Some Big Games coming up this week on the high school basketball scene

Posted by Andy Durham on February 9, 2014 at 3:36 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Big games we know of so far this week and we will be adding more….

Greensboro Day School at Hig Point Christian Academy(boys) on Monday

Dudley at Page(girls and boys) on Tuesday
Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford(girls and boys) on Tuesday
Eastern Alamance at Eastern Guilford(boys and girls) on Tuesday
Wheatmore at High Point Andrews(girls) on Tuesday

Wesleyan at New Garden Friends School(boys) on Thursday
High Point Christian Academy at Oak Hill(boys) on Thursday

Page at Southern Alamance(girls) on Friday
Southeast Guilford at Dudley(girls) on Friday
Northwest Guilford at East Forsyth(boys) on Friday
Western Guilford at Central Davidson(boys) on Friday
Smith at Grimsley(boys) on Friday

*****The Caldwell Academy Girls Varsity Basketball Team clinched back to back Conference Championships back on Friday. Coach Ren Stewart has a two year conference record of 18-1 in the TAC 2A Private school. Conference tournament(Caldwell and WCD) starts this week at Westchester Country Day School.*****

  • Crabby Patty said,

    Correction Andy…. on the Northwest/Southwest Guilford game Southwest Guilford is playing at Northwest Guilford on Tuesday

  • Kenneth Brown Jr. said,

    Southern Alamance at Smith Tuesday (Boys and Girls)

  • dueces said,

    Seeing how Caldwell girls have dominated, they should really try and schedule some public schools, might make for some interesting, and would at least get them some credibility and respect in the area. Other private/indepent schools do it.

  • It does not matter said,

    Why would Caldwell need to schedule some public schools for “credibility and respect”? Whether Caldwell won or loss, the general public would not think twice about them. The private schools pay more attention to the private teams and the public schools to the public teams. GDS gets more attention because they are the long standing program in the city and have had higher profile players in both their boys and girls basketball teams that would have been superstars at any 4A school in the area. The Caldwell coach is completed dedicated to his team, understands the game and is a good coach. Any players considering the private school route should give Caldwell a consideration because they are building a great program. Back to your “credibility and respect” – it is great to win games on the floor but remember the players at Caldwell will/have gained the most important credibility and respect from the classroom. Caldwell is one of the toughest private schools to enter but it is worth it once your time is complete.


    Well Panthers its time for you to come over to Pirateville both your girls and boys. First off the girls game will be senior night and Paris is going to go off because you have no one that can match up. Let me say not three at one time that can. Look for a career night and a big win before they take care of lil southern alamancee to capture the conference title. Sorry!

    The boys game will not be close this time. Big numbers from evryone as “THE BIG RED MACHINE” ROLLS!

  • Panther Pride said,

    We are coming to beat Page not Paris, it’ll be Page and Southern battling for second on Friday night. By the way that’s Shay’s senior night. Sorry.

  • Pirate said,

    @Panther Pride

    There is a very good chance that Page beats y’all tomorrow night. I’d give Page favorable odds due to the environment; we all know that the Page fans have been the best this year.

    Don’t overlook senior-night for Page. That is a serious deal, and it should be enough to push Page past Dudley.

    Can’t wait to play y’all!

  • nwghbaseballfan said,

    Big week for NWG, as they have games with SW (home) and EF (away). The first game against each of those were 1 point games. Good luck Vikings!

  • nwghbaseballfan said,

    Referring to the boys’ team in my above post, but good luck to the Lady Vikings too! They’ve had a great season with a really young team. I believe if they win both games this week, they’ll do no worse than tie for 1st.

  • Not So Fast said,

    Page I would not toot my horn so soon. Lets just hope the nchsaa does not investigate the use of players that live out of district. You guys would lose a lot of games.

  • thats not true said,

    we all know page has players that dont live in district. But if the county signs off on you being able to attend an out of county school, then those kids are fine. Im sure they all had the county switch form approved.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The county’s job was to do all of their investigative work before the current season started/began and that is what they did.

    They approved everything and you keep on playing/play on…

    All teams know what they are facing and you just go out and do what you can to get the job done and that is your job and everybody has to keep on doing their job at this stage of the basketball season….

  • matt, said,

    Patriot girls have no worries this week….

  • SO COCKY said,

    Sooooooooo over the PAGE FANS cockiness. I hope Dudley puts you in your place tonight (AND NO I AM NOT A DUDLEY FAN). Then friday you and your cocky opponents can go at it all over again. ITS RIDICULOUS let the play of your team do the talking instead of your mouths running all the time.

  • next year, said,

    You will be hearing crickets, next year at Page varsity girls games. Kea is a once every decade talent.Good luck to her at Vandy…