New Northern Guilford football coach, old Northern Guilford football coach:Johnny Roscoe has returned

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Northern Guilford High School has proudly named North and South Carolina football coaching legend, Johnny Roscoe as their new head football coach. After a short retirement stint of one year, Coach Roscoe brings a resume highlighting over forty years of football coaching experience back to the stadium named after him. Roscoe returns to the program that he built from the ground up in 2007 at the school’s inception. At Northern, he compiled a record of 65-6 and three consecutive 3AA state championships. Under Roscoe, the Nighthawks had won 29 straight games prior to his retirement.

The administration cited Johnny Roscoe’s core values as one of the major reasons behind the selection. His commitment to teaching the fundamentals of the game, character development, and ability to establish a feeling of family and school pride within his team and the entire Northern community were a few qualities that stood out from the other well qualified candidates.

*****(We spoke with Coach Roscoe by phone in the 11 o’clock hour and he said he was glad to be back at Northern and he was looking foward to the new challenges…Still keeping up with his former players and said Austin Coltrane(Class of 2014) was on a visit to Campbell today…This has to put NG in a contenders spot for next season, with some of the talent that they have returning and now with their long-time coach back as well….Could draw some comparisons to the recent return of Jimmy Teague to Reidsville after being away for a few years or let’s say if Tom Knotts made a return to Charlotte Indepedence)….*****

  • Mim said,

    Let the rumors begin.

  • Nighthawk Fan said,

    He’s just been on a year long recruiting trip.

  • Tom said,

    Great to have Coach Roscoe back! It will also be fun to have all of the haters return to bash Northern. I love to watch his team’s play. He stresses the fundamentals and it is obvious when you watch them.

  • Andy Durham said,

    from a previous post site today….

    Hawks said,

    Roscoe is back at NG baby!!!!

    *****And on Tom Knotts, he did leave Independence one year for a Duke coaching job and then came back after being away for one season, but then he left out for Dutch Fork in South Carolina….*****

  • Nighthawk Mom said,

    Go Nighthawks! So thankful to have my son and the other players continue with the Legend!

  • Really? said,

    By Core Values did they mean his ability to go out and find players at other schools to fill spots?

  • Got to be joking? said,

    This guy should have been fired by GCS when Coach K and Coach O were fired.

  • Ref said,

    Ok team, it’s the 4th quarter, we are up by 50, the other team hasn’t scored, and there’s 35 seconds left in the game…….fake punt, toss right, run right, on 3…….ready..break

  • Juss Sayin said,

    did the AD really say it was his “Core Values”? He’s the Lance Armstrong of Greensboro HS Football. He wins yes!

    Should of stayed retired Roscoe!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Time to sleep on this one.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Comments open again for today….Great looking day outside and let’s work to make it good one in here too….

    Northern fans are glad to have Coach back, fans of the other teams not the case, but we can still handle the situation in a manner that does not take on a bad personality…

    Plenty of time to take aggressions out on the field and to leave them on the field…Season will be here before you know it…

  • Tom said,

    I told you the haters would be back. Northern cheated in men’s basketball and they paid the price. That was YEARS ago. If you have proof that it is still going on, go tell Mo Green. Otherwise, relax and enjoy some very good football at Northern.

  • BIG D said,

    This is “BIG D” country! State champions 15-0! enuff said!

  • Hawk said,

    Here’s the wonderful thing about Roscoe: he doesn’t care what anybody thinks…he built NG football in 2007 and now he’s back to continue on. My son gets to play for him and I am very grateful for that opportunity. Anyone who’s a FB person on here and is familiar with GCS knows good and well that if a kid transfers to NG to play for Roscoe, his parents did what they had to do to make that happen. The kids come to play for him. If the only violations the program has is letting a couple JV players play at the end of a varsity blowout…then I’ll accept that as trying to reward a kid for being a tackling dummy all week in practice. Nothing else has been done illegal. Period. As high profile a program as NG is, if anything else was happening, it would have been brought to light by now. Parents are going to continue to find ways to get their kids playing at NG. Will Laine, the principal, would turn his own mother in if she broke the law. Ask anyone who knows him. Welcome back to Roscoe. I hear he’s rejuvenated and chock full of new ideas…watch out NC. Them Dirty Birds are out on Spencer Dixon grinding hard!

  • antispin said,

    Well if you ask a retired coach from NE Guilford he will tell you that NG was/is big time recruiters. I saw a slogan for NG if you aint cheating you aint trying. And Andy it is nice that you are trying to clean up the website I remember a few years ago it was almost criminal what was being said on here.

  • Hawk said,

    Think you’re confusing NG FB with NASCAR. Don’t believe everything you hear bud. Like I said and anyone at NG will say: if you have proof…report it…TODAY! NOW!!!

  • antispin said,

    Yea ok funny how that Old Otis and some other coached were let go fro NG wonder why, hmmmm. Keep drinking the kool aid bud

  • Nighthawk Fan said,

    As the father of a former Nighthawk player, I can attest to the info each family must submit to be cleared to play every year. Nobody is playing that has not been cleared by GCS administration and the NCHSAA. Families move to the Northern district for the opportunity to play for a highly successful program and the chance for more exposure to college recruiters. These boys work hard all year conditioning and training and they leave it all on the field on Friday night. I look forward to supporting these fine young men again and wish them continued success.

  • Ogramball3r said,

    For the record the football program was not found to have any illegal players back when the basketball program got into trouble. I guess you can’t beat us on the field so you beat up on us in the press. OK if that makes you feel better after losing to us….repeatidly. Must be a bunch of NW folks on here because most other programs could care less about us!