High School Baseball/Softball Today with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’:Page(12-1/4-0) at SEG(9-3/5-0)

Posted by Andy Durham on April 8, 2014 at 11:14 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

*****This one could and should be your ‘Game of the Day” and a battle for first place in the Metro 4-A Conference:Page(12-1/4-0) at Southeast Guilford(9-3/5-0) 7pm….Page is (6-1) on the road and SEG is (3-2) at Home…..Like the looks of SWG at NWG also….Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford will get the fans excited as they head toward Hicone Road…*****

High School Baseball
Davidson Day(2-5/1-1) at Greensboro Day5-3/1-2) 4pm
High Point Christian Academy(11-3/1-1) at Forsyth Country Day(1-9/0-2) 4:30pm
Wesleyan(5-3/3-0) at Calvary Baptist(4-5/1-1) 5pm
Glenn(6-7/2-1) at High Point Central(9-3/2-2) 6pm
Dudley(4-6/1-4) at Smith(0-3/0-3) 6pm
Burlington Williams(4-8/3-7) at Western Alamance(9-3/8-3) 6:30pm
Southern Guilford(11-1/7-0) at Asheboro(4-8/3-4) 7pm[This game is set for Wednesday/tomorrow night at Asheboro]….
Eastern Guilford(11-2/8-1) at Northeast Guilford(6-7/5-5) 7pm
Grimsley(3-7/1-3) at Southern Alamance(7-5/2-3) 7pm
Page(12-1/4-0) at Southeast Guilford(9-3/5-0) 7pm
Ragsdale(1-2/2-2) at East Forsyth(7-4/1-2) 7pm
*****The Ragsdale JV Baseball game for today has been postponed.*****
Rockingham County(7-6/5-5) at McMichael(5-8/3-6) 7pm
Southwest Guilford(7-5/1-3) at Northwest Guilford(9-3/3-1) 7pm
Caldwell Academy(7-4/4-2) at Westchester Country Day(5-4/1-0) 7pm
Western Guilford(2-10/1-5) at Ledford(8-4/4-2) 7pm
Trinity(4-10/2-1) at High Point Andrews(1-11/0-5) 7pm

High School Softball
Page at Southeast Guilford with Varsity Only at 5:30pm
Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford 6pm
Glenn at High Point Central 6pm
Ragsdale at East Forsyth 6pm
Grimsley at Southern Alamance 7pm
Ledford at Western Guilford 7pm
Southern Guilford at Asheboro 7pm
Southwest Guilford(8-4/3-1) at Northwest Guilford(10-1/4-0) – Just got notified – Game Moved to Wednesday 7 PM.

  • StormMom said,

    SG vs Asheboro will be played at 7:00 tomorrow at Asheboro

  • Rob said,

    The Westchester – Caldwell game has been moved to Westchester at 7:00.

  • Falcon1 said,

    Southeast 5
    Page 0


  • Bobcat said,

    Glenn 6
    HP Central 1


  • Michael Holder said,

    Northwest/southwest score?

  • Gfan said,

    Page embarrassed by SEG tonight 10 to 0 in 6 innings. Saving your pitching for Grimsley ehh…interesting. I guess it helps the playoff picture if you beat the teams you are suppose to beat.

  • nwghbaseballfan said,

    NW/SW postponed until Wed

  • GFAN WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said,

    gfan here we go again. you are going to get nail. deal with it. if grimsley is so good good hit him. saving pitchers is a joke . its next in rotation. and grimsley is next in rotation.stop crying and pray you dont no hit.now whine about that.GFAN. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST WHINER ON THIS BLOG. PLEASE GET A LIFE. YOU HATE PAGE SO MUCH IT KILLS YOU TO SEE GRIMSLEY LOSE TO THEM. WELL GET READY .COWBOY UP