New High School Baseball Polls as we hit the new week

Posted by Andy Durham on April 21, 2014 at 11:30 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

Public School Boy’s Baseball
1)Southern Guilford(15-2)
3)Northwest Guilford(14-4)
4)Southeast Guilford(14-4)
5)Eastern Guilford(14-5)
8)High Point Central(12-5)
7)Northern Guilford(11-7)
10)Southwest Guilford(8-8)
Looking to get in and working to grab that 10th spot are Northeast Guilford at (7-11) and Grimsley at (5-10)….
Some thoughts on how the poll stacks for now, and it goes more now on how the teams are playing now, than how they were playing or who they beat earlier in the season…Big games with Ragsdale at NWG and Northern at Eastern on Tuesday….SEG has Page later in the week, plus non-conference games with WS Reagan and Davie County on the road….Grimsley vs. Dudley later in the week as well….
This is how she stacks up for now….

Private School Boy’s Baseball
1)High Point Christian Academy(16-4)
3)Westchester Country Day(8-4)
4)Caldwell Academy(10-7)
5)Greensboro Day School(7-5)
6)Vandalia Christian Academy(5-3)
High Point Christian vs. Wesleyan coming up on Tuesday……

Best of the Rest and I still need to get a poll going for each of these team’s areas but here they are for now:
1)Western Alamance(15-3)
McMichael just beat Randleman and WA seems like they may be playing as good as anybody around here right now….Glenn is a big-time out in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference….

The Randolph County area run-down:
2)Providence Grove(9-7)
4)Eastern Randolph(6-5) ER has lost 3 of their last 4 games…
5)Southwest Randolph(7-7)
7)Asheboro(5-10)…Have seen both Asheboro and Wheatmore play in the past week and Wheatmore looked to be the better team, based on what I was seeing…..

The Alamance/Rockingham/Forsty run-down:
1)Western Alamance(15-3)
4)East Forsyth(8-7)
5)Southern Alamance(10-9)
6)Rockingham County(8-9)
8)Eastern Alamance(5-13)…..Eagles are in the finals of the Graham Easter Tournament vs. WA…..
9)Burlington Williams(5-11)

Lots of food for thought….

  • are you kidding me? said,

    Grimsley beat northern and dudley but still not in the top ten. Nice poll. And they beat those teams by 6 runs.

  • Andy Durham said,

    They are getting there, but still tough to roll in with a (5-10) overall….

    Was going to go with a tie with Dudley, NEG, and GRIM, but the (5-10) hurt the Whirlies…They are coming on and Dudley just beat (15-2) Southern Guilford last week….

    Whirlies have been getting some good press here and this will be easy to decide…..Grimsley-Dudley this week….

    Dudley wins, Panthers stay….Grimsley wins Panthers go….

  • are you kidding me? said,

    Thank you sir and yes we will see. Friday will be here sooner than you know it.

  • Andy Durham said,

    And both teams will have to keep that ‘Taking Care of Business Tour’ going leading into Friday night….

    Both teams need those conference games the most, but at this stage of the season, you need wins, wins and more wins….Anywhere you can find them, in any variety and the more the better….

    The temperature is starting to climb a little bit around here and that is GOOD THING….

  • Gfan said,

    Grimsley does not need to worry about the polls or Dudley at this point. We need to focus on Smith tonight. We got lucky to beat Smith at their place last year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    At the Bob Doss Classic this coming Saturday at Stoner-White Stadium, inside the Jaycee Park:

    Grimsley vs. Durham Hillside 11am
    Dudley vs. Western Alamance 1:30 pm

    *****If Dudley beats (15-3) Western Alamance, “You Better Tell Somebody”……

  • kir said,

    GHS is playing some good ball. They have really improved. Much better than 5-10 record indicates.

  • Falcon Fanatic said,

    Idk why y’all arguing my dude DJ Artis is gonna put the team in his backpack and carry them to the top of the list

  • Falcon Fanatic said,

    Southern guilford and ragsdale when did they even get into this conversation

  • Falcon said,

    So please tell me how northwest is above southeast when southeast beat them 9-0??

  • Andy Durham said,

    This week’s poll is based more on what the teams have done in recent weeks…

    NWG finished second at the Wilmington Ashley Tournament last week…
    SEG finished third at the NewBridge Tournament….

    When SEG and NWG met earlier in the year, SEG used their ace, Devin Sweet and he did a very good job vs. the Vikings, while NWG on the other hand went with their #3 and #4 pitchers….NWG saved their top two for a conference game later that same week….

    When Sweet goes, SEG is going to always be tough…He is without a doubt one of the top pitchers in our area….After Sweet SEG is still trying to find out who will be the man and they need to get that settled before the playoffs get started cause Devin can’t pitch every day….

