High School Basketball – Player / Coach Of The Year Results

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Here are the results of the GreensboroSports.Com High School Players and Coaches Of The Year voting!

We had 26,111 total responses. Pretty amazing because we added Write-In Voting this year and Write-In Voting took the #1 Place in one contest.

We want to congratulate our winners and all our student athletes. We want to thank all who voted early and often to make this contest fun and enjoyable for all.

Public School – Boys Basketball Player of the Year

Quayson Williams (Eastern Guilford)   44%
James Stepp (Ragsdale)                22%
Carmoni Marks (Western Guilford)      17%
Jeremy Harris (Page)                  15%
Todd Withers (Northeast Guilford)      1%

Write-In Votes (Less than 1%)
Max Kreber, Patrick French (High Point Central), TC Daniels (VandaliaChristian), Shaquan Worthy, Anthony Eaves, Khalil Vamce (Dudley), Larry Curry, Logan Weathers, CALEB ROBINSON (EASTERN GUILFORD), Ty Graves, Zachary Duncan (East Forsyth), Chad Yontz II, Tyler Daniels, Nick Powell (Northwest Guilford), Kevin Fussell, Mickey Brigham, Jeremy Harris (Page), Aaron Simpson ( Smith), Akela Maize, Alex Brown (Mullins High School), Arjun Patel, Austen Zente, Brandon lamberth, Bruce Davis, Clay Mounce, Darion Slade (West Forsyth High School), DJ Chamblee, Holden Poole, Jalen Bailey, Jalen Sander, Jalen Spicer, Joel Berry, Joey McLean, Jordan Perkins, Juwan Foggie, Lucas Bouknight, malik moore erwin, Nathan Sloan, Sadeeq Bello, Seventh Woods, Tj Evans, Tommy Michaels, Trevor gay.

Public School – Girls Basketball Player of the Year

Paris Kea (Page)                          50%
Makala Rouse (Dudley)                     24%
Aliyah Griange (Northern Guilford)        11%
Imani Watkins (High Point Andrews)         9%
Briana Burgins (Southwest Guilford)        6%

Write-In Votes (Less than 1%)
Logan Weathers, Brie grier, akela maize, Caroline Gibson, Carryl Alston, Deja Everett (Western Guilford), Haleigh Yontz, Jessica Jones (West Forsyth High School), Jordan Quick, Kalia craven (south west Randolph), Karleigh Wike, Mickey Brigham, Reid Knox, Shannon Robertson, Tyler Daniels.

Private School – Boys Basketball Player of the Year

T C Daniels (Vandalia Christian)                20% Write-In
Kanayo Obi-Rapu (New Garden Friends School)     18%
Darius Moore (Greensboro Day School)            14%
Nick Efird                                      10% Write-In
Ryan Johnson (New Hope Christian Academy)        9%
Theo Pinson (Wesleyan)                           6%
Spencer Wilson (Bishop McGuinness)               3%

Write-In Votes (51% 2 are above)
Darin Ketner (Calvary baptist), Tyrece cheek, Joey McClean (HPCA), Donovan Gilmore (Wesleyan), Max Kreber, Drew Winfield, Fred Daniels, Jordan Mitchell, Jordan Perkins, Josef Redmond, Cameron Alston, Ashae Carver (Page), Bryan Rouse, Justice Cuthbertson (Westchester), myles powell, Kane Ma, Peter Agba, RC Daniels, Rusty Reigel.

Private School – Girls Basketball Player of the Year

Raelen Davis (Vandalia Christian)                 48%
Tamera Thorpe (Greensboro Day School)             16%
Akela Maize                                       10% Write In
Kristina King (New Hope Christian)                 8%
Tia Cappuccio (Bishop McGuinness)                  2% Write In
Julia Brown (Bishop McGuinness)                    2%
Peyton Kadlecek (Caldwell Academy)                 1%

Write-In Votes (24% 2 are above)
Aryn Tarver, erinn garner, Imani Atkinson, Karimah Dean, Lucky Rudd, rimah dean, Rosemary Ward (Hayworth Christian School).

