High School Basketball Tonight Report for SEG-SA….

Posted by Andy Durham on February 19, 2014 at 6:27 pm under High School | 18 Comments to Read


Southeast Guilford 53
Southern Alamance 51

SEG:Kayla Phifer with 18 points…Katie Lewis with 12…Breana Hardnett with 12…Jeffers with 5…Flippen with 2…Tinsley with 1 and Martin with 1….
SA:Shay Burnett with 23…Haugle with 11…April Kelly with 9….Alexis McGeough with 2, Durham with 2 and Blackwell with 2…
53-51 SEG….Burnett fouled with 0.8 left and misses front end of one and one, Game ends…
52-51 SEG with 9.5 Seconds left
52-49 SEG with 16 seconds left
Still 50-49 SEG with 22 seconds to go…
50-49 SEG with 1:40 to go..FT’s Phifer
48-48 witih 2:05 to play..
48-47 SA with 2:29 to go…
47-46 SEG 2:31
46-44 SA..
46-41 SA with 4:02 to play….
44-41 SA..
44-41 SA
42-41 SA…
5:39 to play…SA 42, SEG 39

End of 3rd Q:
SA 42
SEG 35

SA 39
SEG 25

SA has Shay Burnette with 17 points….Kelly and Haugle have nine points each for SA..
SEG with Phifer at 14 points and Katie Lewis has 10 points…

End of 1st Q:
Southern Alamance 21
Southeast Guilford 13

  • Tim said,

    Well that’s funny. Southeast beats Southern Alamance… Patattack, matt. Where you at baby?

  • Tim said,

    Andy please post about the SE / SA game so wellthats funny will know what’s going on

  • Biggie man said,

    You know,how we beat y’all two times this year ya I do ,so y’all beat us by 2 applause applause but you know what I love most about this comment section we don’t say anything when we win very classy southeast very classy and y is it so funny if you confident in your team u should have thought you would have won no matter what ha interesting

  • PatAttack said,

    First of all congrats to SEG girls and their coaching staff, great job and a desrved victory. Now Tim(coach), you are just glad you didn’t have to face us. We are okay with a lost to southeast guilford, congrats again lady falcons, now win it all! #stillfocusedanddetermined #ladypats #metrochamps

  • Tim said,

    Was this game at SA? If so one good thing you don’t have to far to get back home

  • Tim said,

    Give B-Man a ride home he sounds intoxicated

  • Eddie Willis said,

    That’s what happens when you get too darn arrogant and over confident. Congratulations, Southeast Guilford!!!

  • PatAttack said,

    And we are still your metro conference champions Edward! Your team didn’t beat us out, you and coach Tim are pitiful. Congrats again to SEG lady falcons, finish the job!

  • PatAttack said,

    And we are still your metro conference champions Edward! Your team didn’t beat us out, you and coach Tim are pitiful and you did not want to face us again.Congrats again to SEG lady falcons, finish the job!

  • Tim said,

    Hey patattack if you see matthew tell him to leave them Guilford County crickets alone and give us a hollar

  • Captain.., said,

    Where is the parade thurs. for SEG beating the Patriots…(LMAO)

  • Good bye said,

    Who cares about regular season champs? The tournament and the playoffs is what defines a team. Who actually remembers that they won the regular season if they can’t win in the playoff? Champions and true stars are made in the playoffs. I am just glad we don’t have to hear from SA fans again for the next 5-10 years.

  • Get out said,

    Hey SA fans – you all don’t have to go home but you have got to get out of Guilford County NOW !! Don’t let the county line hit you where the good lord split you. Bye, Bye!!! Now let’s play some real basketball and get rid of all of these people that are all talk and no play.

  • Pathans got feelings said,

    I really didn’t know that the regular season didn’t matter that’s funny y does no one like us haha “y can’t we be friends why can’t we be friends”

  • E.G. said,

    I love how people talk big behind a laptop……..

  • It's ok SA said,

    Can someone tell me the real reason no one likes us

  • Why LMAO? said,

    Why is getting beat by SEG a “LMAO” situation? They’ve beaten everyone at some point this season? They are the only team who isn’t Sr heavy yet they’ve gotten no respect in Greensboro. If it isn’t Page or Dudley it isn’t greensborosports.com worthy

  • PatAttack said,

    We know first hand what you’re saying about getting respect, thing is you have to demand respect. The so called “big dogs” don’t like it when you buck their system and way of doing things. Win this conference tourney and it don’t matter what those haters say, you will be champs! #Focusedndetermined #SAallday