NBA bans Donald Sterling for life and fines Clippers owner 2.5 million dollars:Jalen Rose says LA Clippers should ‘walk out’/boycott

Posted by Andy Durham on April 27, 2014 at 2:50 pm under Professional | 12 Comments to Read


NBA commissioner Adam Silver laid the hammer down today(Tuesday April 29) on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling with a lifetime ban placed on Sterling, plus he was fined 2.5 million dollars by the league for his racist comments……

Lots of talk about the telephone comments coming from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and on the ESPN on ABC halftime report, during the Wizards-Bulls game, ESPN/ABC NBA analyst Jalen Rose said the Clippers should walk out and not play today’s game against the Golden State Warriors…

Rose called for the LA Clippers to boycott their game, as an reaction to their owner’s alleged racist comments…

Lots of Heat on Donald Sterling from Rose, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Barack Obama and many others…..

  • guy said,

    guilty until proven innocent…the alleged comments made were released by a person who is getting prosecuted by Sterling for embezzling almost $2M from him. Sounds fishy to me. Not saying Sterling is innocent, but nothing has been confirmed so why the backlash now? Everyone wants to pile on because of ALLEGED comments. At least wait until it is PROVEN….geez

  • guy said,

    …and Magic Johnson making any comment about anything that is moral or right carries absolutely NO credence whatsoever- here is a guy who caught AIDS from sleeping around on his wife and he wants to come out and bash other folks for unethical/immoral/insensitive comments? Come on. Michael Jordan is not the best role model either. Conjures up the ol’ saying about throwing stones and living in glass houses!

  • april said,

    @Guy, Mistakes are not made to be lived in; they should be learned FROM. Sterling is no exception. We all make mistakes and when we keep making the same ones, we are not learning. People treat animals better than humans these days. This world is dead. I can’t wait for the Lord to come back…

  • Andy Durham said,

    There is a very good chance that Donald Sterling will be relieved of his ownership duties with the LA Clippers by the middle of this coming Summer.

    There are some big things going on behind the scenes right now and there will be some major announcements to be made before the end of the NBA playoffs….

  • Who will throw their stones first said,

    So “Guy” who would be the role model that you would suggest since you want to throw past mistakes of Jordan, Magic and others under the bus? Tell me the “public” type of figure that you want to point us all in the direction of. I am sure that is an extremely short, short, short list. The realty is that we all have made mistakes – only our mistakes were hidden within our homes or whatever versus these guys living their life in the public spotlight. So, I will be waiting for your list.

  • guy said,

    That’s my whole point…all these public figures are so quick to pile on Sterling while they themselves are reprehensible in their own right. If you give these guys a pass then why not give Sterling one? Do you really think guys like Magic and Jordan are not still making the same “mistakes”? Please.

    Furthermore, is it really a punishment to make Sterling sell? He bought the team for $15M…he stands to make a substantial profit by selling it off. Yeah that will really hurt him.

    Sterling is a creep. However, do you really believe that no one knew that already? Paul, Griffin, and all the other minority players and coaches knew this when they signed their huge contracts. I’m sure they don’t care when they get the monthly paycheck with Sterling’s name on it either.

  • Tim said,

    Who ever was covering for him since the 80″s is sick!!!! He has always made these kind of statements. I guess he didn’t pay them or not enough to turn the other way this time. NBA can’t take team from him legally but they can make him hurt. Then look what guy said he will make a lot of money on the sale of team so who gets the last laugh

  • Good for him getting hit in public said,

    The legal process of buying low and selling high is what it is and he will benefit on that end. However he will never enjoy the public cheers that he once had. Yes – I am sure many players, other owners and people around this guy knew what he was about and I doubt any of them approved. However it is one thing to know something about a person but it is always hard to prove. Someone finally decided that enough was enough. This guy was trying to take someone down legally that knew too much about him and they decided that the only way out was to turn on him. This is why the mob says once in – always in because when people get burned they get turned. This is why divorce is so terrible because when you turn on those that know too much and close their access, then you can expect the worst to come out. I 100% happy that she burned him and hopefully it will send a message to all others associated with this league, other leagues and similar organizations or companies. People like this owner do not belong in the public domain.

  • the business side said,

    This is going to be interesting to watch. Agree there is no place for his comments in basketball or anywhere. Very disappointing. Commissioner had no choice. He made the right call.

    I think it will be fun to watch the business side of this unfold. He could have his franchise pulled and he is losing sponsors but what kind of market does he have to sell the team if they pull the franchise and vote him out? Does he have to sell? This could be a lawyers dream.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Looks like in the last straw of this Donald Sterling saga, his girlfriend set him up and burned him/hit him hard where it hurts….

    He had this coming his way for a long time, but when somebody got spurned, somebody else got burned…

    I guess such would be the life of that fast-moving crowd….

  • Rico said,

    Trust me! He is not the only owner that is saying what he said behind close doors!

  • Tim said,

    Amazing how several of the people that spoke out quick on the issue all of sudden want to buy the team. Ask these questions. Owner doesn’t want to sell? Team makes playoffs? Team worth way up? How do we make him sell? How do we drive the value of the team down? I believe you will get your answer to why now after all these years