Tournament Watch as we head into Wednesday and Thursday

Posted by Andy Durham on February 18, 2014 at 11:35 pm under High School | 35 Comments to Read

*****Northeast Guilford at Morehead tonight/Wednesday…Regular season game…..*****
+++++If Northeast Guilford wins tonight, it sets up a tiebreaker between Eastern Alamance and Northeast Guilford on Thursday night at Burlington Williams High School.+++++

Metro 4-A on Wednesday:
#1 Southern Alamance girls vs. #4 Southeast Guilford at 6pm….
#1 Page vs. #4 Grimsley boys at 7:30pm…..

Piedmont Triad 4-A Tournament lineup….(at Ragsdale)
Girls Today/Wednesday:
6pm #3 Ragsdale vs. #2 Northwest Guilford
7:30pm #1 Southwest Guilford vs. #4 East Forsyth

Boys Thursday 2/20:
6:00pm: #2 seed SW Guilford vs. #3 seed NW Guilford
7:30pm: #1 seed East Forsyth vs. #4 seed Ragsdale

Friday 2/21:
7:30pm: Men’s Championship

Mid-Piedmont 3-A:
Today Wednesday
Southern Guilford vs. #1 Ledford 6pm
Asheboro vs. #1 North Forsyth boys 7:30pm at North Forsyth

Due to a tie in the Mid-State 3A women’s basketball standings between Eastern Guilford and Eastern Alamance, a tie breaker game will be played on Thursday, 2/20/14.

The game will be played at Williams High School- game time will be 6:00 pm.

NCISAA Tournament for Thursday at the Greensboro Day School with Boys Quarterfinals:
#1 Greensboro Day vs. #8 Charlotte Latin 4pm
#2 Wesleyan vs. #7 Christ School 5:30pm
#3 High Point Christian Academy vs. #6 Forsyth Country Day 7pm
#4 Providence Day vs. #5 Village Christian 8:30pm

Girls Quarterfinals at the American Hebrew Academy:
#2 Greensboro Day School vs. #7 Cannon School 3:30pm

Northwest 1-A Girls
#1 Bishop McGuinness vs. WS Atkins 6:30pm at Bishop

  • Well that's funny?? said,


    Why haven’t you posted anything on the Page vs Southern Alamance girls game from Monday night. I feel that was a big win for the SA girls and should have been mentioned. No score or points of the night are anywhere on here or links to GSO News and Record or Time News, nothing. I check out this site alot and I’m sure if it had been your own GSO teams to come in first place, it would have been plastered in bold as a headliner. I understand you are trying to report on the tourney, but it would have been nice to know the outcome of this game going into tourney. **For Andy only, Thanks**

  • Metro said,

    No big hype about SA because this site is called “”. It’s not or I saw the score posted on here that was plenty of coverage. I’m sure if they win the tournament the GNR will have a small article about it.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    If it were for Andy only as you say, why didn’t you email him instead? Andy stays very busy and relies on people like you to send him scores. He can’t be everywhere.

  • Metro said,

    Exactly @ 77 Hornet

  • NW 1A said,

    Big showdowns happening in the NW 1A at Bishop this week.

    Bishop girls vs. Atkins 6:30 Great Matchup
    WS Prep Boys vs. Mt. Airy 8:00 Athleticism vs. Size

    WS Prep Girls vs. Mt. Airy Girls 6:30 Split during season
    Bishop Boys vs. East Surry Boys 8:00 East won Monday by 4

    Girls Championship 6:30
    Boys Championship 8:00

  • Tim said,

    What is really funny is if your a big fan of SA and was at the game………. Then why don’t u know the outcome of the game? Now that’s FUNNY

  • Just ignore SA fans said,

    Maybe even Andy has had enough with the SA fans and is just ignoring any emails or text from them. 2 weeks from now will be the last that we ever have to hear from the SA people until their new great hope comes along within the next 10 years.

