Three Elon football players severely hurt during fight including John Spain from Page High School

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Three Elon football players suffered severe injuries after fighting with non-Elon students at a party at 203 W College Ave. early Sunday morning, according to police.

Police respond to 203 W. College Ave early Sunday morning.

The police report says quarterback Michael Quinn, linebacker Jonathan Spain(Page High School) and defensive back Thomas Hatchel Linens were injured in the fight.

The report said Michael Quinn was standing with his jeans around his ankles and had a triangular shaped injury to his right upper thigh when officer James Turney responded. According to Turney, there was also a cut in Quinn’s jeans where the injury occurred. Quinn received seven stitches for his leg injury.

According to the police report, Jonathan Spain’s knees were bloody and he had an imprint of a glass bottle on his back. Spain also told police that the suspects demanded money from him.
from to see John get caught up in something like this….Great kid back at Page and he has had an outstanding football career at Elon….One of the best kids you will ever meet and would not want to tangle with him…Probably right at 6’4/235 and not the kind of man that you would to make mad.)

Thomas Hatchel Linens had a large knot forming on the top of his hand from where he struck one of the suspects, according to the police report. The report says Linens broke his pinky finger and suffered a box fracture to his hand.

According to Assistant Police Chief Craig Andrews, there are no suspects at this time but the investigation is on-going. Andrews describes the suspects as three black males who are not Elon students. According to the police report, the three males possibly left in a gray or silver Dodge Charger.

Elon Football Head Coach Rich Skrosky has not responded to ELN’s request for comment.

CLICK HERE for full details/more details and to see the young men that got up in that fight…..

  • Will Young said,

    Not a great punch if he hurt his pinkie. Jeans around his ankles?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sounds like a rough night and some of those details do make you wonder, but for sure, a serious situation….

  • Spartans My Team said,

    May be the only D1 football team in the US where football players get beaten up by someone else—and in what is described as a 3 on 3 fight. Most people would consider that a fair fight. LOL!!!!