Wake fans might want to keep watching Gregg Marshall(Wichita State) and Duke fan is seeking $827.00 refund from Duke over Wednesday’s UNC game postponement

Posted by Andy Durham on February 14, 2014 at 4:47 pm under College | 7 Comments to Read

Wake Forest fans, Gregg Marshall might be your man, or at least the coach you might go looking for, if Coach Jeff Bzdelik is let go at the end of the current ACC basketball season…

Marshall’s Wichita State Shockers are currently (26-0) and ranked in the Top Ten in the nation and for Marshall overall at Wichita State it goes (165-70) and before that, Marshall was (194-83) at Winthrop…Marshall is only 50 years old and might be the man Wake fans need to look to, if Bzdelik is told to walk by Wake, at the end of the year….

Bzdelik’s record at Wake? He sits at (46-70) overall and at (15-46) in ACC play…

Caulton Tudor, with WRALSportsFan, has these wheels turning and you can read much more on this when you

Also a good one coming in today and this is a real interesting read and had not heard of one like this before, but they tell us in has happened before and it happened with Chip Kelly and Oregon football and here it is with Duke in the spotligt from WRALSportsFan.com:

One Duke fan, Jack Markham, said the lack of foresight by the university and the delayed postponement are unacceptable. He is seeking compensation from Duke Athletics Director Kevin White in the amount of $827.95 for his efforts, adding that he will not be able to attend the make-up contest on Feb. 20.

Markham is asking Duke for returns of $162 for two tickets, $58 for lodging at the Red Roof Inn, $37.95 for the unused parking pass in the Smith-Bowles Lot, $170 in fuel costs for him and his friend who made the trip from Knoxville, Tenn. and $400 in “mental anguish.”

CLICK HERE to read more about this refund request….

  • smh said,

    No way Wake hires Marshall. He’s a jerk of the highest degree, and those in the business would say his recruiting “tactics” would not go over well at Wake. Would not be a fit at all. There’s a reason he’s not at a higher level school.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe it’s time to ‘Wake Up’ and get on the basketball trail of Gregg Marshall, if Wake really wants to be a winner in the new ACC….

    His persona can’t be any worse than that of Jim Boeheim at Syracuse….

  • smh said,

    You might want to do some research before promoting someone. Wins lots of games wherever he’s been. Can’t land a high level job. 2+2=4. AD’s know the issues.

  • Andy Durham said,

    You’ve got to remember you are talking to an AD….I see Gregg Marahall getting a high profile college basketball job in the 2-3 years…He was on the N.C. State list before they hired the current coach Mark Gottfried and Gottfried had the Alabama job prior to Raleigh and Alabama was a more high-profile stop than Winthrop(Rock Hill, South Carolina)….In fact I think State was looking at Marhall, before they hired Gottfried and at that the time they brought in Sidney Lowe(big mistake)…Marhall did not get the job and that is when he took off for Wichita State and may have been in line again when State brought in Gottfried…John Beilein, who was at West Virginia, at the time was also in line for the N.C. State job and he moved on to Miichigan and he has not done bad at all there…Bottom line, I guess we could say, Wake needs to go high-profile, like they did when they brought in Skip Posser from Xavier….Very few people at all, other than Ron Wellman, had ever even heard of Jeff Bzdelik, before he came to Wake….

    The basketball crowd knows and is well aware of Gregg Marshall…Some might have said Billy Donovan was not a good fit for Florida when he went in there, but he has not done bad at all…Some say he has baggage with his recruiting and presentation, but let’s not get too picky here, these are jobs that need to be filled and fans are looking to win…With so many one-and-done players like Jabari Parker and the new kids/new wave, it is getting much tougher to coach out here and when Coach K and John Callipari are locking up/swiping all of the top talents, we need to find all of the best coaches we can find and get them into the ACC, the top basketball conference in the nation…

    Could be some baggage with Marshall, but I still see him breaking through somewhere soon on higher ground….

  • "baggage" please said,

    What is “baggage” for a coach that does not have an violations? If you can coach, then you can coach. If Ron was not at UNC, many would say he has a lot of baggage that they don’t want to deal with. Heck coach K would be run out of town if he had not been winning at Duke in today’s time. Most would consider the early and middle life coach K as too much “whatever..fill in the blank”. Gottfried had some serious background issues that I read about concerning a potential affair with a student assistant, college student or something similar which caused him to leave Alabama originally. I seriously doubt if this Gregg Marahall has any more “baggage”, then any other competitive coach in this league.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Greg Marshall wanted the NCSU job and should have gotten it when Sidney Lowe did—what a bunch of idiots in Raleigh (on Hillsborough street and downtown @ the Capitol!!!!

  • Gene Overby III said,

    I think we need to bring this Gregg Marshall to Wake Forest and just rurn him loose and let him coach. I do feel he would make us a WINNER.