  • Well that's funny?? said,

    @ Metro and 77 Hornet. Thanks for showing how much you can’t shut your mouths when not being spoken to. Just like nosey little children. I knew a smart*%# like yourselves just had to say something. @ Metro, I’m from Gso, isn’t Page still part of Gso? EXACTLY!! your comment is not worth entertaining because EVERY article sent by N&R have been big articles with pics so don’t down play was real. @Hornet, people address Andy with questions on here all of the time and so can I. If he had the score already he didn’t need me to repost. He could have put more again it was a big win being girls were tied for 1st. He made a big deal when it was a 3-way tie for 1st headliner, but no update to follow? For some that don’t keep up w Metro normally may have been interested. Yes, Andy has a lot going on but he has other staff so please mind your biz and Have a good day while doing it!!

  • Well that's funny?? said,

    @Tim, I knew the outcome smart*&#, if you read my comment before speaking you will see I noted for those who do not keep up w Metro normally.

    @Just ignore SA fans, I’m a fan of a lot of teams and players so stop assuming. This is why SA fans have a lot to say because of you people always ready to attack as soon as they even squeak. Get over yourselves!!

    No need to keep going back and forth…not my style. I’ve got a life!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got to keep on rolling…I read the account of the SA-Page girls game in the Burlington Times-News following Monday’s win by the Patriors…..Big win for SA, but I told someone on Monday, I still think we might be looking to see even a bigger game this Friday involving Southern Alamance and Page or Dudley…..That is the one I want to see…SEG will give SA a test today/Wednesday…

    Shay had to sit down with foul trouble in Monday’s win and she was able to get help from her teammates…Alexis did a super job on defense….

    I think we made SA a stock name in Guilford County and we see them again this week…

    The bigger games are ahead…What happened yesterday is long gone now…

    Keep rolling….

  • Tim said,

    @wellthatsfunny. I will spell it out you STUPID!!! No you didn’t say for those that don’t keep up withthe Metro. So you need to read your own post

  • Panther Pride said,

    Andy you do a great job of keeping everybody happy.
    keep doing what you do.

  • Lady Pat said,

    Thank you to our many supporters in Guilford county, SA will complete the mission that we set out to accomplish. G’boro news and record knows what’s up. #Metrochamps #focusedndetermined #learn2loveit

  • Guilford County resident said,

    Has SA moved into Guilford County or Greensboro? I say next time you post one of their scores just do it like this:

    Alamance County team no one cares about in Guilford County-65

  • Lady Pat said,

    That was cute,only problem is that you got the score backwards pirate. We don’t care if you care about us or even like us, point is you have to deal with us. New kid in the sandbox kick sand in your face. #dountoothers #heretostay #dynasty

  • MATT..,, said,

    S.A. didn’t ask to be in the METRO 4A, since being here. We have kicked some guilford county butt. S.A. ALL DAY, we will see you fri. night.(lady patriots)…

  • regap said,

    Okay, you guys are good at girls bball.. but very lackluster in mens bball and football. congrats. you guys usually get run over by Guilford county in those games.

  • Teamshay said,

    Stop with that haten business guilford county, #TEAMSHAY

  • Lady Pat said,

    @regap- you said the same about our girls basketball a short time ago. Our time will come in those sports sooner than you think, you better be ready. #SAallday #enjoyitnow #going4thegold

  • back to the bottom said,

    No – your time is up in girls basketball and within 2 weeks all of your sports teams will be on the same level for 2014-15 at or near the absolute bottom in basketball and football!! Maybe your tennis or golf team will save some face.

  • Well that's funny?? said,

    @Andy, Thanks just expected more coverage that’s all, but then the little bratty pests had to get involved @ Tim…The only person that is STUPID and simply illiterate sorry let me dumb it down for you because that word is too big for a person with such a small brain and other parts for that matter, that means CAN’T Read or write. Again Reread people’s post before commenting. @Guilford County resident, oh you care because you jumped at the chance to get on the bandwagon. We all know that SA has brought nothing but pure relevance to this site and alot of talk and excitement. So mind your biz. Smh, It’s like the Walking Dead series on here. You kill one another appears…DIE ALREADY!!!

  • Tim said,

    Your first post says and I will quote you because you can’t read what you wrote (it would have been nice to know the outcome of the game before the tourney) so again what is really funny is YOU STUPID

  • GoBackTo3A said,

    Dear SA,
    You have an OK girls and boys baseball team, what else? #winsomethingorshutup

    Its, where Champions live!!

