New Impact Baseball Polls with Southern Guilford and Ragsdale ranked

Posted by Andy Durham on April 14, 2014 at 11:28 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Southern Guilford is at #5 in the 3-A Impact Baseball Poll and Ragdale stands at #9 in the 4-A Poll, in the most recent statewide looks at our high school baseball teams…

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  • lacking legitimacy said,

    Laughable at best…..Ragsdale is like 3rd of even maybe 4th in their league and Impact is saying they are one of the top 10 teams in 4A baseball….they are a very talented bunch…but rankings are about results…..don’t even get me started on how Providence is unbeaten and ranked by USA Today in the Super 25 but yet 4th behind a one loss Ardrey Kell who is in their same league….how does Cape Fear go from 10 to 3 from one poll to the next? Must be a good target group in Fayetteville that Impact is looking into….get them on board and they’ll spend that money….Southern Guilford is very very talented and deserving of the ranking….and don’t compare SG in 3A to Ragsdale in 4A….because it is as different as night and day….a lot of “baseball” people need to get out of fantasy land and start evaluating talent based more on results and facts and less on hearsay and economics……

  • @lacking legitimacy said,

    Im not a huge fan of impactbaseball, however, they do provide a pretty good “service” overall. They have eyes and ears all over the place. Maybe you do as well, and if so, add to/give us your opinion. How would you rank the 4A? Ragsdale and thier conference is pretty legit. Overall records matter, even if, within a conference a team(s) “falter”. Just take a look at the SEC in college baseball. The conference is a guantlet…and seme very good teams…have losing/or at .500 records in the SEC conference play. I’m just using that as an example.

    Lot of people hating on Ragsdale…but they dont rank themeselves.

    “All” the Glenn people attributing Horkeys performance the other night to being over used. I wasnt there, and neither were many of the readers…but to read the opinins and then to have “coaches” lumped into not caring about kids…gets old and is entirely unfair. Look, maybe Horkey has been overused…but maybe not. Its funny to me that in this instance, (which i assume from reading) a bad outing gets put on the coach. Heck, maybe he had a rough night the night before, maybe his girlfriend(not sure he has one) and he were fighting…maybe a fmily issue had him messed up…maybe a teacher jumped his butt at school that day. who knwos!!!??? These and many other variables like these could be at play for any kid that struggles on a given night. Why is it that Ragsdale coaches and other schools coaches take the heat from a night of struggle? it makes no sense.

    And to my final point for now…this certainly doesnt apply to all parents/dads…and I do not know Horkey or his family, so this isnt about them…but….the parents/dads who complain about kids/pitchers being overused….are many times, the same little league and travel ball caoches that used those arms all long the way…relentlessly…before these kids stepped foot onto a high school campus. But it was “ok” then to use a kid…multiple games on a saturday and sunday tournament….yet now, one start a week…with maybe an “in game” bullpen for a total of two appearances in a week is too much? its quite humorous to hear the groans form the culprits…to me.

  • @legitamcy...lacking said,

    And just to be clear…I’m not a Glenn hater…I have no dog “in the fight” so to speak…so mentioning Glenn in my fisrt post was simply to talk about accusations made by fans towards coaches in gerneral….Now…

    Glenn has played a VERY tough/solid schedule. And within league play…they certainly do seem to be the best team in that conference…but hard to rank and 8-8 team in a state poll…as WINS are always beter than LOSSES. No mater how you try to slice it.

    But Glenn could/should certainly make some noise in the playoffs.

  • SoMeck8 said,

    Ardrey Kell beat Providence 3-2 a couple weeks ago. Not sure why records are wrong on Impact site, but AK and Providence both have 2 losses. Providence has lost to AK and Charlotte Christian and AK lost to Hough and Providence.