Round Two of the NCHSAA Playoffs Coming Up on Wednesday

Posted by Andy Durham on February 24, 2014 at 11:29 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

We are working on these and adding them in….

4-A Boys West:
#17 Dudley at #1 Page
#23 Smith at #7 Charlotte Independence
#29 High Point Central at #20 West Charlotte

3-A Boys East:
#18 Northern Guilford at #2 Wilson Hunt
#10 Westover at #7 Northeast Guilford
#25 Southern Lee at #9 Eastern Alamance

1-A Boys West:
#8 Bishop McGuinness at #1 Albemarle

Girls 4-A West:
#13 TC Roberson at #4 Southwest Guilford
#14 Page at #3 Alexander Central
#16 Northwest Guilford at #1 McDowell
#23 Dudley at #7 Hopewell

Girls 4-A East:
#20 Lumberton at #4 Southern Alamance

Girls 3-A East:
#25 Rockingham County at #9 Northern Guilforod

Girls 2-A East:
#10 Clinton at #7 High Point Andrews
#16 Burlington Cummings at #1 Reidsville

Girls 1-A West:
#7 North Staley at #2 Bishop McGuinness

  • Pheonix said,

    McMichael vs. Southern 3-A East Boys

  • Tom said,

    Andy, can you explain to me how West Brunswick (6-16 record) could get a #8 seed in the girl’s 3A playoffs? They lost to Rockingham County by 20 yesterday. They did not appear to win their conference tournament.

  • Mike E said,

    Tom – it is another one of those “stupid” split conference deals. West is in a 4A / 3A split. Even though they were in 5th place in the Conference with a 3 – 9 record, they were the highest ranked 3a team. All teams above them in the standings were 4A.
    So they and the next 3A team in the Conference (Topsail with a 2 – 10, 6 – 17 record) get seeded into the 3A tourney as Conf winners. BAD rule. Makes no sense. Needs to be changed!

  • To: Tom said,

    West Brunswick is in a split conference, 4A/3A. They won or came in 2nd in the 3A portion.

  • SG Supporter said,

    I was wondering the same thing. Teams with single digit wins in the playoffs make no sense.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Those split conferences are the problem and they are driving some people crazy….The South Caldwell boys team that came to Page last night was from a slit conference with just 4-A teams and South Caldwell came at (2-20)…Does not make any sense….Take your top teams put them in a pool of 32 and rank them by the best records and nobody with a losing record gets in, unless say they went on a run and won their conference tournament over a stable of several teams and not just some two-team tourney….

    For Northern they are set to play Rockingham County(13-12) again and NG topped RC in the first meeting 77-35 and it was a much closer game in second contest at 56-47 NG…

    With football a few years back you had to have at 4-5 wins to get in the playoffs and that was based on a 10-11 game season….I could see basketball employing or being able to use a rule where you have to have at 10 wins to get in the playoffs…

    They need to adjust or come up with a new set of standards…..

    Some fans are also seeing the need to begin the First Round on Tuesday, instead of Monday, since many teams were coming off of 3-4 game weeks and only had two days rest and no days to prepare for their Round One oppopnent…The deal is the same for everybody, but some would like to see it ammended….

  • Excited said,

    All our girls teams should win on wednesday. NW, Page, and Dudley will win on the road.

  • Bobby said,


    Stop with that I want all our girls to win stuff. Which team is yours because in reality that is the only one that you are really rooting for.

  • marcelle millner said,

    Burlington Cummings @ Reidsville (Girls) (#1 seed in 2A East) Reidsville beat #32 St. Paul 45-16

  • Excited said,