    Sweet(SEG), Horkey(Ragsdale), Everett(NWG), Sugg/Hedrick(SG), Caleb Robinson(EG), Trevor Gay(HP Central) among the top pitchers in our area….

    SEG and NWG would more interesting now than it was back in March, but NWG would need to throw Everett to make it the game it should be….

    NWG will be hosting Ragsdale tomorrow and we may be seeing Horkey vs. Everett again and we will be there for that one….

  • FYI said,

    Horkey not starting tomorrow. He is being saved for High Point Central on Friday. They are going with Connor Burrows(5-0). The kid has already beat SEG with Sweet on the mound and Randleman with Tanner Routh.

  • Truth said,

    Nwg threw a Carolina commit followed by a a guy who hit 92 both got creamed and se was on their game that night they were gonna win no matter who was on the mound Even if they threw their sub par pitchers they couldn’t hit sweet they couldn’t score and they couldn’t do anything to stop the bleeding Southeast is real and come playoff time you will a know about the regime.

  • RealityCheck said,

    If SEG could hit pitching below 80 they would be 16-2… The other two losses against Northern Guilford and Randleman was early in the season! They run ruled Alex Durham ( Southern Alamance ) who is going to UNCG twice. SEG was peppering balls into the gaps against supposedly the number 3 team NWG who threw UNC Chapel Hill commit Jackson B. and low 90’s pitcher Cole Aker. SEG also hit the ball well against a hard thrower from Glenn! They battled against a great Richmond County team and hit the ball very well against two hard pitchers! Ragsdales pitcher couldn’t throw above 75 and that’s where SEG struggles. They had 2 timely hits which put them ahead but couldn’t touch Sweet after that inning! Steed, Michaels, and Canada are all good enough pitchers to give SEG the chance to win deep in the playoffs! If SEG just swings the bats to their potential they won’t be beat! Come playoff time SEG will be ready because they will likely be seeing a number four seeds ace who hopefully throws at least 85 and they will take care of business. If you underestimate SEG go for it, but that’s why at the end of the season when they got the ring and you don’t, don’t think I didn’t warn you ahead of time! The regime is taking over!

  • sounds like somebody needs said,

    a RealityCheck

  • Observer said,

    If Southeast was so good why have they lost? SOutheast also lost to a terrible McMichael team in the tournament last week.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I saw McMichael last week and they are a very good team…They have some top talent and they really put it all together at the NewBridge Tournament….Bump Martin, Blaine Dalton, John Hall, Dylan Tuttle, these kids can play….They may still be trying to find some of it down near the bottom of their order, but overall McMichael really is much better than their record may show and that is not always the case, but this time it is…

    McMichael can play, they just have to make sure that they show up and do it…

    Again, that Bump Martin is as good as any of the shortstops in our area…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Burrows from Ragsdale is a good one too and he should be tough on mound for the Tigers at NWG tonight/Tuesday….

    Saw him down at SEG and the Tigers got off to a good start vs. Devin Sweet and they let Burrows go about five and then he turned it over to the bullpen….Lynn, Brandenburg and Horkey followed Burrows up on that night…Horkety closed and got the save that night with one inning of work…

  • Falcon said,

    The kids commenting about Southeast are just some high school kids from southeast trying to stir the pot and be funny. Southeast is solid but they have been beating teams off of raw talent. They don’t hit that well as a team and don’t play with the fire needed from a top level team. If they hit and play with passion then I truely believe they are the best team in this area, but as of right now I don’t think they are. Hopefully they will figure it out by the playoffs because they will be deadly.

  • queen city rules said,

    Baseball in the Piedmont Triad is SIGNIFICANTLY DOWN….across the board! SEG is not as good as mamas and daddys think they are….NWG can hit a little bit…..Ragsdale is scrappy at best….4A baseball in NC goes through Charlotte, Asheville, and the Wilmington area! Unfortunately for the kids, they have been hyped up and given reason to believe that they are as good or better than some of the better talent in the state. And they are not!!! I’m a former collegiate player from the Piedmont Triad area and current clinician and instructor of the game….a lot of parents justify spending all that money on travel ball by getting on websites such as this one and promoting subpar talent…..proof is in the pudding…how many of the so called “top tier” guys from the area are playing “significant” roles on top level college programs or professionally….NOT many!

  • baseball fan said,

    Western Alamance is as good as any 3A team in the state. Best hitting team from top to bottom that I have ever seen.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Western Alamance now (16-3) after winning last night’s Championship Game in the Graham Easter Tournament….

    WA-EG, WA-NG all still good games in the Mid-State 3-A Conference, but with that win last night/Monday, I think it is now Western with an 11-game winning streak….