Breaking News:The Duke-North Carolina basketball game has been postponed:New date is Feb. 20

Posted by Andy Durham on February 12, 2014 at 5:52 pm under College | 7 Comments to Read

Brian Formica just made the announcement by phone on WFMY News 2 from Chapel Hill and there will be NO UNC-DUKE game tonight…Julie Luck just told us the makeup date for this game will be Thursday February 20….


The basketball game between North Carolina and Duke scheduled for Wednesday in Chapel Hill has been postponed due to inclement weather and safety concerns.

No make-up date has been announced, but UNC said that the game will not be played Thursday (tomorrow).

  • smh said,

    Let’s see. Officials were there, TV crews were there, many media members were there. Carolina asked dook to leave at noon and they would have a place for them to spend the afternoon. The ACC announced mid-afternoon the game was on. The minute Carolina announced they were opening the Smith Center doors to all students, there was no way the Rat was showing up to a raucous crowd. Lame.

  • Don Moore said,

    Apparently, the bus company that Duke uses was unable to even make it to the Duke campus. Given the condition of the roads, I can’t blame them. Plus with the fight with the team managers basketball game the night before, a little cooling off would be good.

  • smh said,

    If dook wanted to get to Chapel Hill they could have. They’ve known exactly when the weather would start for days and could easily have been there earlier. “The bus couldn’t get there to pick them up.” Give me a freakin break. dook has no vehicles that could take about 20 people 8 miles? A basketball team could go in a few SUV’s. 8 miles. Even the dook radio crew was already there.
    K wanted no part of 20,000 UNC students in the stands vs the usual thousands of blue haired mutes.
    And the ACC lets him get away with it. The “leader of men” as he calls himself.
    Two weeks ago, UNC flew into Atlanta in a terrible snowstorm to play GaTech. The team WALKED for blocks through the snow to get to the arena. Think K would have done that?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sure would have loved to see this game instead of all of these weather reports/updates….

    News 2 has two reporters in Lexington…Maybe that is a new news concept…Have two people at each site and you are really the true 2…

    You sort of think that when Duke became aware of the weather conditions they could taken an earlier bus….Leave at Noon and get some lunch and then do the shoot-around or eat the lunch after the shoot-around…
    (You could do both on-campus at UNC and you could eat your meal in the Smith Center…
    (Could have stayed in Chapel Hill overnight, Duke that is.)

    This would have created what could have been the largest TV audience to see an ACC Game in league history….Sure could have used that game tonight….

    U Got Game or U Got Snow??? I guess we Got 2 much Snow…

  • Gfan said,

    Yes there was a huge conspiracy for fear of the “raucous” wine and cheese crowd. Give it a break.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Ed Hardin from the News and Record on this one:

    Duke couldn’t make the eight miles from its campus to North Carolina’s, and another chapter in the best rivalry in college sports was written in the snow.

    Cars were swept down embankments, highways were rendered moot and an entire state skidded to a stop so these two schools could play basketball Wednesday night.

    The lunacy of that became more apparent as the day turned to night and the snow to sleet and 15-501 into a shiny slick patch of white ice that made driving from Durham to Chapel Hill like a death-defying winter game.

    Duke couldn’t make it eight miles.

    CLICK HERE to read all of Ed Hardin’s column….

  • Gfan said,

    Yeah but Ed has always been a Tarheel fan. The ACC made the decision not Duke.