Wake Forest Basketball Update

Posted by Andy Durham on March 18, 2014 at 11:14 am under College | 12 Comments to Read

Wake Forest Basketball Update for Wednesday March 19, 2014:
Dan Collins from the Winston-Salem Journal had an article today that said it was business as usual for coach Jeff Bzdelik, but that he was under a lot of pressure….Another tip coming in today saying there is a stir/movment that there will be a press conference on Thursday and the time they put out there was at 1pm….We will keep an eye out for this one and look and see if anything transpires and it has been a busy week with news that was to come out on Tuesday and John Feinstein saying he was hearing that coaches would gone from among assistants on the current staff and Dan Collins saying all is going on at a normal Jeff Bzdelik-like pace/approach and then now we hear of another possible meeting on Thursday….It is enough to make the Old Black and Gold feel a bit Black and Blue with the Blues, cause they want something to happen over there in Winston-Salem……We shall see and we have to find out for sure if Ron Wellman is back in town, at this stage of the game…..If Bzdelik would resign, it sure would make it lot easier on Ron Wellman….

Wake Forest Basketball/Winston-Salem Press Conference Update

Looks like anything that was going to happen today(Tuesday) will be postponed due to the weather and Ron Wellman extending his NCAA visits out of town at the NCAA game city sites…(Wellman NCAA Tournament Chairman)

They may need more time to figure out how they want to approach this…

Some sort of basketball wisdom tells you that Jeff Bzdelik has to resign to save some face for AD Ron Wellman, the man who went out on a limb and hired Bzdelik in the first place…

They have a very good friendship from over the years and if Bzdelik resigns/steps down, then that takes some of the pressure off of Wellman, who in turn does not have to fire his friend….

Everything that was to be, is postponed for today(Tuesday) with the weather and the overall travel conditions….Wake will try to get all of their plans together and when we get more, we will pass it on…

I don’t think this is a resignation ruse, it really is not a matter of if, but when all of this will take place….Really, it has to happen…

If Ron Wellman has to step up and fire Jeff Bzdelik and push his friend out, it will not be pretty…

The move to make is for Jeff Bzdelik to step down and do it in such a way that it does not hurt Wake Forest, or their future basketball plans and so that it keeps their leader, Ron Wellman in place until he is ready to move on too….

  • matt said,

    Your info is incorrect here. He will be given another year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If they give him another year, then they both need to be fired….

  • matt said,

    Agreed. Wellman needs to go.

  • kk said,

    Don’t make the same mistake you did with the football program and pick up a mid-major coach and hope it works out. Spend some money, get a big name coach. Players come and go – coaches should be the face of the program. You don’t have to look very far to realize Roy and Coach K have a good thing going EVERY year. Wake has money. The fans and boosters deserve better than whatever Buzz brought to the table.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Gregg Marshall at Wichita State….Go get him NOW!!!!!

  • What's up with that? said,

    Was Bzdelic a mid-major coach? Nope, and look what happened. He had three losing seasons at Colorado (not a mid-major)and Wake still hired him.

  • kk said,

    I too have Wikipedia and know where this goober came from. I was speaking to the current trend of trying to find the next John Wooden via the Mid-major circuit.

  • Like who? said,

    You speak of a trend, name some. Most college coaches “cut their teeth” via mid major or start at the high school level (John Wooden) then step up to the big time.If Wake wants to make change then promote Rusty Larue to head coach and not get caught up in the current trend (coaching carousel). ie.Bzdelic

  • Andy Durham said,

    The word on the David/Dave Glenn Show today was that two of the current Wake Forest assistant basketball coaches would be fired and Bzdelik would stay…

    That word was not coming from Dave Glenn, but from John Feinstein…

    That seems like a further formula for disaster, since that would make Jeff Bzdelik more lame duck than ever…

    You make the two assistants fall on the sword for the head coach Bzdelik and you boot two assistants that are probably more qualified to coach the team than the head coach is….You take away two key support staff members and leave the coach in place, that is not a vote of confidence, that is letting a coach hang around and killing off his men…..

    It would Wake fans luck that they would terminate/fire Rusty Larue and Randolph Childress and both of them know Wake basketball far better than Bzdelik does….

    Who knows now what will happen next, but we do know that Steve Donahue at Boston College got the ax/axe today….


  • Stacy said,

    They should pick Jerry Eaves for the job at Wake!

  • Kir said,

    Wes Miller would be great fit.

  • It is just time to go said,

    Wes Miller is not winning at UNCG. Jerry Eaves would be a great fit because the style that he runs is not in the ACC currently but Wake Forest would be afraid to commit the 3 or 4 years it would take to redirect the program after the whole Jeff B train wreck. Regardless, it starts with getting Jeff out. There are no ‘high profile’ recruits that would consider coming to Wake Forest with this clear win or get out approach. Wake will lose at least another year or two of recruiting if this decision is not made correctly now.