  • PSA said,

    OK? Are u serious? @gobackto3A, Since SA came into the 4A conference we’ve beaten all of your so called great teams, thing is for the past 3 years, the “greensboro sports” have been tested by SA, so really what makes y’all so good? If that was the case, then SA should have never came this far in your conference, correct? And why do y’all say greensborosports, last time I checked the conference wasn’t greensborosports, it’s the Metro4A, or am I wrong? so therefore regardless of your, envy and hate SA is one of if not the best team in this Conference. Ohh wait, Aren’t they #1? If y’all so great, then why is that?

  • What happen SA said,

    I guess that #1 seed was a huge mistake. You all lost to the little old #4 seed. Poor SEG don’t stand a chance tonight. Oh – this just end – SEG somewhere beat the #1 team in the land. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch SA fans.

  • I live in greensboro said,

    I live in Greensboro and I repsect what SA has done with their program. I think it’s sad that no one wants to give them their props for how far they have come. We have great girls teams in Guilford County but the truth is no matter where you live, if you beat a “favorite”, whomever it is that year, you get trashed. Shaylen Burnett has done alot for Southern Alamance. I applaud what she has done and the player she is. The girl is for real and I know some people don’t want to admit it. I think she will be a much better college player than high school and I know Charlotte Smith can’t wait for her to get there. Good luck to everyone still in the running. Let’s uplift our teams still left and in the end ride hard for the last man/woman standing.

  • The real reason for hate said,

    Nobody has ever said anything bad about Shay and I truly respect how hard she plays. She makes girls basketball fun to watch (unlike most girls – sadly). However, there are some “people” that have come on this site routinely that claim to be close to this player that we all agree that we are glad to get rid of. Just let players and teams do the talking with their play. Many of the SA fans are even making the Page fan base realize how sad they have been over the past couple of years with the whole “Kea” stuff. Love the players and love the game but hate the nutty/crazy/weird fans – especially from SA and sometimes Page. Sadly for this site – both fans of SA and Page girls basketball will go silent for the next couple of years within the next 10 days.

  • E.G. said,

    All of the top 4 Metro girls teams. Are going to look alot different next year. Their are no shay or paris’s next year from what I’ve seen. Their will be alot of talented player’s next year, but no super-star’s

  • Who r u glad to get rid of? said,

    I don’t know who your talking about or how close to the player you can get….,,,however in the past I have regularly seen post by someone claiming to be the mother and the uncle. That’s really close

  • Family - what can you say said,

    Yes – I am talking about those 2 “close” people to that player. Since I am sure many of these players read this site, I am not going to go too negative against a kid family member. However, I will say this all fits the definition of the crazy uncle and the parent that just does not know when to shut it down. Let’s see how all of this plays out in college.

  • Yikes said,

    If you were at the Southern/SE game, you clearly saw that the better team on the court that day did not win the game. The game was won, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by the superior coaching for the team in orange. Southern stayed in a zone the entire game despite SE hitting 15 threes or so. Deplorable. Southern also completely took the foot off the gas at the direction of the coach and, with some admittedly poor shooting, scored 0 points on a 10 minute stretch spending two quarters. The coach had every opportunity to adapt to the game in front of her and hold SE off… Maybe they’ll learn moving forward and win the games they should win.

  • Pirate said,


    Page has Bailey Cargo coming back, and she was probably the best freshman shooting threat last year. With her sister they’ll be a potent combo next year. Expect Page to stay ahead by scoring big points in next years games.

  • E.G. said,

    hey pirate, who’s going to rebound their misses. Southeast will be the team to beat next year in metro 4a girls

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    @ Family-what can you say: I am the parent and I don’t hide behind a pen name and I don’t bite my tongue either. I monitor the madness that goes on on this site and I have refrained from participating in it thus far. If I have something to say you will see Tracy Burnett atop the post and you can bet your last dollar on that. I have enjoyed all the games this year and watching the best conference in the states teams battle one another. I wish all the teams playing in the state tournament the best of luck…..maybe we can bring it to the metro…..Ball on!!!

  • E,G, said,

    Very classy comment Mr.Burnett.