Mad At March Madness? And Then There Were None!

Posted by Don Moore on March 22, 2014 at 8:12 am under College | Comments are off for this article

Quicken’s Billion Dollar Challenger dangled ONE BILLION DOLLARS out there to get people’s information for their marketing efforts – why do you think they asked for all that info? They got over 8 Million people’s information for free! They still are giving away some nice consolation prizes – 20 $100,000 prizes for the next best brackets. Nothing to sneeze at.

ESPN had a similar tale. They actually had over 11 Million people playing. Still no perfect bracket.

We don’t gather all that personal information; our $100 Prize is smaller; but it is guaranteed. Someone is going to win it. (No perfect brackets with our contest.)

You can check out Shane’s Rib Shack 2014 March Madness standings here.

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