Looking at the conference standings

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This is one of the best conference races around and we will be posting as many as possible today…(Numbers from MaxPreps.com.)

Metro 4-A Girls:
Page 7-2
Southern Alamance 7-2
Dudley 6-3
Southeast Guilford 6-3
Ben L. Smith 1-8
Grimsley 0-9
*****Friday finds Page at Southern Almance, Southeast Guilford at Dudley and Smith at Grimsley.*****

Piedmont Triad 4-A Girls
Southwest Guilford 9-0
Northwest Guilford 7-2
*****SWG has wrapped up the title and nobody else is even close…Two-point game, with SWG over NWG last night….

Mid-State 3-A Boys
Northeast Guilford 12-1
Eastern Alamance 13-2
Northern Guilford 11-4
Eastern Guilford 10-5
McMichael 8-7
*****There has been a very good on-going battle among the top five teams here and it looks like NEG has a game to make up and the NEG JV’s are (16-2) on the season….*****

Metro 4-A Boys:
Page 8-1
Dudley 7-2
Ben L. Smith 4-5
Grimsley 4-5
Southern Alamance 4-5
Southeast Guilford 0-9
*****Page can sew it up with a win at Southern Alamance on Friday, but if they were to lose and Dudley tops SEG at Dudley, you would have a tie with Page and Dudley at the top and they split during the regular season….Smith at Grimsley on Friday and the loser could find themselves out of the playoffs unless they were to go all the way and win the conference tournament.*****

Piedmont Triad 4-A Boys:
East Forsyth 8-1
Southwest Guilford 7-2
Northwest Guilford 6-3
*****Over the last three weeks, it has been a three-horse race and NWG is at East on Friday and East just topped NWG by one point at NWG and SWG owns a victory over East, so NWG could really make a mess of things on Friday and that would be a good mess for all teams in the three-horse race, other than East…*****

Mid-State 3-A Girls:
Burlington Williams 15-0
Northern Guilford 13-2
Eastern Alamance 10-5
Eastern Guilford 10-5
*****Nobody can catch Williams and it has been that way for most of the past three or four years(With the exception of the solid run by the Northern Guilford girls last season)…Props to the Nighthawks and that being said, that Williams crew has been tough..Let’s hope NG can run them down this year, but it will be tough and that makes it more satisfying..Go get them NG….All other teams are below .500 up here and it will be tough on them to get a good sniff of the playoffs.*****

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Boys:
Ledford 9-2
North Forsyth 9-2
Western Guilford 7-4
Asheboro 7-5
*****All other teams below the .500 mark and it may come down to these four, when it comes tournament time to find out who the true champion will be…*****

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Girls:
Southwestern Randolph 10-1
Ledford 10-1
Asheboro 5-5
Southern Guilford 6-5
*****Southern Guilford still has a chance to make some noise, but they will have to do it in the tournament and they have their work cut out for them if they plan on catching and stopping SWR or Ledford….*****

PAC 6 2-A Boys:
Trinity 6-1
Randleman 5-3
Wheatmore 5-3
T.W. Andrews 3-3
*****No one can catch Trinity. The Bulldogs have only lost one game overall, all season.*****

PAC 6 2-A Girls:
T.W. Andrews 7-0
Wheatmore 6-2
Providence Grove 4-3
Trinity 4-3
*****Still four teams in the hunt, but the top team by far are the HP Andrews girls….They are #1.*****

Greensboro Day 8-1
Wesleyan Christian Academy 6-2
High Point Christian Academy 7-3

The Greensboro Day School have run away with the girls side of the PACIS and they are now (27-2) overall….All of the rest of our teams are now in their tournaments….

  • Correction said,

    Burlington Williams girls has not been on top the last 3-4yrs…last year Northern girls were undefeated in conference and beat williams 3 times last year easily. The only year Williams beat Northern was the 08-09 season during the 2nd round of playoffs. Then the 11-12 season when they beat northern during conference by 1pt on each game. Since Dudley left 3-A after the 08-09 season, NG girls have dominated the conference.

  • correction said,

    need to correct myself. EG dominated the conference as well during the Miranda Jenkins era.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I’m pretty sure Williams played for a State Title during this timeframe….

  • Fear said,

    Wow…..did someone step on Northern Guilford Girls toes……….that let’s you know how weak they are and the conference they play in…..yes, Burlington Williams played in the Finals a few years ago, they have truly been a Class Act of that conference…..first rate program……sorry Northern, you could learn a lot from watching the players and coaches on how they conduct themselves……A+

  • falcon said,

    So for the Metro girls the Southeast/Dudley game loser is out of the playoffs correct?

  • WG Hornets said,

    WG will be there in the conference tourney and the playoffs. The Head Coach trying to turn around the culture of the program. Like any sports program, it starts with a good coach with a vision and a supporting cast. WG is the underdog everywhere they play. I can say WG is “Battle Tested”! Continue to encourage the young men and women in the Triad area.

  • Excited said,


    Yes the loser does not get an automatic playoff birth. They can still get in as a wild cards based on your winning percentage for the season.

  • Sg fan said,

    Southern Guilford girls are 6 – 5 in the conference… Just saying

  • S.A. NATION.., said,

    Our seniors will come through on senior night @ S.A..

  • Tom said,

    Fear doesn’t have a clue. NG is a very good program and has either won or been towards the top of that conference every year. This nonsense about the schedule is ridiculous. Last year NG was undefeated in the conference and won the conference tournament. I have seen some actions by the BW program that would not qualify as A+ class.

  • EG Fan said,

    Eastern Guilford girls are 10-5 in conference play. Thanks for the write up though.

  • Andy Durham said,

    New updates are in place…

  • BW is a joke of a program said,

    I went to support BW and the acts of their coach was aggressive and disrespectful. Their fans are abusive to the opposing players that they should have been escorted out. Not going mention the bulliness of their players on social media. My co-workers daughter plays for BW and I told her I will never attend another game.

  • Correction said,

    GDS only has one loss and can win PACIS outright with win against Forsyth Country Day.

  • captain.., said,

    I know the bulldog fans will be glad to see APRIL KELLY aka..(dogcatcher) graduate from S.A.