Friday Night Scoring Desk – February 21, 2014:This just in, Northwest Guilford boys 61-60 over East Forsyth to take PTC Title

Posted by Don Moore on February 21, 2014 at 6:10 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Update # 16 – 03:42 AM

Our Games Of The Week On Replay – Page vs Southeast Girls and Smith vs Page Boys follwed by VBasketball in Focus from Shane’s Rin Shack GreensboroSports Radio.

Boys Basketball
Page – 72
Smith – 64
Game Report

Western Guilford – 74
North Forsyth – 87
Game Report

Northwest Guilford – 61
East Forsyth – 60
Game Report and Photos

Village Christian Academy – 39
Greensboro Day – 61
Tonight’s win was number 897 for Coach Johnson

High Point Christian Academy – 54
Wesleyan Christian Academy – 70
Game Report

Girls Basketball
Page – 69
Southeast – 55
Game Report

Southwest Guilford – 47
Northwest Guilford – 39
Game Report and Photos

Greensboro Day – 59
Durham Academy – 36

Bishop McGuinness – 60
Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy – 57

Reidsville – 48
Burlington Cummings – 42

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  • Basketball Fan said,

    GDS(boys) 61 Village Christian 39…BLOWOUT…FINAL!!!

  • they play nobody in states said,

    so they beat cannon school and village christian and get to walk to the state championship game….sounds pretty easy

  • Basketball Fan said,

    @ they play nobody in states:

    Are you serious? Do you not know anything about playoff basketball seeding, or sports for that matter? GDS earned the #1 seed after playing tremendous regular season b-ball..And last time I checked, the #1 seed should have the easiest road to the finals..COME ON MAN!!! Get a clue….The Bengals had a great year, and good luck in the finals….

  • KG said,

    Proud Page Alumni….good win for both squads tonight. Red Death!!!! Now time to get ready for the State playoffs

  • pirate pride said,

    Feels good to be a page alum. Proud of those kids.

  • Viking said,

    NW Guilford with a huge win tonight over East Forsyth 61-60. PT4A champs!!

  • they play nobody in states said,

    Except the easiest road in that bracket is like playing a bunch of schools whose basketball teams consist of players who play multiple sports. Basketball probably being most of their second sport. Check the bracket…there are 3 teams that are good in that league. There is also no variety, Page boys and girls will go on to play schools you havent heard of that are good 3 hours from guilford county. Same with northwest boys and girls. Their(GDS) regular season games were competitive. There states wont be until the championship. Also it takes 3 games to WIN a state championship in that bracket and public school needs to win 5 or 6. Twice as hard. I know what im talking about an i am an unbiased fan. You are probably a GDS supporter which is fine. So, you wont listen to anything

  • 77 Hornet said,

    NF 87
    WG 74

  • msmith said,

    Great game by the Smith boys. they never gave up. Got the lead down to 5 late in the game. After losing twice to Page this year by 15-20 pts each time to only go down by 8 is quite an improvement for the Smith team. With such close games (including a loss) by Page recently, I’m wondering if they will make it to the State Championship game…they will continue to have a good team regardless since most of their good players are not seniors.

  • John said,

    MSmith it’s the playoffs. Style points don’t matter. It’s all about the W’s

  • MSmith said,

    not really hating on Page, just an observation…they aren’t dominating like they were in the first part of the year. You are right at the end of the day, a W counts whether it’s by 1 point or by 15 points. I have gone on record on this site saying I hope they bring a State Championship in BBall to Greensboro, the same way Dudley did in Football…and I’m not a Dudley fan either….We all can have opinions…

  • Curious said,

    Just curious…

    Is Page not playing well? They beat Grimsley in double OT. They barely beat Smirh HS. They don’t have a single team in their conference with a winning record. Is someone hurt or something or are they not jiving?

  • get real said,

    You said the public schools have 5 or 6 rounds but remember the private schools have 4 rounds and you may have to play 4 games in 5 nights. The private schools all come to the same city area and play night after night. It does not matter who you are playing when you will play 4 out of 5 nights and 3 nights in a row against good competition. Don’t judge GDS’s 20 pt win as beating an easy team. This team beat GDS earlier in the year and the they beat Providence Day in the quarter finals to get to GDS. Locally Page is the only team that could have competed with Village Christian. That team would beat 95% of the 4A schools by 15 pts 8 out of 10 times. The top 2A private school Northside would beat a team like Page by 20 pt 9 out of 10 games. Yes – the private schools may have 4-6 top heavy teams but man those teams are no joke. Tell me what you “public” school would do against HP Christian, Wesleyan, GDS, Forsyth Country Day, Providence Day, Davidson Day, Northside, etc.. oh know what would happen – a big lost. Go enjoy your playoffs next week – we have unfinished business today in the finals – Peace !!

  • Andy Durham said,

    The Page boys beat a very tough Smith team on Friday night…Smith beat Dudley and Dudley beat Page earlier and the comp is getting tougher in Metro here late in the season…Grimsley was a tough win for Page on Wednesday and all of this it pushing Page to re-focus and play with more intensity and the Pirates were playing intense basketball on Friday night…Smith would not go away and Smith led by JJ ‘No Fear’ Watson is a team that comes to compete….

    Page has a roation now with three guards and four bigs and that corp group seems to be coming together, or least they were all on the same Page on Friday night…

    The challenges change as the season moves on and teams have to adjust and be ready for the challenges…Page needed to be pushed and they were up to challenges this past week…For a while they were cruising along, but now the road will have a few bumps along the way…The best teams take on and face those bumps and keep on rolling…Not too many easy outs at all, when you get this deep in the season…

  • @get real said,

    You out your mind?. You act like GDS wasn’t almost beat by page and northwest in the timco? Northwest was close up until fouling and free throws and page about beat them. Page is getting tough games from smith, grimsley etc. Northwest split with both east Forsyth and southwest. Your “unfinished business” just got finished because gds lost to Weslyan who really only has a couple of players. Oh yeah, Weslyan won by double digits the time before this one. So being that gds beat NW by 10. Page by a couple free throws but then Weslyan beats gds by double digits, maybe that means teams like east Forsyth, northwest and page could win games against those top teams. Page and northwest and northeast sure as hell wouldn’t lose to gds by 20 like gds beat those sorry teams by 20 heading up to the championship. Your arguement is toast dude if we go by the numbers. Basketball isn’t always about numbers though. I doubt you know that. And don’t refer to gds as “we” either unless you play, or coach there. Which you don’t I assure you.