Tuesday Night Scoring Desk – February 11, 2014

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10:11 PM – Update #12

Our Games of the Night are from Page High School where Dudley is visiting -Listen to the REplay at GreensboroSports Radio followed by the Thursday Basketball In Focus from Shane’s Rib Shack – featuring this week New Garden Friends School.

Greensboro/Guilford County and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools are closed Wednesday

Boys Basketball
Eastern Alamance – 94
Eastern Guilford – 85

Bishop McGuinness – 59
Mount Airy – 49

Dudley – 57
Page – 56

Overtime Final
Southern Alamance – 74
Smith – 68

Greensboro Day School – 62
Calvary – 51

Western Guilford – 73
Southern Guilford – 45

Northern Guilford – 73
McMichael – 64

New Hope Christian Academy – 95
Genesis Academy(Lynchburg, Virginia) – 67

Westchester Country Day – 87
American Hebrew Academy – 31
Justice Cuthbertson scored his 1000th point in 3 years at WCDS on his first basket of the game tonight.

Southeast Guilford – 46
Grimsley – 68

Caldwell – 56
Trinity of Durham – 53

Southwest Guilford – 87
Northwest Guilford – 69

East Forsyth – 77
Ragsdale – 59

JV Boys Basketball
Southern Alamance – 49
Smith – 55

Girls Basketball
Dudley – 44
Page – 46

Bishop McGuinness – 56
Mount Airy – 37

Southern Alamance – 40
Smith – 19

Southeast Guilford – 63
Grimsley – 22
Kara Shutt scores 1000th point in career. Finishes with 1001.

Greensboro Day – 62
Greensboro Home School – 46

Girls JV Basketball
Southern Alamance – 51
Smith – 25

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  • gds said,

    GDS 62
    Greensboro Home School 46

  • results said,

    Westchester 87
    American Hebrew 31

    Justice Cuthbertson score his 1000th point on his first basket of the game tonight. That’s 1000 points in three years.

  • Falcon1 said,

    Boys Final

    Southeast 46
    Grimsley 68

  • Eagles said,

    Caldwell boys 56 Trinity of Durham 53

  • boys said,

    SWG- 87
    NWG- 69

  • Arrrghhh said,

    Did #1 Page really lose to Dudley????????

  • Gfan said,

    Oh that’s funny Page goes down and Grimsley wins. It is a good night.

  • @Arrrghhh said,

    yes its true Page lost by one but there were a few time where the refs swallowed the whistle at the end but it was a great game from start to finish great effort by both teams

  • Pirate said,

    The Reffing was sub-par during the Dudley loss to say the least, but the boys should have made several more shots. Very poor game and not indicative of the team. Xavier was taken out of the game early by questionable fouls, and we had to play some bench players because Diondre Overton is still out.

  • evans said,

    Northern Guilford
    1st- 20
    2nd– 19
    Final 73

    Final 64

    Northern Guilford
    Marcus Curry 27
    Jaray McCain 16
    Sam Hildreth 13
    Josh Gibson 9
    Jack Emrick 6
    Matt Furlough 2

    Dakyrian Brown 21
    Quan Mims 20
    DJ Lowe 12
    Jake Kemp 4
    Markise Lowe 3
    Aust Vaughn 2
    Dre Moore 2

  • @Gfan said,

    *hears the sound a hundred brooms far off in the distance*

  • Witness said,

    Dudley played their hearts out…. They have made a real turn around as the season has gon on… Those young panther pups are growing up!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    WG 73
    SG 45

  • Basketball Fan said,

    Boys.. GDS 62, Calvary 51

  • say what said,

    GDS girls beat the Greensboro Home School by 20 pts but this team but Page ?? Right.

  • SE Parent said,

    Looks like the Page/Dudley game was a good one to see!

  • Dudley Fan said,

    Swallow the whistles they did in both games. I am a Dudley parent, and what I saw happen to Essence Abraham in the first game was crazy to see. This young child was shoved into a water cooler and the 3 officials acted like no one in the gym could see it but her. The boys game was poorly officiated.

  • Are you kidding said,


  • Excited said,

    Page can never complain about ref’s. They get 90% of the calls in the boys and girls games. Why was Essence father walked away by the police? The man cant go check on his kid? Last night was bad on so many levels. Ref’s helping page went wrong and a kid got hurt on a no call for page. When has Page’s coach argue’d for a call all season?

  • Pirate said,

    It’s easy to call Page out when you’re on the other side of the ball! Do you have selective memory?

    Essence was already out of bounds and it was a contested ball. Page didn’t intentionally push her, it was the referees fault for not calling the out of bounds sooner. The Dudley parents were THREATENING the referees. That is why Essence’s dad almost got escorted out. You expect that kind of behavior from students, but parents? They need to be level-headed.

    To address the point about Page only complaining about the refs: I already mentioned that we had an off night with shooting. Certainly we put ourselves in a position to lose, but the entire first half saw a frenzy of fouls on our big men. Jeremy got two fouls, Xavier received three, and David had three as well. In the first half. The officiating wasn’t just tight; at times they called fouls for no reason, and I’ll be the first to say that they did that to Dudley in the third quarter. Other controversial calls like the obvious foot out of bounds at the end, the five-step travel that wasnt called, and the five-second call (which was ridiculous because the Dudley defender wasn’t even close to Ty) just made the boys game a travesty to watch. For both sides. On a fair court though, Page wins, especially if they are at full health. You’ll see that in the conference tournament.

  • Excited said,


    How close was you to essence when she was shoved? How can the refs help the page girls win but not want to help the page boys? You had to be right behind the bench to see everything you saw.

  • Paws4thecause said,

    #1 team in the state, PAGE boys lose and no game report Andy???

  • Andy Durham said,

    Working on all kinds of things and the report is up…

  • Pirate said,


    I was right beside the bench, and I had a camera to take pictures. Where were you?

  • Really?? said,

    Good question- where were you sitting?
    If you were sitting on Dudley side, how did you see the shove? From my angle which was across from them, essence was clearly already out of bound and the pirate player lost balance. Nothing about it was intentional. Stop repeating or stop exaggeration.. Lady pirates player are classy young ladies! Even their parents. Will never act out like that. Policemen and ad along with trainers was all trying to do their job. It was no need for all that drama. And from the jump- the officers of page wasn’t having all the mess around those kids on neither side!! Sorry what happened to essence and sorry her Dad couldn’t get to her, but lesson learned- never threaten the officer! Suck it up enough to get to the kid. IJS

  • Really?? said,

    @say what,
    You know you are good when you are being used as a measuring stick. Homeschool indeed beat pirates, but without Kea&Capser who were hurts. Both are starter.. GDS- ANYTIME!! !
    PAGE PIRATE -Measuring stick!! LOVE IT!

  • not quite said,

    I don’t think anybody was using Page as the measuring stick. It was actually surprising that Page loss by so much to this team. The Greensboro Home School had some decent players and play a good system but GDS was up by nearly 30 pts before calling it a day. The problem was that nobody seems to know anything about this home school because you can’t find their schedule anywhere online. All anybody knew was that they beat Page. The point is the Page team has some serious gaps. I will say that this Greensboro Home School would beat 80% of the public schools in Greensboro. Too bad nobody knows anything about them other than when they play a Page or GDS.

  • count to 10 said,

    The reality is that kids will unfortunately get the raw end sometimes in a game and take some bad falls but parents must realize that is part of the game that you signed up for. This parent is actually a very nice guy that will do anything for you and his community but when pushed to the edge – it gets a little crazy. Just remember the old rule of “count to 10” before over reacting.