Field Trip/Road Trip on a Snow Day

Posted by Andy Durham on February 13, 2014 at 5:54 pm under College, High School, Professional, Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

Took the trek up to Battleground Avenue from over near Benjamin Parkway and decided to see who was open and who was closed….

Thought it might be an good idea to hit the Golden Corral, but they were Closed….On the way to that Shopping Center, I noticed that the Cookout was Open….The Cookout Drive-Thre was clear and they were doing a steady business and they even had walk-up orders coming in today….

The Oakcrest Restaurant was Closed….Hard to tell about John Miler and Lox, Stock and Bagel…Looked to be Closed, but there were a few cars out front….Fleet Plummer Hardware was for sure Closed….

On down Battleground, Krispy Kreme was not open and they sure looked to be Closed….The Burger King was in a stage that looked like it was Opening….Your House Restaurant was Open and they were ready for business…

As we mentioned, as we made our move off of Battleground, the Golden Corral was Closed….Panera Bread looked to be Closed, but they may have been Open earlier in the day…There was a couple of cars around the Panera Bread…The big stop ended up being the Steak n Shake….Steak n Shake was OPEN and it was full steam ahead there….Good footlong hot dog and an order of the Steak n Shake fries…I have been in that Steak n Shake(Lawndale Drive) at once a week, since 1999….Usually in there on Friday, but very happy they were open today(Thursday)….

The Harris Teeter was Open and on the way back up Battleground, I noticed that the Queen’s Pizza was Open too…

The entire stretch of Battleground Avenue that I was walking down was clear as it could be….There were no accessible sidewalks, you had to stay in the road and use the outside lane and walk fast….

Looked to be about 4-5 inches of snow out there and it really didn’t seem to be all of that much/bad, but it was still snowing, as I was walking and there could be more accumlation later on…

Good walk and checkup out there today, but nothing like back in 1987 when I made the walk from Pleasant Garden Road to Summit Avenue…To me that was ‘The Blizzard of 1987’ and we must have had at least 9-10 inches of snow out there back then…We did “I survived The Blizzard of ’87 T-shirts” and sold quite a few of those with our radio station and a local restaurant….Even got a few pops on WXII TV 12 with those T-shirts…

Much more attention to the snow this week than we saw back in 1987, but I guess that is how times and media, with social media have changed…..

That gives you an idea of what was going on, on Battleground Avenue and over toward Lawndale Drive today…Hope to be back inside Shane’s Rib Shack next Thursday night….

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