Boys Basketball Coach of the Year

Jerrod Harris (Western Guilford)           42%
Keith Gatlin (Wesleyan)                    38%
Craig Shoemaker (Ragsdale)                  7%
James Able (Page)                           6%
Curtis Hunter (Northeast Guilford)          5%

Write-In Votes (Less than 3%)
Freddie Johnson (GDS), Logan Weathers, Micheal Shaw, Joe Spinks, Dave Secor, darryl young (trenton central high), Greg Grant (trenton high), Lee Reavis (Northwest Guilford), David Neal, Dick Johnson (Greensboro Day School), Jeff Carter (Southern), Guy Shavers, josh thompson, Kelly Church (Hedgesville High), Coach Jacobs, Mickey Brigham.

Girls Basketball Coach of the Year

Delaney Rudd (New Hope Christian Academy)          44%
Shawyn Newton (Southeast Guilford)                 20%
Brian Robinson (Bishop McGuinness)                 17%
Nick Scarborough (Southwest Guilford)               9%
John Shearin (High Point Andrews)                   9%

Write-In Votes (Less than 1%)
Logan Weathers, John Carty, Kim Furlough, Laquanda Quick (West Forsyth High School), Akela Maize, cheap ticket, Luke Oates, Mickey Brigham.

  • NC said,

    3rd Place: Akela Maize (New Hope Christian Academy)!!!

  • what? said,

    jordan perkins plays both private and public school ball? isnt he the kid at gds?

  • Don Moore said,

    We didn’t edit the Write-In Votes, except where there was a name misspelling or full name instead of initials. I’m surprised we didn’t get more Off-The-Wall Write-Ins.

  • Xxxxx said,

    Bogus numbers smh

  • Cecil smith said,

    Your ratings must be low because This is a joke someone need to be fired at greensboro sports. I guess you have selected limited viewers. People are saying your numbers were drastically inflated each year. Cannot trust anything you read these days. #makechanges#increase viewers this is probably most exciting comment you ever got. #truthhurts.

  • Don Moore said,

    As we pointed out this was a popularity contest, people could vote as many times as they wanted – just like American Idol. Several schools and groups figured that out and happily played along. We even added a Write-In Feature and it was very successful as TC Daniels got enough friends to vote him as #1 – winning by a few hundred votes.

  • Lance Conney said,

    Just glance at this read comments and just to give an example of What Cecil is talking about. It is hard to believe that the coach of Wesleyan get 38% and Wesleyan player is way below that knowing how supportive the student body at Wesleyan is. Don is just blowing smoke. I disappointed in this, but I will let the family and coach know about the lack of support they recieve from their local newspaper on purpose because Andy has let it be know that he does not care of Wesleyan because Theo went there versus Greensboro Day and refused to give him any recognition unless it is negative. As a sports fan very disappointed in Greensboro sports shows a lack of character and promotion of kids to do well within our community.

  • AAU COACH said,

    How come Imani is a distant away from Kea and behind Rouse? This is a joke.

  • SWG said,

    Why does Briana only have 6% of the vote when she beat Kea?

  • Don Moore said,

    If anyone wants to look at the results, I am more than willing to let them have access to the raw data. I can email them a CD with the votes on it. The cost would be $10 per CD to cover shipping, handling and the cost and time needed to copy and burn the file to a CD.

  • Fan said,

    Obviously the player got a low percentage cause nobody really supported the player by voting for them. Blame yourselves for not voting as much.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Votes are what get the job done and if people are too lazy to vote, there is not too much we can do about that…

    I thought it was a pretty simple process….

    Maybe I came from the wrong school….Where I came from we never believed in giving anybody anything, you had to earn it….

    Times have changed and maybe it is time to change with the times…..Only time will tell……

  • baller said,

    Way to go Andy! Make them earn it!

  • Tom said,

    They explained how this worked. What more do you want? It is a popularity contest and it just takes a group of people to get behind a player/coach and stuff the ballot box. It is supposed to be fun. Relax!

  • FOS said,

    Agree with Tom. My guy did not win, but come on and realize what this is.

  • STACY said,


    Are you all saying that this is bogus?