High School Basketball Player / Coach of the Year Voting Updates

Posted by Don Moore on April 4, 2014 at 3:18 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

We are round the bend on the GreensboroSports Players of the Year and Coaches of the Year Voting. Saturday at Midnight (Sunday 00:00:01 AM) voting will be closed.

There is still plenty of time to vote. There’s a BIG WRITE-IN Campaign in the Private School Boys Player of the Year – who it is will have to wait until the polls are closed. But that is the fun of secret ballots – somebody has done a pretty back up job of stuffing the ballot box. You can too! It is free to vote and you can vote as many times as you like until Saturday at Midnight.

Here’s a quick picture of the voting percentages:

Boys Public School Player of the Year
Jeremy Harris (Page) 14%
Carmoni Marks (Western Guilford) 13%
James Stepp (Ragsdale) 24%
Quayson Williams (Eastern Guilford) 46%
Todd Withers (Northeast Guilford) 1%
Write In 1%

Girls Public School Player of the Year
Briana Burgins (Southwest Guilford) 8%
Aliyah Griange (Northern Guilford) 8%
Paris Kea (Page) 59%
Makala Rouse (Dudley) 13%
Imani Watkins (High Point Andrews 12%
Write In 1%

Private School Boys Player of the Year
Ryan Johnson (New Hope Christian Academy) 11%
Darius Moore (Greensboro Day School) 8%
Theo Pinson (Wesleyan) 7%
Kanayo Obi-Rapu (New Garden Friends School) 22%
Spencer Wilson (Bishop McGuinness) 4%
Write In 48%

Girls Private School Player of the Year
Julia Brown (Bishop McGuinness) 3%
Raelen Davis (Vandalia Christian) 51%
Peyton Kadlecek (Caldwell Academy) 2%
Kristina King (New Hope Christian) 11%
Tamera Thorpe (Greensboro Day School) 12%
Write In 21%

Coach of the Year Boys
James Abel (Page) 9%
Keith Gatlin (Wesleyan) 35%
Jerrod Harris (Western Guilford) 36%
Curtis Hunter (Northeast Guilford) 7%
Craig Shoemaker (Ragsdale) 10%
Write In 4%

Girls Coach of the Year
Shawyn Newton (Southeast Guilford) 10%
Brian Robinson (Bishop McGuinness) 20%
Delaney Rudd (New Hope Christian Academy) 51%
Nick Scarborough (Southwest Guilford) 8%
John Shearin (High Point Andrews) 10%
Write In 1%

  • appy said,

    How is Freddy Johnson not a candidate? Are you serious? He lost all five starters from last year and somehow managed to go 28-5. Winner of the Timco, State Runner-up, and Runner-up of the Montverde Invitational. They beat teams that either won or played in state championship games from the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. And looks like one of the losses is going to be to the National Champion. I can’t believe I am reading this. It’s a joke. Who outside of GDS would have thought they would have achieved what they achieved this year. To be honest, not sure many people inside GDS would have thought they would have had the year they had. Is it still April Fools Day??

  • calm down said,

    it is obvious you don’t know how this poll was put together. I think Freddy’s career will be ok. There are several others that could be on here as well, but they don’t have fans that read the site.

    I am much more curious why Andy isn’t covering the Page coaching situation

  • #1Fan said,

    That kid from Jersey who plays for Eastern Guilford is the truth and he only a junior keep an eye out on him

  • Dale Fulton said,

    Page coaching situation????

  • Coach Dad said,

    After a exciting season of girls basketball New Hope fell short in the championship game against River dale Baptist due to bad clock management and a mental breakdown from the New Hope players down the stretch.This one will leave a bad taste if New Hope can not bounce back in the next two seasons of the program under Coach Rudd.There will be some big shoes to fill mostly in the Post play. This will be one team to watch in the next two years.It will be a different ball game at the next level for the New Hope seniors at the college level.Can’t wait to see 6’5 Akela Maize at NC State.

  • Panther Pride said,

    What happen at Dudley?

  • Coach Dad said,

    There will be a level playing field in H.S.girls basketball as well as on the college level,with the talent of players leaving and entering the college level with different programs.This class of 2014 H.S. players will make a huge impact at the college level with Post,point guards,forwards,wings and a host of role players to fill the needs of college coaches.This class of 2014 will encourage future talent in the area because if we go to a D-1 school and look on the bench,there will be 5 girls that are not happy,but if we go to a D-2 school we will fill 5 girls that are happy.That’s the key in picking the right school not only to play ball,but to get a good education that help you later in life.As for Dudley H.S.just like every other H.S.in this area the coaches will earn their money and change the way they coach.I follow New Hope because of coaching every player plays where you have two teams.If you make the team it’s the coaches job to find where you can help the team.Much success to the class of 2014 at the college level to see who makes the WNBA draft in 4yrs….enough said.