durham on February 7, 2014 at 10:52 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

New Hope Christian Academy sits at (27-0) on the season and word is starting to get around about the girls from Thomasville….WFMY News 2 Sports feature here, when you CLICK HERE and that will let you more about this fine girls team….

This team is on the go and 2 Wants to Know more, so we have Julie Luck and Frank Mickens on the call….Click Above….

  • Fan said,

    YES!!!! Go New Hope!!! Shout put to ALL the players!!! Akela, Kristina, Nakiah, Katherine, Lucky, Jordan, Ciani, Aryn, Timber, Malaik, Dayshia, Karimah, Khady,

  • justin said,

    Way to go New Hope Academy! Girls that know how to play basketball! If you are looking for a major scholarship then playing for Lady Phoenix AAU and New Hope is the way to go. If juco, d2 or d3 is your thing then local schools and AAU programs like Lady Gaters, Midstate majic, Winston Salem Steelers, Team Rhein may be where you ought to go.

  • Honored Parent said,

    My daughter is a big fan of Akela Maize!!! “She says mom look shes really tall” She can’t wait too see her play at NC State next season she loves the Wolfpack! Thank you for being a great role model for the team and your fans.

  • Ignorant said,

    Justin, you sir, are a fool. Whether its true or not that the phx or new hope gets you a scholarship, that doesnt mean you have to put other programs down? im sure Delaney doesnt support ignorant people like you saying stupid things like that. You are a flat out idiot

  • Coach Dad said,

    3 games left before the big dance ladies of New Hope. I’m very happy for Coach Delaney Rudd and this program with everything that the team had to over come this season with the lost of #14(RIP),injuries,etc.But threw it all the New Hope girls are playing for something bigger than a championship or future college offers this season,and that the memory of #14 lives on in the hearts and souls of the coaching staff,players,parents and the whole New Hope family forever.Which in a way seems strange because the name New Hope is why each player made the choice to come play here and is sometimes in life everyone needs to move forward.Much success to New Hope&Coach Rudd well deserved.Parents after this season there will be a waiting list to sign up,so get on the phone to Coach Rudd……enough said.

  • Coach Dad said,

    On the other hand to the comments made about certain AAU teams and the program you play under,not preparing in the classroom in keeping your grades up to standard to get into a D1 or D2 college of your choice.Juco gives players a chance to see how bad they want to play on the next level,your skill set & AAU team&coach can’t help you in the classroom.Thats why when the future players look up to players like 6’5 Akela Maize who is a Honer Student and who was in the academy at Dudley H.S with offers from 1.Harvard 2.Stanford.3.Notre Dame 4.Vanderbilt 5.Provindence 6.Auburn and the list goes on before choosing to attend NC State to be close to home so her parents could see her play,and who is team captain for New Hope and who transfer to be part of a team structure and prepare for the next level at State as a student/athlete and college grad,there’s your role model,not how many points you can score and your grades are poor….enough said.