‘Short-Term U’:That is Duke University

Posted by Andy Durham on April 22, 2014 at 11:45 am under College | 2 Comments to Read

With the loss of Jabari Parker to the NBA after just one year and then Rodney Hood came to Duke for just one season as a transfer, you have to feel that Duke University has become a ‘Short-Term University’, or you may just want to call them ‘Short-Term U’….

Then on Monday we got word that 6’9 Sean Obi is headed to Duke, as a tranfer from Rice and now the case of the ‘Short-Term U’ grows even deeper…..Obi is ready to join Duke and sounds very excited about his decision:
“Happy to officially announce that I will be attending Duke university for the rest of my college basketball career. Very thankful for all the support and love from my family and friends all over, and also to every college Coach that have called and been in involved with me through out this process. Duke it is”……

But how long will he be there at Duke?

Will it be another case of one-and-done, once Obi is eligible to play?

How long will this trend of one-and-done and short academic sessions at ‘Short-Term U’ continue?

I, for one, don’t like the way this trend is developing….It makes Coach K seem much more like a sheep herder than a basketball coach…He is out there bringing all of these lost sheep in and then after one year, he sees them leave the fold for greener pastures….

Parker, Hood and now possibly Obi, have all seen what the name of Duke can do for their futures….Their professional basketball futures that is….

What about their college careers in the classroom and the total college experience? Hard to really appreciate that total ‘college experience’ when you are only there for 365 days….

Duke needs to scrap the one-and-done plan and close down ‘Short-Term U’…..Go back to the 4-6 year plan and keep these kids on campus and develop them as college basketball players and as student athletes….

Why has Duke changed? Are they trying to keep up with Kentucky and get ready to embrace Louisville??

Let’s hope not….

Duke needs to go back to being Duke and they need to return to their roots of developing college basketball players over the ‘long haul’ and not within the cofines of a ‘Short-Term U’….

What is wrong with winning another NCAA Basketball Title every four years? Duke could do that under the ‘Old K Way’….

With the ‘New K Way’, which follows a one-and-done method and a ‘Short-Term U’ approach, Duke can’t even get out of the First Round of the NCAA Tournament….

‘New K Way’, or ‘Old K Way’???

I liked the ‘Old K Way’….End result, better results and much more credibility…..

  • Mim said,

    Coach of the Olympic team. Seems his credibility is doing just fine.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good point….His Olympic winning % is better than what he has done at Duke recently in terms of post-season/NCAA play…

    Might be time to scale back the Olympic work and just focus on Duke and I think he has plans of doing that..

    Would not want the current Duke system to be what Coach K is remembered for….He needs to be remembered for building teams with four-year players….

    That was always what he did best….He has won Titles with early entries, but boy how his game and the game overall has changed in the past 10-15 years alone..

    That might be the true reason why Coach K and Roy are having much tougher times keeping up, but I still feel if they went back to their roots they would win titles every 4-5 years….

    Much better to stick with what got them there and build Champions, than to be building NBA players for some team in a professional leaue…These players should be full-blooded Duke and North Carolina players and not part of some developmental system for the NBA…

    Keep Duke and North Carolina palyers and others in the ACC and not in the NBACC….National Basketball Atlantic Coast Conference….

    The NBA is not sending us any finder’s fees to my knowlege and if Coach K wants to do it the ‘New K Way’, then maybe he ought to go ahead and jump to the NBA…

    That might be a good move for him…As was noted, he has done a very good job of coaching the pro players on the Olympic level….

    Why not test the waters Coach K??? The/your players are doing it….Just wondering/wandering……