Diamond DeShields set to leave North Carolina:One of the top women’s basketball players in the nation pulling out

Posted by Andy Durham on April 17, 2014 at 3:44 pm under College | 3 Comments to Read

You don’t often see women’s players transferring, but the “National Freshman of the Year”, is leaving Chapel Hill….Many have said over the years that ‘They found their thrill in Chapel Hill’, but this young lady is not one of them…Tar Heel Nation will have to lick some deep wounds over this key loss…..

Diamond DeShields set to leave North Carolina….Yes, one of the top women’s basketball players in the nation is pulling out of Chapel Hill and for the most part, nobody knows why…Saw her play in the ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum and this kid can play some ball…But that is all, because she will call another school home next fall and for the Diamond, it is time to haul and skip the stall….She has made the call and she will take her ball and go to another college/university/school…She could have made it to the ACC Hall, but now here next stop might be Minneapolis Mall…(She might be the new ‘Diamond Cutter’, as she cuts a quick path out of Orange County.)

  • what about the class work said,

    Has anyone considered that she was not able to do the class work? Many of these kids spend so much time preparing for the court that they often don’t give enough quality time for the classroom. There are too many players in high school just walking through schools with easy classes that meet NCAA requirements but does not properly prepare them for a school such as UNC, Wake, Elon, etc. Hope this was not the case but it happens more than many outsiders understand.

  • Margaret said,

    Why are we mentioning Elon in the same breath with Carolina and Wake?

  • Alumni said,

    Didn’t Ty Lewis leave State?