CBS/MaxPreps Girls Basketball All-American Team with Stevens, White and Mazyck from N.C.

Posted by Andy Durham on April 19, 2014 at 10:36 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Here are the girls and the CBS/MaxPreps All American Basketball Team for 2014 with Azura Stevens(Cary HS/Cary N.C.), Jatarie White(Providence Day/Charlotte, N.C.) and Aliyah Mazyck(Myers Park HS/Charlotte, N.C.) on the team/teams….They have 6-7 teams listed, plus there are honorable mention selections and I may be predjudice, but I would have included Paris Kea and Shaylen Burnett on my honorable mention list somewhere…Those two, are two of the best that I have ever seen play…I know that Kea and Burnett will do well in college and for somebody out there on the girls/women’s basketball scene, I hear there is an opening at North Carolina….Somebody needs to go after that spot…..Ruby, Saphhire, Emerald, somebody, cause they just lost a Diamond and she was way beyond the rough….

Here is the link for the All-American teams and again, it is no secret the respect that I have for Paris and Shay and the games that they play…..

CLICK HERE for the link….

  • Karen said,

    Carolina is looking for players that can compete against the UCONNS of the world. There is no one in this area that can replace Deshields.

  • SA said,


    You folks amaze us in Alamance county. You folks tried to act like Shay and Southern Alamance did not exist for two years and now all of a sudden you all want to bring her in the foe as long as it is attach to another name of a person that seems to garner all the awards no matter what. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We try and we had some good games with Shay and SA over the years and I think we did a better job in coveage than you are letting on…..

    Come on now…..

  • Private school said,

    Hey what about Akela Maze whom is going to NC State?

  • Mango said,

    We think Makayla Rouse should have made it from over here at Dudley.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Ms. Rouse is an excellent basketball player and she is one of the best basket attackers that we have in the area….She can take it the bucket and sometimes she takes a beating getting it there, but she is a team player and doesn’t seem to mind the toll it takes on her body….Free throws could be a Big Ticket item for her in college…

    The true best days of Ms. Maize are still yet to come…We will find out how she stacks up when she hits N.C. State and the ACC competition….Maybe a red-shirt is in order and she will be wearing one no matter how they call it when she suits up for Wes Moore at State…Only the coach knows how this will go and we hope it goes well for Akela…The sky is the limit for this kid if she show up ready to work hard….