Update On Player/Coach Voting — Shane’s Rib Shack Men’s Basketball Contest

Posted by Don Moore on April 6, 2014 at 8:44 am under Uncategorized | 5 Comments to Read

Because of the number of Write-In Votes in the High School Player & Coach Poll, it will take us a little while to count those votes. We will have an announcement soon.

In the Shane’s Rib Shack NCAA March Madness Basketball Brackets Contest, we have a winner already as this year’s brackets were busted early for almost everyone. However, it ain’t over until it’s over, so we won’t officially announce the Winner until after Monday’s game.

  • State said,

    Super excited to see the votes especially the write-in votes for the private school girls!!

  • UH said,

    Just in case you didn’t know GSO sports, Tyler Daniels and TC Daniels are the same person. TC is his nickname

  • Don Moore said,

    We got that, in some races we had over 1,000 write-ins. That is delaying the count.

  • NCS said,

    Wow that’s A…”Maize”…ing….lol

  • Andrews said,

    Is Imani going to win the Player of the Year?